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The title of Reddit is The Front Page Of The Internet which is almost true as Reddit is world’s largest community. Maybe you are also a user of Reddit, if yes then you will agree with me that Reddit is the best place on internet to spend time.

Reddit is best site on the internet where you can find almost every type of content and almost every popular post trace their root on Reddit. There are so many subreddits which makes Reddit amazing and these subreddits has lots of active subscribers.

As it has gazillions of sub-reddits it’s really hard to find the best one which you like. If you are a new user of Reddit then it’s really hard for you but Reddit also featured some of the most active and popular subreddits on the top menu but apart from these subreddits there are lots of more reddits which are very active and cool.

I already shared some weird websites and best ebook torrent sites earlier and now I am going to share some best subreddits and you will also find the most popular subreddits in this list.

I really researched a lot and then created this list of top subreddits. I am sharing those subreddits which I think are the best and cool ones and maybe you will also like this list. No matter you are new or old user, all you will find something new here and these all subreddits are Safe For Work

Most Popular and Best Subreddits

So guys here I am sharing the best, top and most popular subreddits. Most of these reddit subreddits are funniest subreddits and with the help of these subreddits you can also increase your link and post karma. So use these subreddits and see the growth of your profile in few days 🙂

/r/AskReddit: This subreddit is quiet popular and those who want to ask something use this subreddit. This group is specially for ques-ans type subreddit and you can ask anything there and also can answer the other’s questions. In that you will get comment karma which is very good and there are lots of same kind of subreddits like Ask Machine,Ask engineers,Ask science, Ask Support which can be used to ask anything.

/r/Music: If you are music lover just like me then you should really follow this subreddit as here streamed music, announcement, article, discussion, video related to music and singers are being posted and you will really love to spend time here.

/r/Explain Like I’m Five: This is very interesting subreddit as here you can learn anything you are interested in. This community is the best place for those who wants to learn things in more basic way. You can also check Today I Learned (TIL) and Today I listened(TIL) to learn more things if you really interested in learning.

/r/funny: This is one of the most popular subreddits and in this best funny subreddit random reddit users post things which they find funny in their life or internet. People usually post funny Pics, GIFs, Videos, Memes, Trolls, Funny Comics and all items related to fun or laughing.

/r/DIY (Do It Yourself): This community is having a large number of active users and subscribers. You can get help from these community to build almost anything. All you have to do is just post the details of your task and wait the the some expert and useful comments. They will surely help you in a great way and answers.

/r/announcements: This is really important to follow the rules when you use subreddits and in this subreddit admins tell about latest changes, filters, rules & guidelines, new prominent subreddits, promotions and more. So this is really must subscribe subreddit.

/r/worldnews: If I say this is the best source to get latest news from all around the world then everyone will agree with me. Because this subreddit is a great source for major news from all around the world except US-internal news / US politics. You can really get a good knowledge about what happening right now from this subreddit and you can also join /r/news for more news.

/r/Showerthoughts: Have you ever got great thoughts while having shower well it is common. This Subreddit is a place where people share random but interesting thoughts which came to their mind while having a peaceful shower. Don’t underestimate shower thoughts, some amazing discoveries started with shower thoughts.

/r/IAmA: Ask me Anything is a community where celebrities, vip or renowned comes and do Ask me anything sessions. So you can look and ask them anything and they will answer your questions. Also you can watch the upcoming sessions so you will never miss any.

/r/science: If you love science and want to be updated about science news and get every topic on science then you should really try this one serious subreddit which is all about science. This subreddit demands direct link to research article, no reposts and research should be less 6 months old. You should really follow the subreddit and read what others share, and I believe you will really learn a great things about science and latest discoveries.

/r/pics: This is a subreddit which can be used to post or see beautiful pics. You can really spend a quality time in this subreddit and you will really love the pics as the users of this subreddit are very talented in taking awesome pics.

/r/Listentothis: For the music lovers this is just like a gift as in this subreddit you can discover a great source music. There are tons of other music related subreddits but this is one of the best. Here people share popular and new music and you can easily access them.

