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How To Earn Money By Shortening URL –

Are you a blogger? Are you also want to make money online? Are you also want to make easily money? Then Why Don’t You Use Shortening URL Method? Then I have a unique method for you. This is common that everyone want to got approved from adsense but this is so tough and sometimes we fails to get approved after so many attempts. In that case some decide to quit blogging but if your site is getting good number of visitors then there are many more websites which pays a very good amount for clicks or visits. Yes I know Adsense is best but other are also good.

How To Earn Money By Shortening URL -

Everyone loves to make money by spending nothing. This method which I am sharing is superb and work for all, means bloggers and also non-bloggers can use this method to earn money online. On internet not only blogger but also a random guy can make money.

If you are thinking that you don’t have knowledge or you are not a blogger etc etc just stop thinking and read this article. You will learn that you are also eligible to use this method to fill you bank.

As we know almost every person have an account on social media sites and spends hours daily on internet just for fun basis. This is true fact that every single person spend atleast 1 hour online doing nothing. In this free time you might simply surf the internet for random search or scroll down your facebook newsfeed or by watching videos on YouTube. But if I say that you can earn money online in that time??

Yes, you are not required to have any knowledge of writing article, fill survey or ad clicking. But this method is so interesting and you will enjoy this method very much and you will get good amount every month in your bank.

The method is called Shortening URLs , means just short URLs, share it and make money simple.

Shortening URL Method To Make Money Online

Method of Shortening URL is always a method to make money from internet and many peoples are making money from this method already. Some peoples are also here who makes 100$ in a day by just shortening urls.

About: is European site which is based on link shorten tool and it allow us to short a long url in small url and also pays us when anybody visit this link. This site is very great, trustful and best link shorten website which I am sharing here and according to website there are OVER 3,00,000 EARNING USERS on this site. Below I am pointing some best features.

  • Minimum Payout of 5$ threshold.
  • For some countries gave best rates as 12$ per 1000 views.
  • Multiple withdraw ways – Paypal – Webmoney and Payoneer.
  • Best tools to maximize your earning.
  • Also can monetize blog comments.
  • Referral Program To Increase Earning.
  • Ads are always high quality.

How To Earn Money By Shortening URL?

Well you can search anywhere for Best Link Shortening URL Site on internet and you will get this site on first. Below I am sharing the methods for both Non-Blogger and Bloggers to Make Money Online by shortening urls.

As I know this will be the first question that How Can I Start To Make Money From This Tool. First you have to signup means have to create an account on After this you will able to access the features by this site.

When you will login you will find a box on top “Shorten URL and Get Paid” . In this box paste the link which you want to share with your friend. After pasting click on Shorten link and it will provide a short link as shown in below image. Copy this link and share this link with others and you will get paid for every single visit.

How To Earn Money By Shortening URL -

Isn’t it simple? Well don’t end here I will tell you more about this.. 😛 🙂 

Tips To Make 10-15$ From Shortening URL in a Single day

Well as I said above that I will share the method for both non-bloggers and blogger. I am dividing ways in 2 parts. So you can easily understand it and apply this to earn via shortening url. So guys scroll down and learn to earn money by shortening service.


This method is for those who don’t know about blogging and use internet only for fun basis. But believe me if you use this method then you can earn a lot of money from internet and you will never ask your parents for money 😛 But it is true that it will take a little bit time to make to get the better result but still it is best way. Below read it.

  1. I know you use Facebook so join large and active groups on Facebook. You can use your original or fake account for this purpose. After joining start promoting amazing and interesting posts like interesting offers, funny images, viral videos etc. But don’t forget to use the shorten URL method. Always use catchy captions or descriptions to get more visits.
  2. Whatsapp user? Share links on Whatsapp? Yes, then start sharing the shorten url in groups on Whatsapp.
  3. You can also join Facebook pages, Twitter Profiles or on other social websites but make sure to always create short url first and then share.

For Bloggers

These are methods for those who are bloggers and every blogger can understand it better that how this system works and pays. So you can better make money from this method. But I am sharing some more tips to increase revenue.

  1. You can use the referral program to make more money and you will get 20{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} commission from your every referral person.
  2. If you owned a Blogspot site and use comments then has a script and with this script all your comments will be monetize. Means your comments will also pays you 😀 You can get this script under tools -> earn on blogspot comments. This is only 2 minutes process p
  3. Every single blogger use social share widgets, and if you also use then replace this with social widget and it will also pays you. In that widget all links will shorten and you will be paid for each visit. So when anybody share your article you will get money for that 😀
  4. Do you spend time to share your article on social media sites? Oh sorry every blogger does :p So why you don’t try to share shortened urls on social media site? If you have a good social reach then it will fill your bank.
  5. Have you any blog or website which receives too many clicks then why don’t you convert all links with shortened links. Yes a simple script will convert all your link and this script is in Tools->Website Monetization tab.

Well these ways are enough to make money as a blogger from shortening url method. If you think I missed some points then you can told me by commenting below. I will add it here.

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So guys as I know these are the ways for non-bloggers and blogger to make money from shortening url. You can also use your brain and idea to implement on this and make more money. Just work smart and you will get good response but be sure you are not overdoing this. Always do this in limit and be happy and rich 😛 Share your thoughts in comments..

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