Investment has become a necessity of today. And what other way is better than mutual funds to invest and grow your money? And if you can do it online, it will add icing to the cake.

There are so many websites available online where you can invest in mutual funds. This sometimes confuses the investors? To solve their ambiguity, we have shortlisted 5 websites where you can invest in mutual funds without any hassle. So, let’s get started.


The FundsIndia is an online investment platform which is owned by Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Initially it was created only for mutual funds. But later on it brought in other products as well. They have customers in over 2, 000 cities and have invested in over 5000 crore rupees on their platform.

Built on strong technology, it provides the investors access to mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, stocks from the BSE, corporate fixed deposits and various other investment products. It is your one stop shop to build your capital.

They offer the investors with high-quality, personalised mutual fund solutions instantly through Money Mitr – India’s friendliest and most comprehensive robo-advisory service.

Savart is one of it’s kind wealth management app to invest in mutual funds with. With an impeccable algorithm to select funds and the best advisors onboard, they are able to make sure that all of their customers are provided with the best possible returns.

Savart encourages their users to save money and invest wisely. The users at savart are able to invest well and live better because of how well their team is able to manage things. Not only this, the whole experience is personlaized and tailored according to the financial goals of the users. This makes it an even better option for investing in mutual funds.


Moneycontrol receives over 17 million visitors every month across all its platforms – web, mobile and tablets. It has collaborated with MyUniverse to provide an expanded personal finance platform. This allowed the users to manage their bank and credit card related information at one place along with other transaction services and regular recommendations.

Here you can invest in mutual funds and other stock without any hassle. It is amongst the leading information source for Live Stock Price, Stock or Share Trading news, Stock/Share Markets Tips, Sensex, and Nifty.

The mutual funds section of the website suggests the visitors the Crisil rank along with monthly and yearly performance of the mutual fund. The user can compare and purchase a mutual fund of his or her choice based on the needs and requirements.


The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) is an online platform for mutual funds in India. Most of the mutual fund companies in India are its members. It tries to develop the mutual funds market in India, by improving ethical and professional standards.

The ethical impact created by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) can be seen in advertisements of mutual funds where the instructions related to the risky nature of mutual fund investments is clearly mentioned.

As of now, all the 43 Asset Management Companies that are registered with SEBI are the members of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

It has an objective to undertake nationwide investor awareness programme so as to promote proper understanding of the concept and working of mutual funds. It also wants to disseminate information on Mutual Fund Industry and to undertake studies and research directly and/or in association with other bodies.

  • India Private Ltd. is a financial company that provides mutual fund investments through its online platform. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing asset management groups in India with 600 crores in assets under management.

It is registered with AMFI as a Corporate Distributor of Mutual funds. Its algoshortlists 10 mutual funds from over 8,000 and divides them into four categories – long-term, short-term, tax-saving and emergency fund. The company reviews these funds on a periodic bases to ensure that users stay invested in the best mutual funds.

The services at Scripbox are free of charge for the investors. It charges the MF company 0 to 0.1 per cent of the capital invested through Scripbox platform. Its paperless process eases the transactions between users and the mutual fund companies.

Scripbox wants to make mutual fund investment simple and jargon-free for investors with no financial background.

So, these were the 5 websites to invest in mutual funds with. Make sure you check them all out and make an informed decision about it. Also, feel free to let us know your views about the same.

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