How To Get Breaking News Notifications On Your Smart Phone?

Time is changing very fast and if you are not following the trend then it will leave you behind and you will really face issues in your future life. It’s technology world and so many things have been changed till now people are getting evolved and these new technology stuff really helping them to understand the world in better way.

Have you seen people always looking into their phones? Have you ever thought what they might be doing on their phone for such a long time? Let me tell you. They are all getting notified every single second about the most current news.

How To Get Breaking News Notifications On Your Smart Phone?

Oh but isn’t the news shown on the TV at a specific time? Well, the time has changed when people have transformed from letter writing to electronic mails, and the newspapers have turned into news applications on their phones.

Now these days no one see Tv for too long as they all have smartphones and they can do lots of things on the smartphone instead of Tv. They can get the updates faster then Tv channels and also without doing any thing. Means they don’t even need to search for the news as the latest news will be delivered to their phone automatically.

But how is it possible that they get to know that there is a news update?

This feature is called notifications.

Notification is nothing but an alert given to you through a text or a ringtone or simply a vibration. You can customize your preference by going to your setting icon and set it according to your likes.

By keeping smartphone alerts, you choose the easiest way to keep up with the latest news in town or country. There are several apps which help you to do this which was not possible two decades ago.

As time changes we too need to change with it and adopt various changes in and out. News and information alerts have been most alerts for personal communication alerts and social network alerts.

How To Get Breaking News Notifications On Your Smart Phone? How To Get Breaking News Notifications On Your Smart Phone?

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Even after you have chosen the right news app for your news updates your smartphone will still have something extraordinary to offer you. That is why they charge you so much for a single device. Well, you can consider this as a cherry on the cake.

Of course, if the notifications are too personal then you need to sneak into the settings and set your privacy factors.

If you have a Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS software it will have built-in tools for keeping you updated on the current affairs. You can prioritize the preferred story you are interested to know. If your phone pops up with something unusual all you have to is cancel it from the reading list.

You may wonder why and how the phone knows your choice exactly? this is not a glitch, it’s a programme by which Google knows your likes by your recent search history.

If you have already customized your settings to receive breaking news notifications on your phone then you are smart.

How To Get Breaking News Notifications On Your Smart Phone?

According to a study in the University of Texas, it is found that the average number of alerts one receives in a day is 10 alerts per day. Amongst them, Many have complained to have received the most irrelevant content on their personal device. Most of them feel it is completely unnecessary to have notifications on the phone.

Only 23{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} smartphone users in the UK accept the notifications when they are given a choice. Whereas in Taiwan 44{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} smartphone users accept the notifications when offered. Most of the notifications related to gaming and shopping are chosen over other general notifications.

There have been many cases where the users have uninstalled many apps because of the number of notifications it has to offer in a day which completely interferes with the normal working of a smartphone for a user.

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