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How To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs (Video)

Hello guys here I have something big for you all. Yes today I am sharing about How To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs. In WordPress a plugin can be used to create social content locker, but in blogger you have to place some codes. Which is not easy task, so here i will let you know How You can Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs easily.

As we know Blogger is a very best and free platform to start work online. Blogger is fully owned by google and it has a lots of features but limitations too. On Blogger we can create a blog for free and also can make money from it. Blogger and WordPress, there are too popular platform in market. On WordPress we can use self hosted website and wordpress has lots of amazing plugins. But blogger don’t have plugin option, we can direct add html and javascripts code in our template to use the features. Today you will learn here How To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs.

How To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs (Video)

What Is Social Content Locker and Why We Use It?

Well you really want to know what is social content locker?  Social Content Locker allows you to lock a selected part of your post to get some social shares from visitors. It will be unlock when a user click on social share buttons (Faceboo, Twitter, Google+) which are appearing on Content Locker. When they click on any one of these buttons the locker will disappear and user can see the locked data. And you will get more Likes,Tweets or Google+ and it will also help to rank your blog.

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Every blogger put social sharing buttons on his/her blog or website, but do we get social shares? The answer is no off course, only a little amount of users clicks on share buttons. This is not their fault, we have to gave them a reason to share or like our content. So this content locker do this task for us. Create social content locker today and get more traffic on your post. Because social sharing also help us to rank.

Steps To Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs

In wordpress you can use plugin to create a social content locker, but in Blogger there is no such plugin to create a social content locker. So this tutorial will help you to Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogspot. This content locker is very stylish and cool and it will suit to your website. So lets start the tutorial.

  • First you need to Login, into your blogger account and goto template section.
  • Here click on Edit HTML button and find </head>
  • Copy the above given code and paste it before the </head> tag in html section.
  • Copy this above code and paste this code after </head> tag. Don’t forget to change the urls with yours. Replace the bold urls with yours.
  • This is only one time setup and you don’t need to do it again and again. It works like a plugin 🙂 After pasting and changing the urls save the template.
  • You can change the theme with these names. Replace dandyish with below-given names and choose which theme you like.






How To Add Social Content Locker In Blogger Post

You have setup all the css and javascripts. Now you only have to do this single step. You have to add this code every time you when you want to lock your content. This code works only after the successful installation of above given steps.

  • To add the social content locker in your blogger post copy the below given code in the HTML section of your body and replace with your content.
  • Replace full – Add The Content Here Which You Want To Lock – with your content, image, video or whatever you want to lock beside this content locker.
  • After this publish your post and see the magic. You have successfully added the Social Content Locker In Blogger Blog.

Video For Create a Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogspot

I also created a video on this method you can watch it here.

You can download these code in notepad from here. Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogspot

Over To You

So guys that’s the method to Create Social Content Locker In Blogger Blogs. I have tested this locker and it works fine and any problem  not appeared while locking the content. But if you face any problem then feel free to contact me or you can leave a comment below. But if it works then share this post with your friends and help me to get more visitors 🙂 you can also like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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