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Top 21 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging: Google Chrome is world’s most popular, and no. 1 browser and it is owned by which is World’s no. 1 search engine. It is used by almost every user of internet and it has lot of data because we can search anything on it and find almost everything. At these days everyone is try his hands in blogging and a blogger also use Google Chrome because it is very fast and has lots of features and also very interesting and useful extensions. We can use these extensions to different kind of purpose for our blog’s ranking and makes our blogging easy and we can also save our time. In this article I am sharing the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and Blogging which is very useful.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging, Top 21 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging

So guys below are the best extensions of Chrome browser which are very useful for blogging and bloggers. As these extensions makes your work easier and you will also get very important information about another website or your own website. So guys see the list below.

  1. MozBar – Well I think you already know this name as a website but this website also provides us an extension for chrome. Which tells us any website’s Page Authority, Domain Authority, links and you can see details in the google search result by this extension and this data is very useful for bloggers.
  2. Alexa Traffic Rank – This extension told us the rank of website in different country and it helps us to get the estimate of popularity of any website.
  3. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – This is a website which is the best website to analyze the backlinks of any website and similar to moz bar it shows the link metrics.
  4. Grammarly – Well as newbies are trying to make money by blogging. But they face sometimes grammar problem while writing an article and this extension helps in the same situation. This extension intelligently correct the mistake while writing and also gave suggestions. Interesting thing about this extension it also told you the meaning of any word by clicking two times on the word 🙂
  5. ColorZilla – This is a great tool for blogger because it helps you to get HEX code of any color which you want to choose while surfing internet. It is too much useful for designer or for those who are editing the HTML or CSS.
  6. Word Count – This is a superb tool because we know in these days search engines loves the lengthy post but while writing we can’t count the word. Long article helps for ranking and to get visitors and to win the competition. This extension counts the word and save your time just select the text and click icon.
  7. SERPTrends SEO Extension – If you want to know the position of your post for particular keyword on search engine then this extension is for you. Because it shows the search engine position of your post. I can say that it is the best extension to track the keyword position of our blog.
  8. Copy Link Name – These extension is useful for those who want to save time as it can copy the anchor text means you can copy the link’s name when you right click on the link.
  9. Capture Webpage Screenshot – This is an awesome extension because it helps us to take screenshot of any webpage. Means you can take full page screenshot, Visible part of webpage or selected part of any webpage with this awesome extension. You can also add title, color or anything else.
  10. NoFollow – Yes this extension is for those who want to know the link is nofollow or dofollow. This is extension is related to SEO and those who knows about what is nofollow or dofollow can understand the importance of this extension.
  11. Nestor. Highlighter – Get To The Point. – Well by the title we can guess what is the extension about. This extension can highlight the important part of any text or paragraph when you don’t have time to read completely and by the selected text you can easily know what the article is about you can get to the point 😛
  12. RSS Feed Reader – This extension is awesome and helpful for me because it saves my lots of time and data :p as by this extension you can get the latest post notification and you can access the latest article posted by the site which you have added in the list of this extension.
  13. Save To Pocket – Sometimes we see something interesting on internet and want to save to watch later. In that case this extension helps us and by this extension you can save the images, articles and videos for later.
  14. Web Timer – This is great extension too if you want to know that how many time you spend on internet. It told us the time which we spend on a single site.
  15. Google Dictionary (by Google) – This is also very useful because when we want to know the definition of any word then this extension works. Simply double click on any word and it will show the definition of the word.
  16. Search by Image (by Google) – This extension is provided by google and allow us to search with an Image on Google. Just right click on any image and you will find an option “Search Google with this image”.
  17. Bitly – This is also very useful for those who shares the content on social media sites and also want to track the link clicks. Well stupid of me :p everybody shares their content on Internet. But by this extension you can quickly make shorten URL of your link and share it on social sites. Also you can track your link share via bitly links.
  18. AdBlock – Wanna get rid from unwanted ads ? Then this is the right extension for you because this removes the ads from any webpage and you can also access the webpage fast. Also this works on Facebook and YouTube.
  19. Check My Links – This extension helps us to found out the broken and 404 errors links from the selected page. It highlights the links which are broken and also notify you.
  20. Open SEO Stats – I love this extension because it helps me to know the very useful information of any website. It tell the PR status of any webpage and indexed status of search engine and many more about the website on which you use this extension.
  21. vidIQ Vision for YouTube – Are you a user of YouTube? Yes then this extension is for you as you can get very useful information by the help of this extension. If you have installed this extension on your browser then it will show you the very useful information of opened YouTube Video. By this extension you can see the YouTube video’s likes, shares, FB likes, Tweets, G+, Earning and hourly views of any video on YouTube.

So guys these are the Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and Blogging as these extensions can helps you a lot. These extensions are very useful and some of these extensions I also using at this time. But keep in mind that using much extensions will slow your browsers, so use the only needed extensions. But all the extensions are very useful it depends on you which extension will you use.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you found this article useful then share it on social sites and also like us on our social profiles and leave your comment below 🙂

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