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Adsense Page Level Ads How To Add In Blogspot/WordPress

Google Adsense is world’s best ad network to monetize the content and few days ago Google AdSense announced Page Level Ads and almost every publisher got this feature in his/her AdSense account. Page Level Ads allow the publisher to display the as on the mobile template to increase revenue from mobile phones.

According to the latest post on the official AdSense blog  Page-level ads is a family of ad formats that offer a new and innovative way to help you earn money from your mobile content. It will not interfere with user’s mobile experience as ads will show only on the right time in the right ad format. These ads won’t show all the time, only when they are most valuable for users, means users stay happy, and you can make more money.

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Interesting Facts  About Page Level Ads

  • It’s only one-time process to show these ads.
  • These ads are not under the 3 ads per page limit as you can use these ads to your content and link ad units.
  • These ads work only on mobile-optimized sites
  • These ads help to increase revenue from mobile.
  • These ads will not decrease the page load speed.
  • Two type of page level ads are available right now, and more will come in future.
  • These ads don’t affect the user experience as these appear only when they are most valuable for the users.
Adsense Page Level Ads How To Add In Blogspot/Wordpress
Facts About Page Level Ads

Currently, there is two type of page level ads anchor/overlay ad and vignette ad. Let me show the difference between these ads.

Anchor/overlay ad

Anchor/overlay ads are the ads which stick to the bottom in the mobile templates. These are the responsive ads too, and the user can easily close these ads by toggle down its top button. I have attached an image below.

Anchor/overlay ads
Anchor/overlay ads

Once this ad load, an ad will start appearing in the box just like shown in the picture. It can by a text based or image based ad. But the user can easily close it via sliding it down. It won’t show all the time as it appears sometimes.

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Vignette ad

Vignette ad is the full-screen mobile ad mean this ad cover the full screen with the ad, and users can skip this at any time.

Vignette ads
Vignette ads

This ad is just like a popup ad but entirely different from it. As this ad shown by AdSense at optimal times to help increase your revenue and provide a good user experience. This ad appears when the user leaves a page and rather than when they arrive on one, so the user doesn’t have to wait for them to load. This ad also appears limited time per user to maintain a good user experience. They don’t count towards your three ads per page limit. They only serve on mobile-optimized web pages on high-end mobile devices.

How To Enable Adsense Page Level Ads

To show these ads on to your mobile version of website you have to first enable this feature.This is very easy to enable page level ads for your website just follow these easy steps.

  • First, open your AdSense account.
  • Now go to my ads tab or open this link. Page Level Ads
  • Click on the toggle button after Anchor/ Overlay and Vignette ads.

Adsense Page Level Ads How To Add In Blogspot/Wordpress

  • This is the way to enable the page level ads in Google Adsense.
  • Now scroll down the page and you can see here Get Code Button just click on it.

Adsense Page Level Ads How To Add In Blogspot/Wordpress

  • Now after clicking on Get Code button, it will give you code just copy the whole code.

Adsense Page Level Ads How To Add In Blogspot/Wordpress

If you want to show the ads on your website, then follow the below steps.

How To Add Page Level Ads In Wordpress

Guys if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform then follow these below steps and you will be able to show page level ads on your website.

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now click on Appearance and click on Editor.
  3. Now find here header.php
  4. Open this file and after the <head> or before</head> paste the copied code.
  5. Click on save changes button.

How To Add Page Level Ads in Blogger

Adding these ads in blogger is little bit difficult, but I will show you a simple way to add page level ads in blogger blogspot. Just follow these steps carefully.

  • First, you have to convert your AdSense ad code which you have copied before.
  • Go to Adsense Code Converter Tool convert your ad code.
  • Before doing any changes make sure you have a backup of your blogger template.
  • If not then take one now and then click on Edit HTML button.
  • Here find the <head> tag.
  • Now right after this code paste the converted ad code.
  • Save changes.

How To Test Page Level Ads on Your Website

After applying these all steps you done but I know you want to check whether the ads are working or not. So here is the solution for this too as Google Adsense officially announced a way to test the page level ads. Follow these simple steps.

  1. First got to your mobile browser.
  2. Now enter your website address and in the end type #googleads for ex:
  3. After adding this, a box will appear on the top of your browser just select the ad type, and it will show you the ads.
How To Test Page Level Ads on Your Website
Test Page Level Ads

Going To Try Page Level Ads?

These mobile ads were rolled out in October 2015 for some selected users, but now these ads are officially available for all the users in all countries. First users had to earn this feature, but now every publisher can simply use these ads. If you already have enabled these ads then ok if don’t try now and increase your revenue also these ads won’t effect the 3 ads limit policy.

Also, if you have any issue or query feel free to ask here. I will try to help you and don’t forget to share this awesome feature with other 🙂

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