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How To Add Floating Ads In Blogger Blogspot {Widget}

Floating ads are very effective and great when you want to make more money from your blog and you also don’t have enough space on your blog to place ads. On all website we can see that left and right side always free which we can use for place ads and that can generate more click on AdSense ads and will increase your income. Interesting thing is that it will not cover your valuable space from your blog. Here I will share how to place 160X600 floating AdSense ads in the right or left side of your blog. Not only AdSense ads but you also can be float any affiliates ads in the left or right side. But before apply floating ads to your website please read carefully about Terms and Conditions of your respective Affiliates ads network that, Are they allow to float ads or not?

How To Add Floating Ads In Blogger Blogspot {Widget}

How To Add Floating Ads In Blogger Blogspot

Well as i know floating ads are against the Adsense policy and if you use this for adsense ads then it be the reason for your adsense ban. But mostly bloggers use this for event blogs and make a huge money in just one day. But you can also use this for other ad services not only for Adsense. I received many requests that’s why I posting it here. It is a good way to force your visitors to click on the ad. So now below are the steps and code to add floating ads in blogger blogspot.

  • First login and navigate to Layout option.
  • Click on Add a gadget and select HTML/JavaScripts.
  • Copy the below given code and paste into the HTML/JavaScripts.


This code is fully tested and working and you can add this widget to your blog and it will be work fine. But in this code you have to change somethings like ads placement from right to left.

  1. Replace Your Ad Code Here with your Adsense or Affiliates ads code or any other code.
  2. To change the side from right to left, Replace right (in green color) to left.

I suggest you don’t change any other code and only change these two options. Or else code will be messed up and maybe not work fine 🙁

Over To You

So guys this was the code and guide to Add Floating Ads Widget in Blogger Blogspot. If this works for you then share it with others and if you got any error or issue then feel free to share below. Also check out other articles and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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