Everything You Need to Know About SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is something that all businesses and website owners should use to increase web traffic and increase awareness of their business. However, many business owners shy away from SEO because they feel intimidated by it or worry that it will take too much time and effort to implement it. There is a huge misconception about SEO being extremely complex or difficult to do, when in fact it is just the opposite. There are many basic SEO strategies you can do on your own, or you can hire a SEO specialist to help you. Here’s what you need to know about SEO to increase your web traffic and tap into the goldmine of potential customers already on the web.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO


Start by Determining your Strategy

There are two ways to approach SEO – you can either target broad, general keywords that will be searched frequently, or you can target very specific keywords and phrases to attract a specific audience. Both strategies can be effective, it just depends on what type of business you’re looking to attract. For a localized niche business, it’s generally more effective to target specific keywords – the “long tail” strategy – whereas national or global companies with a broader range of content will do better to focus on a variety of very common terms to drum up more interest. If you want to go with specific keywords, start figuring out what your target audience is searching, and more importantly, who they are in the first place. If you want to go for quantity instead, work with your Miami SEO Company to create a list of keywords that will drive your views up.

Breadcrumb Navigation is Key

Google likes simple sites and URLs that are easy to understand, so if your URLs and navigation are unnecessarily complex, chances are your site will be overlooked. An easy way to make your site more visible is to develop bread crumb navigation. This is an easy navigation trail that starts from the home page and moves to more specific pages. This not only makes it easier for your site’s visitors to find what they are looking for, but it also helps Google know what your page is about and improves your rankings in relevant searches. For example, a restaurant website’s bread crumb navigation might look something like this: Home > Menus > Brunch Menu, and it would be reflected in the URL. This will help a site show up in a search for menus. Don’t add unnecessary words or phrases if at all possible, as this will make your site harder to find and lower your ranking.

Make Sure Pages Titles and Headings are Optimized

Each page title on your site should reflect the keywords your potential viewers or customers are searching. Google looks at page titles to determine if the content is relevant to a search, so this small change can go a long way. Putting keywords in headings also makes your site easier to find, and then you don’t have to awkwardly fit keywords into the actual content. Each page title should cleanly incorporate key words, and bolded headings should as well. Don’t add extra words or change them, as this is something else that will make your page hard to find. When publishing articles, always make sure to split them up into subheadings. Not only does this make the article much easier to read, but it also drastically improves your chances of it showing up in a search engine.

Focus on Original Content

The more unique your content is, the more likely it is to rank highly in a search engine. This is because the search engine views original content as more relevant than copied content. Until your site has developed a successful reputation, always share completely original content and keep an eye on anyone who reposts your content. Look at other relevant sites to get ideas and determine what useful information they’re missing. This is what you want to focus on, because it will provide more use to readers while establishing you as an authority source in Google’s eyes. If you’re not a good writer, it may be a good investment to hire a freelance blogger online who can seamlessly incorporate your SEO keywords into the content of your page.

Get other Sites to Link Back to Yours

If many other sites link back to your site, Google will consider your site an “authority” and rank your page higher. SEO specialists have a variety of complex strategies they use to get link-backs, such as creating networks by purchasing old domain names. However, authentic links to your site are the best way to gain traction online and improve your SEO ranking. There’s no easy trick to getting other sites to link to you, so focus on producing great content and networking with relevant sites and social media pages to increase awareness. Over time, your search engine rankings will improve, and readers will stay for the great content you’ve produced.

SEO is Absolutely Critical to your Company’s success on the Web.

With the sheer number of websites out there, your company will need to do something to stand out and compete. A talented SEO strategist or freelancer can help you determine which strategies are best for your needs and start driving traffic to your site quickly. If you’ve never worked on SEO before, it’s important to have the help of a professional when you first start. Not only do they know the most effective strategies for driving traffic to your site, but they can also help you understand these strategies better so you can incorporate them into content on your own.

However, the best way to drive traffic to your site is to have the best content possible. There are no shortcuts to SEO – it can only enhance what you already have. You’re an expert in your field, so show it off by creating content that’s new, different, and solves your readers’ problems. When great content is combined with SEO, that’s when you’ll get the best results.

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