BulletVPN Review – Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

If you’re a fan of digital anonymity, wish to keep your identity safe and anonymous on the Internet, aren’t at par with the Internet Censorship which blocks some of the most important websites you wish to visit, well in that case this BulletVPN review might be exactly what you need.

I wouldn’t explain to you what a VPN is, cause I refuse to believe anyone on this BulletVPN review doesn’t know or isn’t acquainted with the basics of a VPN.

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

But why you need a VPN can totally be redefined, as most people I know; use a VPN simply to hide their location on the internet, but that’s literally the most basic thing a VPN does, apart from that, it also helps you accomplish a number of other tasks.

You can use a VPN to:

  • Virtually be in any country of your choice.
  • Unblock restricted content on the web. (BulletVPN’s Free Smart DNS helps you accomplish that!)
  • Enforce Secure Connections. (It offers a number of connection protocols to make this happen).

BulletVPN Review

I’ve used BulletVPN for nearly two months now before I got to finalizing this BulletVPN review, so everything that’s shared over here is sheer personal experience.


The Interface at BulletVPN is simple and easy to understand. Is this your first encounter with a VPN? Even in that case, you won’t feel lost or confused as most of the interface is self-explanatory.

You can connect to any country using the big, bold button right there at the welcome-dashboard, which says “Connect”. So you’ve already deciphered 90{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} of the interface, because in most cases this is the only button you’ll ever have to use.

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

Apart from that, there is an easy navigation-pane on the left sidebar, which helps you move around the VPN, and reach different sections of it.

So anyone with the basic English-reading skills can easily setup and get on with the VPN in minutes. No prior experience or technical skills are required.


The second most important aspect we take into consideration with any VPN is its overall performance, so here goes.

Time Required to Establish a Connection: We measured, BulletVPN takes 6 seconds on an average to connect to most countries on the list.

This is much better than most other VPNs, infact in some cases with other VPNs, we’ve had to wait over 60 seconds for the connections to be established.

Insignificant Speed Loss: The one fact about VPN connections is, the speed with and without a VPN aren’t ever the same.

But that’s again another aspect where BulletVPN comes out with a shining medal, from our own personal experience and the reviews of other users out there, we can make a solid-claim that the speed loss with BulletVPN is nearly non-existent.

There is speed loss, no doubt. But it’s so insignificant that you won’t notice it unless you’re using a hardcore speed measurement tool.

And it’s not all just talk, we know for a fact that BulletVPN hosts their servers in Tier-1 countries, so that’s the backbone of what we just stated, now you know why there isn’t any significant speed loss with BulletVPN.

List of Available Countries

One of the primary points the VPN sells its on is its list of available countries, nearly every country out there that you’ve heard of can be connected to using BulletVPN.

As of now, it has 25 countries on its list, some of them are:

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

  • USA
  • UK
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • India

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

Multi-Server Support

If a lot of people connect to the same country, the speed might be reduced in most cases, that’s the reason BulletVPN has included more than one server for most countries.

So you can connect to different IP addresses from the same country, this facilitates for a huge number of people connecting to the same country without the least bit of problems.

Strong Encryption Protocols

One of the strongest points that can be included on this BulletVPN review is its strong encryption protocols. BulletVPN supports as many as 5 different connection protocols, which include:

  • L2TP/IPSec
  • IPSec
  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv2

And two different connection types which can be used along with OpenVPN:-

  • TCP
  • UDP

Free Smart DNS

It’s an advanced feature that BulletVPN offers which let’s you access content which has been blocked at your location by the government or Internet censorship.

Websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC, etc can be streamed seamlessly even if they are blocked at your location once you’re on a BulletVPN server.

1 Plan for 3 Devices

Every account can be connected to as many as 3 devices at the same time, hence offering you a complete anonymity solution on all your devices at no extra cost.

Unlimited Features

BulletVPN doesn’t measure, monitor or limit most aspects of your VPN connection unlike other VPNs, it let’s you have unlimited:

  • Speed: You get the same speed from the first to the last day of your plan, there is no limit of any kind.
  • Bandwidth: What we loved most about BulletVPN is the fact that it doesn’t limit our bandwidth either. You can browse the Internet without any limit on any plan and the bandwidth is never exhausted.
  • Server Switching: Not happy with the current IP address? Change it, we literally changed our IPs over 50 times just to verify this feature, and yes they do offer unlimited server switching, which let’s you change your IP address as many times as you wish.

Doesn’t Keep any Logs

No, any VPN which keeps a log isn’t anonymous in the actual sense, so BulletVPN has clearly stated that they do not keep any kind of logs which can be traced back to you.

How much does BulletVPN Cost?

BulletVPN is comparatively cheaper compared to most other VPNs we’ve come across. Especially taking into consideration the features which its laden with:

Their plans are as follows:

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime

  • $7.50/month (Billed $89.98 for 12 months).
  • $9.16/month (Billed $54.96 for 6 months).
  • $10.98/month (Billed every month).

So the cheapest plan gets to be as low as $7.50/month for all that anonymity and security, we personally feel it’s a steal-deal and that’s the reason we thought it was a good idea to get this BulletVPN review published and share our experience.

How can you Pay?

BulletVPN allows a number of payment options including:

BulletVPN Review - Most Advanced VPN, Access Anything on the Web Anytime


  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin (so your identity remains safe!)
  • E-wallets / Banktransfers etc.


BulletVPN is a VPN which is offering a lot of features, at a fraction of the price which actually costs with other VPNs in the industry.

We can rate it 5/5 for an overall performance, considering all the factors and features. Although we would be happy if it added some more countries to the list.

The fact that all the plans come with a 340-day moneyback guarantee is an added bonus, so you get a lot of time to test them on their claims before actually buying it which is a good thing.

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