/r/suggestmeabook: If you are looking for books to read and not getting anything interesting to read then this subreddit can help you. As here you can ask from other people what to read, just ask people like some good science related books or something related to your mood or whatever you want.

/r/Fitness: This is the best subreddit for those who want to learn new things to stay fit and want to be fit. As people there share their experience and they divide the every week for different topics like Moronic Mondays, Training Tuesdays, Rant Wednesdays, Nutrition Thursdays etc. No doubt you can learn hell lots of things about staying fit there. So use it now and stay fit.

/r/Gaming: Are you a gamer? Are you want to stay update to date with the latest and upcoming things in gaming world? Then you should follow Gaming subreddit as people here update daily the new things and you will never miss any update.

/r/space: This subreddit is dedicated to the insightful and thoughtful discussion of outer space. People discuss here related to Astrophysics, Cosmology, Space Exploration, Planetary Science and Astrobiology.

/r/videos: This is a subreddit which is totally related to videos in this subreddit you can find all type of videos expect sex or adult. No doubt people in this subreddit, share very interesting videos every minute. Which means if you are getting bored and not able to find anything useful on YouTube either then open this subreddit and watch the top videos and you’ll enjoy them for sure.

/r/television: This is a place where you will important details about TV shows, their cast, upcoming series and emerging TV shows. You can also check out Reddit users’ favorite TV Shows of all the time, you will discover some great things.

/r/Food: This community is for those who wants to learn new recipes and you can find cool food recipes with pictures here. You can also share your one too and get popularity in no time with the help of this subreddit.

/r/EarthPorn: Wait a sec this is not what you are think, this subreddit is for sharing the best landscapes. You can get here only beautiful landscapes and which are originally taken by other peoples and you can also share your too. But make sure your are not present in the picture. Here only our nature’s images can be found.

/r/askscience: AskScience is very helpful subreddit if you have questions to ask related to science and no other people can answer. As in this subreddit you can ask questions from science topics such as Planatery Sciences, Neuroscience, Computing, Psychology, etc. It also have AMA threads with their schedule provided on the right side from the experts who came forward to help you out in their field of expertise.

/r/movies: No people don’t share here movies download links as it is official subreddit for movie news & discussion. So people only share news and discuss about movies here and every movie enthusiast must follow movies subreddit.

/r/100YearsAgo: Have you ever wondered what exactly happened on the same date 100 years ago? No then don’t worry this subreddit is stands for this as people here share what happened 100 years ago on the same date. You can try by yourself if you don’t believe me. Check now and see what happened 100 years :V

/r/Sketch Daily: This largest community of artists is very great community as it can really help the artist to grow. If you are an artist too then join this community and you will love it as there are lots of other artists too which share their work with others. Actually the moderators of this community post daily new theme and artists makes sketch as per their experience and people give feedback. You will really enjoy here a lot once you join it 🙂

/r/Internet Is Beautiful: You can’t even imagine that there are lots of amazing and interesting websites available on the internet. We can’t find all one by one but this subreddit really helpful as people share here the interesting and amazing websites and if you have your own website then can share here too. You can get here so many interesting websites to spend time.

/r/Relationship: If you are in relationship and want to get some advice then this subreddit can help you. However I am not sure you will get right advice or wrong but still it’s helpful as people post their issues there and maybe you related any of them. You can also post your problem or search for the old quires related to your problem to get solution.

/r/aww: As per my thinking this subreddit is specially for girls as people here mostly share dogs, cats and babies pics and gifs. However they also post kids, animals and cartoon videos and if you like any of these then believe me you will really love this subreddit and also thank me for telling you. We can also call it cute subreddit.

/r/CasualConversation: This is the friendlier part of reddit and here you can find the all people so much friendly. I mean if you really want to talk withe someone then believe this place is for your. If you are feeling lonely or want to have a casual or friendly chat then use this subreddit. You can start a conversation or share your story any time here and people will surely respond to your post.

/r/Photoshop Battles: Are you good at photoshop or converting any image in to funny or meme? If yes, then this place is for you as here people do photoshop battles and share their photos. If you can also share funny images then check this out and have fun.

