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Best Facebook Tricks, Tips and Hacks 2018

Facebook is number one and most popular social media site on the Internet and almost from child to old know about this website and have an account on FB. From past few years, FB comes becomes the number one and everyone using this social site as their requirements. Facebook is best as it’s very useful to stay in touch with our relatives or friends. Also, it provides us news and on Facebook everyone can share Photographs, Videos, Statuses, Life Events or something else. Facebook also told us about current trends and we can also find the official profile of our favourite singer, celebrity or politician on FB and follow them. Facebook has lots of cool features like we can create groups or pages to promote ourselves or our website or work. In the end, we can say from the normal person to a high profile person have an account on Facebook. The social media site is a flexible platform as anybody can use it in his/her own way. You can use facebook to make money or for fun basis, some uses facebook for chatting or some use it for time pass only. But do you know Facebook have lots of hidden features which I think you shouldn’t know. So in this post, I am sharing Best Facebook Tricks of 2017 which will make your difficult tasks easy and also you can have more fun on Facebook. Like you can invite all friends to a facebook page at once, you can also accept all request in one click and much more. So we can say that, here I am sharing best facebook tips and tricks of 2017 ever.

Some Best Facebook Tricks and Tips Ever 2017

Best Facebook Tricks, Tips and Hacks 2016

1. Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

As many people, mostly girls get so many messages from unknown persons and I know these messages really hurts. So they try to clear the conversation but as it is very difficult to clearn one by one. So with this amazing trick you can delete all your Facebook messages in just a minute. Officially facebook doesn’t allow us to do so but an extension can make your work easy. If you also got so many messages then this post is for you. Read it and start the process now, this link is here because i already posted the way. So please don’t mind and click on the link and you will see the exact method 🙂

How To Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

2. Create Facebook Fake Status Updates

On the list of Facebook tricks 2017 this trick is on the second number. As with this trick you can fool your friends by creating fake facebook status update. Yes, you can check the pic below in which Mark Zuckerberg shared status about my website and Sunder Pichai also loving my work. But this status is fake as on the Internet a tool is there by which you can create Funny or Fake Facebook Status and can fool your friends. Below I have shared the method to make these types of fake status.

Create Facebook Fake Status Updates, best facebook tricks 2016 ever

Steps to do this –

  • Go to thewallmachine.com
  • Connect with your FB profile.
  • Start the creation and then post it to FB.

3. How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page

As in these days Facebook has launched a fantastic feature by which you can convert your profile into a page. May be you know Page and Profile are different from each other and mostly everyone wants page for them to represent them and to gain some popularity. So they create separate profile and pages, but getting likes on a newly started page is very difficult task. But you can convert your profile into a page and if you have good amount of friends then your friends will be counted as likes. Below is the method to convert a facebook profile into a page with likes.

  • Click on the link to start the converting process Convert Profile
  • Click on Get Started Button and you will be redirected to a page with your profile name within 10 seconds.

best facebook tricks 2016, migration process of profile into a page

  • Now in the right or left sidebar, you can see the line “You have 14 days to move info from your Profile. Profile info won’t be affected if you don’t move it.
  • Just click on the line and a new page will open where you can set the page name and if you don’t want to change then it is ok.
  • Now click on next button and now click on select all button and then click on next button and all your friends will be converte into likes on your page. Check the image below.

best facebook tricks 2016, how to migrate profile into a page

Isn’t it great? You can get likes on your page in no time without even requesting anyone 😛

4. Create Fake Facebook Conversations

Same like Facebook Fake Status you can also create fake facebook conversations to fool your friends. In this tool you can also add photos, names and comments as you want. Tool is so much easy and you can use it with your fb profile.

Go to this url fakeconvos.com and start the fun.

  • Click on the above url and allow the app permission.
  • Then click on Create a new convo and start the creation of new fake conversation.

5. Create Fake Facebook Profiles

You can create funny fake facebook profiles to make fun. You can create profiles on your friend’s name. You can add custom profile picture, name or any details on this website. See below.

Go to this www.classtools.net website and enjoy!

best facebook tricks 2016

6. Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page At Once

Do you also have a Facebook Page and want to increase likes on your page? Then you have to invite your all friends to like your page, but this is very difficult to invite them one by one. But from these Facebook Tricks 2017 you can invite all friends at once to like your page.

  • Click on this link Facebook Invite All
  • Add this extension and move to your Facebook page.
  • Here you will see a tick on the top-right corner.
  • Now open the page and click on the invite all friends button.
  • Click on the black tick and invitation process will be start 🙂

7. Download All Facebook Uploads at Once

Facebook is best place to share our thoughts, videos and photos too. But sometimes we want to take backup of our all photos and I know it is very difficult to save them one by one. But do you know you can save the all photos from you profile at once and save your priceless time. Yes a facebook official feature let you do this. Below I have shared the steps to do.

