Top Best Royalty Free Music Sites All Online Video Creator Should Know

Finding free music online in these days is very difficult task and if you are a online video creator then you really know the importance of free music. All the online video creators wants the perfect music track for their video but also not want to break any of laws. As using someone’s content is illegal and you can face a big problem in future. Also you can not use copyright content or music on YouTube and there is nothing frustrating then working hard on a video and YouTube delete it because of copyright music. So it’s good to keep that thing before using any music for your video, always use royalty free music for your video after checking all conditions. There are tons of sites on the internet which are providing free music to use for your video and in this post I am going to share the same and you can use these free royalty free music for your video.

Difference Between Free Music and Royalty Free Music

Before going further please note that there is difference between free music and royalty free music. Free music is the music which you can just download and listen in your mobile or pc but it’s not free to use anywhere like in music videos. Because you can face some copyright issues and some real issues too. But on the other side Royalty free music is free of any royalty fees. Means you can use it anywhere but you have to buy it or get it once. Means there are also paid royalty free music exists but you can also choose free royalty free music and after getting or buying that music you can use if for free in any of your video for commercial purpose. Commercial purpose means you can use that music in YouTube videos to get paid.

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In short, free royalty free music is the music which comes with these:

  • Completely free to download and use.
  • No licenses to purchase.
  • You can use for commercial purpose.

Now as you learned about the difference between royalty free music and free music. I am below providing the sites which provides free royalty free music and you can get any music and use it for your videos. Check the list below and enjoy.

YouTube Audio Library – Best Free Royalty Free Music Site

YouTube Audio Library - Best Free Royalty Free Music Site

There is nothing best then YouTube audio library as there you will get tons of free music and also other music which comes under creative common license. YouTube audio library is the most popular source to get the music for YouTube videos and if you are publishing videos on YouTube then you can directly add them to your video with YouTube video editor or you can also download the music for offline work. YouTube audio library contains thousands of royalty free music tracks and sound effects, searchable and can be filtered by genre, instrument, mood, duration, and attribution. But make sure to check the attribution is required or not, if yes then give the credit to the owner from the description.

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Incompetech is also a good source if you really want to get royalty free music. I also sometimes use Incompetech to get free music for my videos. This site is designed with clean and easy design and you can easily get the music by clicking search button and then selecting the song. The site was created by composer Kevin MacLeod and has tons of music, categorized by genre and feel. This site provides all the song as MP3 file and they regularly update the library with new music. Not all the music is free as some requires you to place the attribute in the video but still there are decent number of songs there.


10 Best Royalty Free Music Sites All Online Video Creator Should Know

This website is also a great source of all type of royalty free music however they are not free royalty free music. I am not saying you have to pay for the music, all am saying is you just have to put the link to TeknoAxe YouTube Channel, a link to the TeknoAxe website, a link to YouTube video where the music was used, or the website page that features the music that you used in your work. Giving link from YouTube description is not a big thing if you are getting a really good music. They update their site every week and there are almost every kind music like Rock, Electronic or Orchestra etc. Just take a chance to this website and get every music in MP3 format.

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Musopen ( is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which help you to get the royalty free music easily. Actually this website is mainly provide the music which is copyright restriction free means you can use that music in your video. On the site’s about page they say, “We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.” At Musopen you can browse music by composer, performer, instrument, period or form.

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Free SoundTrack Music

This site is exactly what the title says and you will get the music for your video for sure. However not all the tracks are free to use as only free labeled musics are free to use in your video everywhere. But you have to give credit in your video or description and you can use the free royalty free music. However there are some conditions and I am quoting,”Music downloaded from this site may not be used as part of other audio-only productions, or sold or redistributed separate from your video, film or multimedia production without specific authorization from the track’s composer.” So if you are not selling audio then use this site to get the free music for video.  

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Josh Woodward

10 Best Royalty Free Music Sites All Online Video Creator Should Know

Josh Woodward is a site where you can download the royalty free music just to use in your video. This site is providing all the music under creative common 4.0 which allows you to use the music by giving the credit to the original owner. Josh is a musician who record, write and produce all the music by himself and you can use his music by giving link back to his website. There are tags on all the music which allows you to choose the music by mood, weather and ratings. You can also choose the genre and all the music is searchable. Josh usually record the vocal but you can download only instrumental mp3 also or if you like vocal then you can download the vocal in mp3 format too. It is really a great site for free music.

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Partners In Rhyme

This site is very interesting as this provide you a great stuff like free music loops to sound effects, midi files and more. There are some music tracks that can be get by paying but still this site has a good list of music loops and other stuffs. According to the website you can use these music loops in a Youtube video, Flash animation or in any other commercial multimedia presentation including TV and Film. But cannot mix in your own music, cannot list the music on your own blog or website and also can not sell as collection or ringtone. You can use this royalty free music in YouTube videos but in return just give the credit from the video or description.

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Just like other websites this site is also providing good quality royalty free music. You can simply use any of there music in your video and can also monetize the video on YouTube and you will not face copyright issue. But you can not sell the music or list on your site to download for free or link directly to the individual music tracks on their server. But to use in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions you are free but you have to give credit to them in your video.

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So these are the website which provides you free royalty free music which you can use for your videos. Apart from these websites there are also some great channels on YouTube which provides Best Royalty Free Music and you can just download and use them in your video and I am sharing those links below. They just share the music for everyone’s use but I strongly suggest you to read the Terms & Conditions first and then use their music. The list is below but before using the music please check their about page to get more information.

You can also get more by searching on YouTube. If you like the article then share with others on social media sites and keep visiting.

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