/r/sports: On the reddit there are specific subreddits for almost every sports. But this is main subreddit where you can find news from all sports and games. People really share good stuff and news here related to sports only.

/r/mildlyinteresting: Here people from the web shares mildly interesting stuff that people do casually. In this subreddit you are really going to find good stuff.

/r/gifs: As name stats peopl post here some best and interesting, or funny gifs from all around the web and these gifs always entertain people however gifs has no sound but still you will love it.

/r/Anime: If you are anime lover and want to watch your fav anime then this subreddit can help. It has all the latest news, stuff and discussion and you will really find this subreddit very useful.

/r/No Sleep: There is no doubt everyone loves horror stories even if they get scared. So if you are horror stories lover too and want to read or watch then open this subreddit and get them now. In this group people share   best spooky stories and you will really awake in the middle of night.

/r/I Took a Picture: It’s a place where all type of photographers from newbie to professional share their photos. You can post your picture too and expect for useful feedback and you can also ask if you have any doubts and you will get perfect answers.

/r/NoNoNoNoYes: From the name of this subreddit maybe you got the idea as it’s the place where you can get the hilarious gifs and videos which features the things that are going wrong but unexpectedly get right at the end. So it’s a very good place to spend the time. This is one of funniest subreddits.

/r/Tales From Tech Support: Tech Support can be a tiring job and sometimes something funny or strange happen at the duty time. So, The Tales From Tech Support subreddit lets tech support guys to post their stories where they have pulled off incredible feats out of luck or pure genius, feel good stories and of course, the usual stupid customer stories. This is the best subreddit to spend time and read some cool stories.

/r/LifeProTips: Name says it all as here you will get Life Pro Tips that will help to improves your life and people from this subreddit share such amazing tips with you.

/r/tifu: Today I F*cked Up (TIFU) is the subreddit where people share their Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large stories which got messed up when they were trying those. This is really good subreddit to pass your free or boring time.

/r/PerfectTiming: Here you can get the images and videos which were captured on the perfect time. People are really very talented as you will be shocked after seeing those images and some images and videos are really cool.

/r/Animals Just Being Bros: Here people post the pictures of animals hanging out and doing like humans. You will really get a good number of images which explains animals can do great things too.

/r/Not The Onion: True stories that are so mind-blowingly ridiculous. Just subscribe and read those stories you will get what is this subreddit all about.

/r/CrazyIdeas: Create super hobos? Elaborate. Invisible spiders? Why not? There are no wrong ideas. If you also got crazy ideas on anything then do post on this subreddit and also you can check other’s crazy ideas.

/r/OldSchoolCool: Here you can read the history of coolest school kids. People really share funny, sad or entertaining stories from their school days and you can also share yours.

/r/Contagious Laughter: Videos or audios to laugh like mads. The videos are really funny and you will be in tears after watching those videos which are shared in this subreddit.

/r/LifeHacks: Uncommon solutions to common problems and people share simple and practical tips that may not be obvious.

/r/Advice: Get here advice related to anything but only relationship related questions. Just post your problem related to your relationship and people will come to solve it or you can search before posting maybe other already posted the same issue.

/r/Get Motivated: If you are feeling demotivated or want some motivation then this subreddit is going to help you. As you will get motivation to do whatever you want.

/r/Technology: This is popular subreddit which is totally dedicated to technology and you will get all news related to technology here.

/r/AskTechnology: Here you can ask, tell and discuss all about technology. You can check the discussions and also post your thoughts or discuss on anything related to technology.

/r/I Want To Learn: This is another good subreddit to learn anything on Reddit. If you had difficulty figuring out where to start, what path to take or just wanted some advice to get you to the next level. Then this is the place where you can get all those just post the problem and people will come forward to help you.

/r/How To: Here people post the all stuff related to How to, tutorial guides. It’s really great source to get how to guides and if you can guide too then you can post your stuff too

Final Words

There are thousands of more amazing subreddits but these are what I feel are the best. So, choose the ones that you like and let me know how you like them. If you have any other good or interesting subreddit to share here then please comment below, I’ll surely add it in my list. Also, if you have issue with the list or want to suggest any change then please contact me or comment below. 🙂

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