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7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2018

Hello Bloggers, As all bloggers know that Google Adsense is best and number one also a popular ad network in the world. Adsense is the best and effective way to earn money online from your blog/website. Almost every blogger or website administrator use Adsense to monetize their website/blog. But getting approved for Adsense is not easy as your site should meet with the guidelines of Google Adsense policies. You have to create an Adsense and have to place to ads on your website to earn from Google Adsense. Also we know that in Google Adsense CPC and CTR are most important as if you have good CPC and CTR then you can earn a lot of money from it. So you can use best placement strategies to have better result. In WordPress many well optimized templates comes which have inbuilt feature to place ads and increase your adsense earning, but you can also use plugin in WordPress for better result or placement of ads. Here I am sharing 7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress which can increase your adsense earning by 60{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878}. These WordPress Plugin For Adsense will help you to get better result so see these plugins below.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016

Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress

So guys below I am going to share Top Google Adsense Plugins For WordPress and these WordPress Plugin For Google Adsense will increase your earning for sure. Here in this list you will surely get the best wordpress plugin for adsense to increase and make money from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense Official provides a WordPress Plugin to insert and manage Google AdSense ads on your WordPress Blog/Website. By using this plugin you can also verify your site ownership in Google Webmaster Tool. This plugin comes on first and also one of the most effective WordPress Plugin for Google AdSense to insert ads on any place on your blog. You can also show text or media based ads on your website or also can use both ads by this plugin. Also team has added a feature which can automatically determines best places to show ads, so you can easily increase your AdSense revenue. Also this plugin can automatically detect visitor which are from mobile device or from other so it an show different ads for mobile and other devices.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016

Features Of This Plugin
  • Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.
  • No risk of your AdSense account disabled or ban
  • Can select specific page or post to hide Google AdSense Ads
  • Can Insert Ads Manually
  • Feature to enable mobile specific ad layout for mobile visitors
  • Get Plugin Here

Ad Injection

This plugin is very popular and currently using by 40000+ active users to manage the Google Adsense ads. With the help of this plugin you can show Google AdSense ads, Amazon Affiliate, Chitika, TradeDoubler, Clickbank or any kind custom ads. Plugin comes with several advanced features so you can different different ads to increase more revenue.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016
Features Of This Plugin
  • Set the position of the top and bottom advert by paragraph or character.
  • Position the random ads to start or stop in the middle of the post.
  • Stop the random ads 2/3 of the way down a post, or at a paragraph/character position from the beginning/end of the post.
  • New options to exclude ads from block-quote and pre sections. And custom ad exclude tags.
  • Fade unused Home/Archive options instead of making them disappear.
  • Add page age settings to status.
  • Improve debug messages.
  • Get Plugin Here

WP In Post Ads

This plugin is for those who are looking for premium Adsense plugin for wordpress. This premium adsense plugin helps a lot to increase the adsense earning and it comes with some features and also its user friendly for users and blog admin. By this plugin you can show anywhere on your website/blog. Also a split ads feature is added in this plugin which can find best ad placement for your more earning.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016

Features Of This Plugin

  • Show details impression report of ads
  • Display ads after post title, after content or anywhere in the content body
  • Show ads after X paragraph
  • Display or hide ads after X days
  • Shortcodes feature to insert ads manually
  • Easily integrate ads with Google Analytics
  • Display different ads randomly in content
  • Show or hide ads for logged user or site members
  • Buy Plugin Here

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

This is also very best, simple and lightweight plugin to insert AdSense ads in your WordPress blog posts or in pages. By this plugin you can set the ad size, ad format, text color, link color or many more according to you. You can display the ads anywhere in your blog using this plugin. It is a freeware plugin so it provides possibility to make ads unique and original.

Features Of This Plugin

  • Select Specific Ad unit
  • Detect automatically old ad units
  • Set Ad unit in content part
  • Show ads in widget areas
  • Receiving the existing ad blocks from Google AdSense account using Google AdSense API.
  • Automatic insertion of ad blocks to the home page, pages, post / custom posts, categories / tags.
  • Displaying ad blocks before content, after content, after comments form.
  • Displaying ad block in the widget.
  • Get Plugin here

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a simple ad manager made by a publisher for publishers. You can easily and freely use this plugin to your wordpress and it is user friendly. It also has slot ad testing feature to get more adsense profit. It also supports ad networks like Google Adsense, Chitika, Clickbank etc.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016
Features Of This Plugin
  • Create ads as easy as creating posts
  • Group ads to create ad rotations
  • Create drafts or ads only visible to logged in users
  • Set a date for when to publish the ad
  • Make internal notes about each ad
  • Built-in widgets to show ads in the sidebar or footer area
  • Select ads to show to mobile or pc users
  • Get Plugin Here

Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense is also very useful and it provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google AdSense. This plugin follow the rules of google adsense policies and also it have many features like hover effect and many more.

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016

Features Of This Plugin

  • Enforces the Google AdSense policy of not more than three adsense blocks per page.
  • Put Link Units or AdSense Blocks in header or footer.
  • Add a customizable mouse-over border decoration on ad blocks.
  • Suppress ads on all pages (as opposed to posts), or on the front/home page.
  • Display adsense blocks based on the post length.
  • Control over the positioning and display of AdSense blocks in each post or page.
  • Get This Plugin Here

Google Adsense Click-Fraud Monitoring

7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2016
Getting approved for Google Adsense is not easy but not also impossible, but getting banned from Adsense is very common and for the little reason we can get ban from adsense. So you must be stay away from self clicking and also from fake clicks or other third party clicks. Because these can lead the adsense to ban. But all we know that it is very hard to get away from these but The Google Adsense Click-Fraud Monitoring helps us to protect from fake clicks and be safe from the ban. In this plugin you can set the click from an IP and after the preferred clicks by you it will block that IP, so the user can’t click many times and your adsense be safe. There are also premium version of this plugin available.

Over To You

So guys I have completed the list of 7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2017 and if you found it useful then also share it with others and comment the best plugin according to you. These plugins will surely increase your adsense CTR and earning.

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