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9 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

We bloggers are content marketers. But many times, we didn’t get the result we wanted from our content marketing campaigns. Have you ever thought what went wrong?

Making mistakes is human. But making the same mistake, again and again, is not sensible, though. That’s why I have come up with this guide on 9 common mistakes in content marketing which we do but don’t realize.

Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

I am not saying you make these mistakes consciously. But for a content marketing campaign to be successful, it should be free of errors.

So, read the following to find out whether you are making these or not.

#1. Not doing Keyword Research

 how to do keyword research, 9 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Why do you blog? Don’t tell me you have no aim to make money. Even if you focus less on the monetary part, you want traffic, don’t you?

If you post articles on topics people are not searching for, then your blog will be a desert without even a camel to look into.

Keyword research is simply the art of finding topics, which get the most number of searches. But a thorough research includes keyword rank-ability calculation, competitor analysis, keyword classification (commercial or informational), etc.

At the end of the research, you will get an in-depth insight on what to post and what not to.

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#2. Excluding CTA


Are you new to the term Call To Action aka CTA? Then, I think you are making this mistake.

A call to action is something (a button, a form or even a phrase) that persuades the user to commit a task.

Say you are writing an article on keyword research. If your content is worth reading, you will get a large number of eyeballs to go through, I swear.

If you don’t insert a CTA even after knowing the popularity of the article, you are losing a gold mine.

Let’s say you recommend an SEO tool (Like Long Tail Pro or SEMRush) at the end of the article, which can be used to save one heck of the time needed for keyword research (I know you don’t miss out to integrate your affiliate ID).

As your content is worthwhile, a few of your audience will check out the tool and buy it.

See! Commission made!

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#3. Inconsistent Publishing Process

Are you consistent on your blog?

If you are not, chances are you have more new users than returning ones.

Let’s consider a scenario of you having a blog with no regular publication basis. You post content whenever you want to.

Suppose a visitor stumble upon your site and like your content. He/she may visit your site every day to read new posts. But if you don’t be regular, he/ she will stop visiting your site because it yields him/ her no results.

#4. Always Going for New Topics

Yeah, going for new topics is good. But on the other hand, you may feel the scarcity of subjects at times. That’s why I recommend not going for new titles every time.

What should you do instead?

Just repurpose the old content.

Take a widespread and lengthy post of yours and just change its form. Make it an ebook, a downloadable PDF, an online course or an infographic. Then, publish the same as your next post.

#5. No Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is dead!! Really? I hope you don’t believe this myth as you are reading a guest post.

The truth is cheap guest blogging only for backlinks is dead. But you can still post content on other blogs and drive a portion of their traffic onto yours with quality content.

If you want to start a new blog, you should guest post on a few traffic gaining blogs in the initial days. It will help you grab the attention of people within no time.

#6. Not Creating Your Reader Persona

Are you writing for all the people or do you have any particular category in your mind?

Writing generally will not give you anything in return. But consider you write about iPhone cases and target those who own an iPhone. What if you pinpoint the teens with iPhones?

That way you can write on cases that seem captivating to teens. Your competition will be narrowed, and you can make a fair amount of profit in the form of affiliate commissions as well.

#7. Consistently Posting Pure Promotional Posts

Have you read the #3 point? But sometimes being consistent may bite you back.

If you are more into affiliate marketing and don’t consider your audience, your posts will be more of sales type with a lot of affiliate links.

But it will not help you much because people don’t trust strangers. And you need to be reliable to yourself first by posting quality content to earn their trust.

#8. Avoiding Social Media

why to use social media, 9 Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Social media is the Swiss-army-knife of a digital marketer. Once you figure out the proper usage, you can never let it go.

Tons of active communities and groups are there. Be active there by commenting on updates, participating in discussions, etc.

And, occasionally post your article links there. Boom! If your pick (group or community) is right, you can amaze yourself with the real-time count.

#9. Committing Grammar Mistakes

It’s terrible!
Getting a comment about your grammar mistake (that too a simple one!) under your post is embarrassing, isn’t it?

That’s why you should proofread your content well before publishing it, knowing native English users will be there to read your article. Hence, you must always double-check your content after the completion.

(I could have promoted Grammarly here [see #2]. But this one is a guest post, you know?)

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got a clear idea about the content marketing mistakes I have shared here. If you think you made any other deadly mistake in the past, feel free to share with me. It will help us not to make the same.

As I said earlier, making mistakes is a human trait. But the ultimate loss will be yours if you make the same mistake again and again.

So reduce your errors and seduce your audience 😉

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