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How To Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title In Blogger?

Now these days everyone mostly everyone knows about blogging and people also know that it is the great way to make money online. But to make money via Blogging, a blogger have to put ads on his/her website. For which Adsense is the first choice because it has contextual based ad which shows ads according to blog’s niche and user’s interest. To earn more from blogging, bloggers try different ad spots and some suggest that show AdSense below post title and maximize your earning which is correct. By adding the Adsense ads below the post title it increases the CTR (Click Trough Rate) which is very good to get more earning from Google Adsense. But make sure you don’t cross the limit.

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Adding the Adsense ads below the title of your article is very good placement as it gets more response and also increases the CTR. But this not works well for all so I want to suggest you to always try different ad slots. Mean to say that always experiment different ads spots to get more response. But as you are here to know about How To Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title In Blogger, I am sharing the method below to place the google Adsense ads on your blog below the post title.

How To Create An Effective Ad Unit?

  • First, open the google Adsense dashboard
  • Open the My Ads tab and click on New ad unit button.
  • Now set the name of the unit and set the size of the ad. You can choose any name and any size. But according to me, you should use 336×280 Large Rectangle Adsense ad for better performance.

create an ad unit, add adsense ads below post title in blogger

  • You can also change the color and type of ad means text or image ad as per your desire. After setting up the ad click on save and get code button.
  • Copy the code and open HTML Encoder Tool
  • Here paste the ad code in the first box and copy the code from the second box. This is the parsing process, it is necessary because if you directly added the code in the template then the blogger will show an error. So by parsing the code will be converted to the XML format. So you will be able to use the code without any problem.

Now after doing these steps we will move to our main point which is below. But make sure you followed the steps correctly. Read: What Is SEO (Search Engine Optemization) Full Guide

Steps To Put Adsense Ads Below Post Title In Blogger

So here I am telling you how you can add Adsense ads below post title in blogger for better performance. These are simple steps and you can do it easily if you followed the steps carefully.

  • First, Login to your blogger account.
  • Open the template section and take a backup first.
  • Click on Edit HTML button and find by pressing the ctrl+f button.
  • You have to find this code <data:post.body/>
  • Here I want to tell you that there will be more than 1 code like above code and you have to try with the all.
  • But mostly second one works and you may also try with that. It will work and if not worked then try with others.
  • Wh
  • Above the <data:post.body/> paste the below given code.
  • Here you have to replace the PLACE YOUR CONVERTED AD CODE HERE with your converted AdSense ad code.

This code will show ads on the left side of your content. You can also use more placement like center, right etc.

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To show the Adsense ads in the center you can use this code. Same here replace the CONVERTED AD CODE HERE with the converted AdSense ad code.

To show the Adsense ads in right you can use this ad code. Same here replace the CONVERTED AD CODE HERE with the converted AdSense ad code.

You may read on some other blogs as they are saying paste the code below the <data:post.body/> but they are wrong because they copied from the other blogs. But I tried the code and get the working result, which you can also see by placing on your website.

NOTE: Also after placing the ad code check your homepage and labels and archive pages too. Sometimes ad starting appear on these pages too but if it happens then simply try the other <data:post.body/> code. The problem will be solved

Save the template and see any post you will see that you have successfully placed the Adsense ads below the post title. If you face any problem while doing this then feel free to comment below. I will surely help you. If you liked this article then share it on social media sites and also check my other article and tricks. Join on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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