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Complete Guide On Event Based Niche Blogging

Hello, I am back after a long time with a very useful information. I am damn sure you know or already listen about the event based niche blogging. As in these days Event Blogging is very famous and everyone is trying their hands in event blogging, maybe you also tried or planning to try. Therefore you are here 🙂 because by doing event based blogging you can earn four $$$$ figure earning in just 2-3 days. Event based niche blogging is biggest source of earning online but only a blogger or event blogger knows the difficulties. This is not that much easy as it sounds because competition in this field is too much high and also Google is specially hitting the event bloggers.

This is not so easy but not so much hard means it all depends on your hard work, dedication and also luck :p . Because Google can hit anytime without any notice but if luck is with you then you will be safe. In event blogging you may start a blog near around 1 month but as Google is strict now days you may start the blog 4 months before the event and start building backlinks. Wait I am sharing a complete guide on event based niche blogging below to make it more understandable. Start reading the post carefully now and learn “What Is Event Based Niche Blogging”, “How To Build Backlinks For Event Blog” and “How To Make Money From Event Blogging”.

So now I think we should start and I want to suggest you to read it carefully 🙂

What Is Event Based Niche Blogging?

May be you already know or not but for the newbie I want to tell about What is Event Blogging. So guys Event based blogging is mainly target a day/event/holiday/festival or some other important dates and it receive a large number of traffic on these days. These days/holidays are like new year, Mother’s Day , Friendship day, Valentines day, Christmas Day etc etc. But let me clear a blogger don’t create an event blog to provide information because main motive of these blogs are only money.

Event Based Blogs ranks on the event day and makes a large amount of money. It mainly help those who want to make money in short period of time. Yes, it generates a large amount of money even me too earn $500 with only 1 month of my hard work. But to earn money from event based niche blogs you have to take care of it like your child 😛 means there are many facts which you have to follow to be safe from the penalty. You mainly have to spam on the web with your link all over the internet and by this you will generate good authority and backlinks to your site. Let me share below, How To Build Backlinks For Event Based Niche Blog?

Be honest to make backlink there are so many ways by which you can boost your event. But you have to mainly focus on dofollow backlinks because they passes the link juice. Also auto-approve backlinks are mainly target by the bloggers in this blogging. Because nobody can wait for the approval of a backlink and then for index process of it. So better is create backlinks on the auto-approve and dofollow blogs. Main process of building backlinks for event blogs is just find auto-approve and dofollow blogs and spam them as much as you can but smartly. All we know there are two types of link dofollow and nofollow and we need both type of backlinks to maintain the ratio. Everyone knows that backlinks gave boost to event blogs but nobody knows how to find the sources to make backlinks for event blogs. I usually used these below sharing methods which gave instant boost to my event blog’s ranking and also increase referring domains/root domains. So see below the methods to get backlinks for event based blogs.

#1 Use

I am suggesting a tool not this will not build backlinks automatically but it will help you to find dofollow and auto approve blogs. On these blogs you can get backlinks and this tool also helps to get backlinks from .edu and .gov, CommentLuv enable blogs, IntenseDebate blogs and KeywordLuv sites. Just open the website and enter your keyword and in the second box select any option and then select search now.

#2 Steal Backlinks

Hmm, you read it right you can steal the backlinks of your competitor or any other website which is ranking on your keyword. On the internet you can get so many tools to get the list of competitor’s backlink but people mostly used Ahrefs or Semrush. But to get the full list you have to buy their membership but if you want to get the reports for free then you can use to get the backlink report but this is a limited tool as it can provide 1000 backlinks report in a day.

As finding backlink with auto-approve and dofollow option is very difficult but by using this awesome tool you can get the list of your competitor’s backlinks which are auto-approve and dofollow. So by their hard-work you can take advantage. I am suggesting for those who don’t want to spend money but if you can spend money then go for ahrefs. See below how to use this tool.

#1. Go to

#2 Find the blogs which are ranking for your niche or which already ranked for the previous event. Collect near around 2-6 blogs which received good amount of traffic during the event. As you can search new year 2017 or something like that which passed recently.

#3 Now in the box of tool paste the url and click on Analyze Backlinks button. It will start getting backlinks like shown below.

