Points To Consider while buying dining furniture

Buying dining furniture can be confusing as they differ not only according to price, but also functionality, shape, seating, finishing, material and upholstery material. Only careful planning and well thought out decisions result in buying the correct set for your home. To make this decision easier, you can refer to the options given below for dining tables & sets at Urban Ladder.

The Size of the Table

The size selected varies according to the number of people who are seated at the table at any given time. Two points have to be kept in mind before making the final decision. Total number who sit at the dining table regularly for example for lunch or dinner, including family members or others. In this case, it can be a non-extendable or extendable table of any size that is economical. If entertaining is a regular feature of the household with guests being invited often for luncheons, dinner parties or other celebrations, then a larger table or an extendable table is worth considering.

Shape of the Table

Dining Tables are of different shapes. They are rectangular, square and circular. Circular and square tables are small and seat a maximum of four persons, while rectangular tables can accommodate at least six to eight persons. A number of important factors have to be kept in mind while selecting the table shape including shape, size and location of the room where it will be placed.

Seating requirements and Options of Seating

Requirements for seating are intimately linked with and have an important bearing on the selection of the size and shape of the dining table and seating options consisting of dining chairs and benches.

Material and Upholstery Material

Dining tables, chairs and benches are made of different materials. For tabled these include pure wood, glass, treated wood, a combination of glass and wood, while for chairs and benches pure wood, treated wood, metal, and any combination of them. Upholstered dining chairs and benches are available and upholstery materials used include cotton and fabric.


This refers to tables with storage options and extendable tables. The storage option is useful and convenient as it allows for regular use items to be kept with the table itself, thereby reducing wastage of precious time and energy in having to bring those items from a storage area located a certain distance away. Extendable tables provide the option of increasing the seating capacity as and when needed and considerably lessens the hassle of having to rearrange furniture whenever a significant number of guests are invited.


This refers to the choice of a dark to light shade colour finish.

The Cost

The cost can range from anywhere between eleven thousand rupees and ninety-eight thousand rupees.

The Final Decision

Dining furniture, therefore, makes or breaks any room. It even has the capacity to enhance the beauty of a carefully planned, well-designed and well-decorated room. Thus the final decision is crucial and has to be made while keeping all the options in mind.

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