Best Carpet Cleaners in Long Island

Carpet cleaning is one of the chores that really need proper consideration before hiring someone or a company to do it for you. For you to be able to choose the right carpet cleaners, you will need to gather enough information about them and make sure the following details are in the contract between you and the cleaners.

This article discusses how to get the best carpet cleaners and what should be in the contract when hiring professionals for the job.

Best Carpet Cleaners in Long Island

1. Labor and materials

This is the most important feature in a carpet cleaning service. As regards labor, the agreement should stipulate the number of workers you are assigned and their labor costs. The contract should detail the pricing plan as well as the hourly rates for your assigned cleaners. In addition, it should detail the types of cleaning materials that will be used, and the party responsible for providing the necessary tools (this is typically the cleaning company). If you live in New York, you can check out a good company at Carpet Cleaning Long Island.Have your calculator at the ready so that you can determine the exact cost of everything to clean your carpet. If the cleaning company has their contract ready, you can enlist legal help in deciphering terms you don’t understand. Before signing, ensure that there aren’t any hidden costs or fine-print terms that will cost you or your business.

2. Cleaning procedures

Closely related to the above, the company should state how each area will be cleaned – materials and tools that will be used, who provides them, what should be done (e.g. sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming) etc. Do not assume anything; including the person providing small items like soap and gloves – these will be very costly in the longer term. You should also be clear about the number of cleaners that will be there throughout the day to touch up specific areas, e.g. toilets and client-hosting areas (full-time), and the ones that will only come for cleaning duty in the morning/evening/during lunch hour (part-time). Consider the benefits and costs of each before making your final call.

3. Transportation fees

Find out the cost of transporting workers to and from your premises – have they been factored into the pricing plan or are they separate? How will these costs be covered? A good carpet cleaning company will plan for transport and ease the burden on you. That is why you need to have a properly drafted agreement before hiring cleaners.

4. Service schedule

Your contract should state the frequency of cleaning services: they can be one-time jobs like carpet scrubbing or recurrent tasks like dusting and vacuuming. These services should be specifically named – don’t just say ‘clean the carpet’ – state how often in a day/week each task should be done e.g. dusting twice weekly, sweeping and mopping once daily, scrubbing and airing four times a month etc.

5. Use of right equipment

The choice of equipment will largely depend on the methods employed. It can either be dry or wet cleaning vacuums. You can choose your vacuums depending on their suction ability, filtration ability or if they should be bagged or bagless. To choose bagged or bagless vacuums will depend on the size of your carpet and the amount of dirt to be collected. When buying a vacuum, the collection and filtration method is one of the important considerations to be made. The method you choose will depend on your own budget and preferences since there are different sizes and performance specifications for each category. Go for equipment that works for you and one that is within your budget.

6. Guarantee

It is important to choose a carpet cleaning company that can guarantee their work. The reputable cleaning company will have the confidence to offer a 100% money back assurance. Also, check that they are fully insured, safe pass certified and tax compliant. You can go to a company that is approved by institutes that deal with carpets and rugs. The good thing about choosing a reputable carpet cleaning company is that it doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming for you do not need to keep monitoring them as they work. You are also assured of your safety and that of your valuables if the cleaning is happening on your premises.

7. Weather Changes

Rainy weather will demand more frequent cleaning. This is because when it rains and you have pets that love playing outside, it is likely that they will bring in some dirt to the carpet. Also, during the dry season, there is plenty of dust that will need to be vacuumed as often as possible. Have an agreement with your cleaning company that they will be able to offer services throughout the year. You can ask for professional advice from your cleaning company as to how often your carpet should be cleaned and how much is the extra charge based on the above factors.

8. Special terms

There should be details on how special cleaning duties will be handled e.g. when services are required outside of the scheduled times (such as cleaning before and after an event). You can also account for seasonal changes e.g. more frequent cleaning in the wet season and more dusting during dry, windy seasons. In a nutshell, the more details you include in your contract, the less likely you are to run into a glitch that will cost you. Be willing to revise it until you come up with agreeable terms both of you can keep to. Deal with cleaners that are willing to negotiate and are flexible.

Carpet cleaning can be something you can do yourself but sometimes it needs professionals to take care of it. If your carpet has stains that need special cleaning, you will need to hire someone with skills and knowledge on how to get rid of them. Before hiring a company to do the cleaning, start your research within your locality. You can ask your neighbors who may be having contacts of people who can do the job for you.

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