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How to Detect AdBlock Users on WordPress Blogs

Hey, are you blogger or have a website from which you want to earn money? But if many of your blog’s visitors have installed the AdBlock extension then you can’t earn money. Do you want to detect AdBlock users who visited your blog? Then here I will teach you how you can Detect AdBlock Users on your WordPress blog.

As I guess all Bloggers knows what is AdBlock. But if you don’t know then I want to tell you that AdBlock is a plugin/extension which disables the ads appearing on any Website and it helps people to surfs the internet without ads. But you know if no one see your ads then you can’t earn. So this extension is good for users but not for bloggers. If a AdBlock user will see your website then he can’t see your ad and it will affect your earning.

How to Detect AdBlock Users on WordPress Blogs

So I have a solution for this, you can’t show the ads to them if they install this extension but you can humbly request them to remove the AdBlock from your blog only or make your website white list. Yes I know this is very difficult to request someone, but if you want to earn good amount then you have do this. But you don’t have to request every user one by one. I want to tell you that if you will request them and tell them about the problem which comes with this extension then they will sure enable the ads for your blog.

Way To Detect AdBlock Users On WordPress Blog

So guys here I am sharing very simple steps to Detect AdBlock Users and you have to follow them and have to say your readers to white list your blog. So they can see the ads on your website and help you to earn money.

  1. First sign in to WordPress and navigate to Dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins -> Add New and find Ad Blocking Detector.
  3. You can also open this link to download Ad Blocking Detector directly and then you can install it on WordPress.
  4. After the installation, create a shortcode or you can also edit the existing code of the plugin. You can see here how you can create or edit the shortcodes. Ad Blocking Detector Installation
  5. After this you have to click on Save Shortcode.
  6. Here you can also find additional settings, but this is up to you if you want to edit them. These settings are about styling of the shortcode.
  7. If you have done these steps then, you’re done and now you can Detect AdBlock Users and say them to unblock your website/blog.

Final Words

My dears readers, this was the tip to Detect AdBlock Users. Is this helpful, yaa i know this is helpful because it can help you to earn more. Many other bloggers are also using this, and it also have been proven helpful way for those bloggers.

If you have any issue or question regarding this, then I am here to help you. I will come again with some other hot tricks and tips about blogging soon. So stay connect us and don’t forget to join on Facebook and also subscribe us to get latest updates in your inbox.

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