Complete Guide On Event Based Niche Blogging

#4 After analyzing it will gave you a report like that and in the left sidebar you can see the source from where he got the backlink and in the right sidebar the url and anchor text for which he got the backlink.

#5 Just click on the left sidebar link and make you backlink with anchor text or in the form they accept. Make as much as backlinks you can via this tool oh sorry spam as much as you can 😛

#3 My Response Is On My Own Website Backlinks

Well this is the one of superb and great ways to get high pr, instant approve and dofollow backlinks for your event blog. But using these backlinks can also bring the Google penalty so better is that make response backlinks near around 9 or 10 days before the event.

How you can make response backlinks? You just simply have to search My Response is on my own website in google and it will show you the blogs and then you can create your backlinks on these blogs.

But wait this is not that easy as after creating few backlinks white screen comes or an error comes. This happens because these sites automatically block the IP to avoid the spam. But as we need these backlinks I have solution for that too as you can use any IP changer extension or Tor browser. Also don’t create the backlink for a single post and a single keyword. Always change the url and keyword after 2-3 backlink while creating response backlinks. You can also use shorten urls to make backlinks which will also helps to rank.

Update: As I told earlier Google is very strict and that’s the reason the sites which was using My Response Is on my own website now start giving nofollow backlink. So these links now not passing the link juice but still these links can help as nofollow backlinks are also important for site’s SEO and these backlinks will help you to maintain the ratio of between links. Means build 80{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} dofollow backlinks and 20{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} nofollow backlinks with this method, and your event will rank for sure.

#4 Directory Submission

One of the best way to get backlinks quickly and also from the relevant source is directory submission. Finding directories and getting backlink from them is not that easy but if you have instant approve directories then you can get good number of backlinks from them. I shared the list below and you can get the backlinks from these directories for free.

High PR Article Directory Submission Sites in 2017

Also you can use the reciprocal directories which you can found from the other event blogs which done their event. Go to these events and in the footer or right sidebar you can get those directories. Just simply go to these directories and place your url.

But make sure you have place reciprocal link from those sites to your event blog. Because by this you will get the backlink quickly. Always do directory submission in limit as you can submit in 7 directories in a day and make sure you started the submission before 15 days of event it will give boost to your event.

#5 Forum Posting By Signature

You know about Forums na? Forums are the best, great and quick way to get powerful backlinks. Mostly all blogger avoid this step because you have to work hard to get the backlink from forums. But believe me only 15-20 backlinks via signature from forums are very powerful and you will see the result. So also use forum posting and get backlinks via signature.

Last and super way to get backlinks

#6 Sitewide Link From Another Blogs

This way is very powerful but risky too. But sitewide links are one of the best way to rank more higher then others on search engines as it can gave you 1000 or more backlinks in just a single day. Sitewide links are those backlinks which we get from another blog via sidebar or footer. Suppose if your website have 500+ articles and your site’s DA,PA and PR also good, then 1 link from that site will be counted as 500+ backlinks. Because you will get backlink from each and every single post from that blog.

Sitewide links are quick way to boost your ranking but finding those blogs is not that easy. As after the Google updates many bloggers avoiding it, but you can buy gigs on fiverr or seoclerk.

Or you can also ask the owner of blog via message or if you are connected with other bloggers or have any blogger group on facebook then ask them directly.

How To Make Money From Event Based Niche Blogs?

So guys after completing the list of ways to get backlinks for event blog now the question comes how can i made money from event blogging? If you are a blogger then you will surely know that we have to monetize the content with ads to make the money for which Google Adsense is best platform. Also Read Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily. If your event start ranking on search engine then you can monetize it with ads and make money from it. But don’t be fast as you may place the ads on event blog before 1 or 2 days before the event day. Sometimes google adsense ban our account so you can also use other platforms which are:

  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA offers

But these networks don’t pays much so adsense is first choice for all. 🙂

Final Words

So guys I have completed the guide on event blogging all you have to follow these steps. All these ways will help you to get the dofollow backlinks but make sure you also make nofollow backlinks to maintain the ratio and to avoid the google penalty. Event  Blogging is really fun and best way to get rich in no time.

Found this article useful then share it with others because sharing is caring. Also comment if you have any query then feel free to ask, I will come with the answer. 🙂

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