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Common SEO Mistakes In Blogging and Solution to Avoid Them

Hey guys how are you today I am sharing here a very important part of Blogging, SEO which is the most important part of Blogging and every blogger or webmaster have to follow SEO to get more ranking and authority. SEO is the way to get more traffic from search engines and it also helps to get more authority. With the help of SEO you can build audience and get loyal readers for your blog. Almost every blogger knows the value of organic traffic because it pays more than other traffic. But if your site’s SEO is not good then you won’t able to drive traffic from search engines means organic traffic will not come to your site. In a day many website registered for the different different niches and who do perfect SEO beat everyone and who don’t do proper SEO loss the race. So SEO is most important part if you want to rank your blog/website.

Almost every blogger in these days do SEO of their blog by learning from other websites. But do you know sometimes we blindly follow these strategies or follow in wrong way. Because we aren’t aware from the methods so our start losing the ranking and traffic even after SEO. So guys for your more help in SEO I am here with an awesome article. In this article I will share an Infographic on Common SEO Mistakes In Blogging and Solution to Avoid Them. Yes with the help of this Infographic you will able to understand the mistakes and also solution of these mistakes are given so you can start now work on SEO of your blog. Read the Infographic Carefully and Avoid SEO Mistakes and start the proper SEO now.

Common SEO Mistakes and Solution to Avoid Them (Infographic)

Common SEO Mistakes In Blogging and Solution to Avoid Them


So guys these are the Common SEO Mistakes which almost every blogger made but I have also shared the Solution to Avoid Them in this Infographic. So guys follow it and see the results and also share it with others.

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I am small Blogger from India and I am blogging since 2012 and I love to share stuff related to Blogging, Technology, Internet, SEO and also post reviews about some products.


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  • Hello,

    Well, Greatly described points about SEO mistakes, we make or have made in our past.

    When it started my career in blogging, the only thing I know, was writing article and building links, but majority of my articles were full of keywords and the links I was building was just spam links with optimized anchor texts.

    Also, I was not aware of internal links important, but with time everything has improved and these days, I rarely make any SEO mistake.

    But, still a huge number of newbies are making these mistakes and I sadly say, that they are wasting their valuable time.

    So, considering this, a brilliant post written, it will help many out there, searching for this.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hii Rubel,

      Thanks for coming and share your thoughts on this post. I am very happy and feeling good that you found this article useful. Keep visiting and share this article with others 🙂