  • Go to www.picknzip.com
  • Click on Facebook Download button from top.
  • Gave permissions and it will start the process.
  • Select the albums and videos (you can also download the videos from this site) which you want to download.
  • Click on the download button and you will get a .zip file save it your computer and you are done.

If you don’t want to use this method then Facebook officially allow us to save our photos, chat conversation almost everything. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Login to your account and click on settings button.
  • Here you will see Download a copy of your Facebook data option in the General tab or you can click on this button.
  • Now a page will be open and where you can see a button named Start My Archieve. Click on it and downloading will be start.

best facebook tricks 2016, how to download facebook data

8. Download Facebook Videos Free

You can also download the Facebook videos to your computer. As many times we saw something interesting on Facebook and want to save this for future but not able to download it. As Officially there is no option to download the facebook video but a website allow us to download the video from FB for free. You can also choose the quality of video while downloading.

Steps To Download Facebook Videos HD for free:-

  • Go to en.savefrom.net
  • Now copy the link address of Facebook Video.
  • Means open the video on Facebook and right-click on it and select show video url.
  • Copy the link address and paste it on the website given above.
  • Select the quality from the drop-down menu and click download

9. Method/ Trick To Know Who Unfriend You On Facebook

On Facebook everyone can unfriend anybody but nobody gets the notification about this. I know nobody wants to be unfriended so the below extension helps us to know who unfriend us on Facebook. By this easy Facebook Trick,  you can know about who unfriend you from his/her friend list.


  • First install this extension Unfriend Notify for Facebook
  • When it installed open your fb account.
  • It will start the process.
  • Now click on the icon from address bar in right top corner.
  • On the next page it will provide the information

10. Way/Trick Read Messages On Facebook Without Being Seen

Sometimes, we want to see the messages of our girlfriend, boyfriend or normal friend on Facebook without notify them. But when we opened the chat box they got the notification about the seen time. So we get caught but by this simple Facebook trick 2017 you can read the messages without notify them. See below the steps.

Steps to Read Messages on Facebook Without Being Seen-

  • Download the extension for your browser.
  • If you are using Chrome then download this Facebook Unseen
  • If you are Firefox user then download this Facebook Unseen
  • Now after installation, turn on the extension whenever you want to read the messages on Facebook without being seen.
  • So your friends can’t find that you have read the msgs or not. 😉

11. Secret Tricks To View Private Profile Picture on Facebook

So this is Best Facebook Trick for you, because it allows you to see the locked profile pictures on Facebook. Means sometimes we saw the profile pictures which we cant select, because these types of photos were private. So in this trick you can View Private Profile Photos On Facebook. This method provide the exact size and quality of photo, which user uploaded on Facebook.

Steps To See Private Profile Picture On Facebook :-

  • First of all go to this link.
  • Now copy the link of private profile picture and paste in the box on the website which is provided here.
  • Click on Get Profile Picture button.
  • You are done and you will get the photo which was uploaded by the user 🙂

12. Activate Facebook Log In Approval For Account Protection

Are you feeling someone is trying to hack your facebook account? But don’t worry as you can secure your account. Facebook officially allows us to unable 2-step verification for our account same as Gmail. Means whenever someone will try to open your account from different/unknown browser Facebook will ask for a verification code which you will receive on your given mobile number means the number which you attached with the facebook account. So let’s know the process below how you can enable mobile verification process for your facebook account.

  • Just open facebook account and navigate to settings.
  • Here click on Security tab and here you can find the option Login approvals. Click on it see the image below.best facebook tricks 2016, how to enable 2 step verification on facebook


  • On some old accounts this option not appears but I have solution for that.
  • Just install the ZenMate extension on Chrome and enable this extension and select USA country from it.
  • Now reload the page and the option will be there.
  • When you will click on Login Approvals a new popup window will open.
  • Click on the Get Started button and follow the steps.
  • In the end they will send you text message with a security code.
  • Enter this code in the box and the feature will be activated.

13. Set Video as Your Profile Picture on Facebook

Do you know you can make a video you profile picture? Yes, this is true as few months ago Facebook officially launched this interesting feature. By this feature you can set any 7 second video as your profile picture. This feature can be accessed by the Facebook mobile app and if you want to know more then follow this article 🙂

How to Set Video as Your Profile Picture on Facebook


Final Words

So guys finally we completed the Best Facebook Tricks, Tips and Hacks 2017. If you found these Best Facebook Tricks useful then share with your friends also. These Facebook Tricks are working and tested and also selected as you can found many other also on Internet. Also if you have any problem or query comment below and let us know 🙂

Show us your love and share these Best Facebook Tricks 2017 on internet and make them viral. Keep visiting for more 🙂

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