Top 10 Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online

Are you one of those who also looking for the best manga websites to read their favorite Manga online? Yes, then here is the list of top manga websites and you can read almost every manga on these sites.

However if you don’t know what is manga then keep on reading and get the answer. Check out the best manga sites below and read top manga online.

Here I am going to share top 10 best manga sites where you can read your favorite manga stories online for free.

Also the list contain some manga which do not require registration and no password either. Check out the list below:-

Top 10 Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online 2017
Read Manga Online


First let me tell you what is Manga. So, Manga is a term used for comics that are created and published in Japan.

Manga is word in Japan which is used to refer both “comic and cartooning” and “Manga” as a term used outside Japan refers to comics originally published in Japan.

In Japan almost every age people read Manga but Manga is not only popular in Japan. It has actually gone worldwide since the 1950s.

Manga publications have reached even the farthest countries across the globe – US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and of course, many other Asian countries.

People really love to reading these creative manga stories and have become collectors of Manga magazines of different volumes. Fans just read chapter after chapter, and some enjoy it more than watching a movie.

Manga stories are typically printed in black-and-white, although some full-color manga exist.

Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online

Reading Manga online is fun and you can really spend your time by reading manga stories online. If you need some entertainment at the break or at the end of the day so that you can feel relaxed and cheerful with your life, then you can really try these best manga websites.

Below is the list of top 10 best manga website to read, check and read manga now.


Mangafox is the first website which offered manga series online and now this is the best manga website online today.

You can access many types of manga for free on this website and you can also download various type of manga anytime and anywhere. With over 3 million likes on their Facebook page, no doubt it is the most popular manga website until today.

They have a huge list of manga and genres like drama, fantasy, action, adventure, comedy, school life and a lot more. You can also interact with your co-manga readers through their forums and gain friends of your same interests.

You can go to the website from the below link and find your favorite manga. This site is the number 1 best manga websites to read manga online free.



This is another popular online manga reading website named Mangahere.

The website has over 10,000 manga series which can be accessed absolutely free of cost. They update and post the latest manga series and every reader can access it.

The site is clean designed and you can check the hot manga, latest manga and you can also search by name on this website.

On the homepage this website contains a hot manga update section. So you can enjoy the trending manga daily and to check this website click on the link below and enjoy.



Another best manga site and Mangareader site is quite popular in the readers to read manga online. This website is also contain good series of manga and on the homepage you can check the latest manga updates.

They also have the popular manga section so you can read the popular manga for free. This website will help you to not get bored.

There are so many manga stories which you can access and you can also watch the latest release. Just check the website from below and access the manga stories database.



Mangastream takes the 4th spot on my list. Mangastream features clear scans of your favorite manga series so you could definitely enjoy reading them.

This site get updated daily and also there is a latest update section on the homepage. So there is no need to spend too much time to get the right manga series and they bring high-quality manga series on daily basis.

This site is very good to read manga online so you can try this website to read manga online.



Mangapanda is 5th best manga website to access thousands of manga online. Just like other websites Mangapanda is also free website for manga readers.

Mangapanda looks like mangareader website because of interface but both have different database. From the Mangapanda, it is the convenient way and amazing source where you can read the very amazing manga scans which are popular nowadays.

You can access the Latest Manga Update section on the homepage to get the latest update or you can also read the popular manga series.



This another best manga site to read more than 4,859 popular manga scans for completely free and the updated version will come throughout the day and you will never miss it.

It is easy to search for your favorite manga by the search box and site design is very clean. Moreover, you can also get the membership so that you can enjoy much more benefit from the site. The good thing about the site is it is detailed on when the last manga series was updated.

So, you’ll see which ones are the latest and which are not. They’ve got the most popular series, the top rated, the completed and the ones with the most chapters. You can also find your favorite manga stories from A to Z.



Not able to found the manga story which you’re looking for? Then maybe Kissmanga can help you as this site also contains a huge collection of manga series.

The site’s design looks neat and organized so that you can navigate each list easily and quickly. This website contains the latest and popular manga section so finding any manga is quit easy.

When something goes wrong with their service or with the manga you’re reading, you can go through their service button to report whatever errors there are.

If the manga you are looking for is not in their list then you can request them and you will get the manga for sure. With this kind of service, they sure do want their readers to enjoy reading without any hassle.

You can also register on this website but this is not necessary to read the manga on this website. You can also join the forum and share your thoughts and make new friends as well and downloading is also an option on this website.



I really believe that you will love this website and always use this website to read manga. As the design of this website is very cool and clean.

There is a search bar to search the manga and you can also access the latest manga from the homepage. Popular manga section is also placed on the homepage and you can also select the genre which you want to read.

Mangakakalot is a free website and you will get almost every manga on this website. Check out this website and get the best manga now.



Mangafreak has a huge database of manga and you will definitely freak out from their collection of manga stories. You can spend all your minutes reading all the stories for free but you can not download them.

They update the website daily and you will get the latest chapter and latest manga daily. You can get all your favorite manga on this website. Open the link below to open the website.



This on the 10 in my list but not last as list will be updated soon. Bulumanga is also very good source to read manga online and it’s clean design will really impress you.

There is a popular manga section and you can also get the ratings of manga on this website. You can read the manga for free and also search the manga by manga name of author name.

On the homepage there are sections like Latest Manga and Recommend, Top Charts and Complete Manga, which will make your work easy. You will really love this manga reading website, open now and enjoy.


Last Words

Manga is a kind of entertainment stuff which was initially invented in Japan which soon become the way of joy for all the world.

Manga is Japanese comic series which help to kill your time and make you enjoy your free time happily. Manga is really love to spend time and some time I also read manga in my free time.

There are so many Manga genres such as romance, horror, comedy, mystery, science fiction and so on. You will really enjoy the manga as all world is already entertaining themselves.

It is a successful industry in many other countries such as USA, Canada and other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

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