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Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily: Google Adsense, Is the world’s No. 1, popular, trustful, faithful and fastest way to make money online. Yes if you are a good writer, singer, cooker or etc. then you can make money online, if you have any type of interesting talent then you can buy a domain name and start posting your content online and can make money from this by monetizing it. Google Adsense is world’s most used and trustable ad network by which you can monetize your own content and it will start giving you a huge money. But as the population is increasing competition is also increasing and every one is starting the business online. As the Google Adsense is trusted by so many Advertiser and Publisher they never accept the application instantly or without reviewing. They don’t accept the request of any new comer instantly as they first analyze his/her work perfectly and then thy think about approval. From the past 4 to 5 months competition in blogging line increases a lot and every newbie know about Google Adsense. So they apply for the adsense but as usual they got disapproved as they don’t follow the guidelines.

Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

According to the reports over the 1000 application Google Adsense team approved only 5-6 application each day according as per the quality of the website. But if you also get disapproved or thinking to apply then follow these guidelines which I am going to share. I have recently started a new blog and with just 4-5 quality articles and in just 4 days I got Google Adsense approval. I didn’t used any trick or other shit methods, as I followed some simple strategies and Google Adsense gave me the access to use their service and make money online. However you can see’s ads on this blog as it’s giving me more money as compared to adsense. I also used adsense on this blog but adsense didn’t work great for me. I used and getting good amount. I will also post about soon so stay tuned.

Coming back to adsense, If you followed these guidelines carefully then you will also get google adsense approval and I have also gave guided so many other people in my friend list and others too and 90{cba0bfe4f407303407481c88d8040f2c35105b8791176106e6e986a2b200e878} of them received the approval message from Google Adsense. So read carefully the below points and follow them and get your non-hosted fully approved Google Adsense account too.

Simple Ways To Get Google Adsense Approval in Few Days

Wait! wait wait, don’t become greedy as before applying for the Google Adsense you have to followed some rules and guidelines strictly as now these days Google is very very strict towards publishers. Because mostly bloggers started spam the world and also they are playing with Google Adsense rules. Believe me it is true, but Google hate these type of peoples. So never play with Google because Google is smarter then you 😉 . So without applying make sure your site match with these all mentioned and required points. Never compromise with the cool and simple design, number of articles and article length, quality of article and website and some other metrics, but if you then my friend you are raising the chances of disapproval. So guys be friendly and honest with your blog and follow these 13 ways to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily For A New Created Blog.

13 Ways To Get Google Adsense Approval Easily

Here i am sharing some required steps which Adsense moderators always check before approving an adsense application. If your blog meets with these requirements then it will be easy for you to get approved. As per the official news by Google Adsense countries like China and India have to owned the blog near around 6 month before applying the Adsense but as many of people from these countries even me :p getting approved in first month or in just few days. The only important thing is “Quality” and with the power of this you can get adsense approval in no time. So start working on blog’s quality and generate some visitors and you will get approval in few days for sure.

Domain Age and Quality

According to the Google in some countries they don’t provide the Adsense account if the website is not 6 months old as you can read here.

In some locations, including China and India, we require your site to have been active for at least six months before it will be considered. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

But as I recently started my blog on and got adsense approved in just 2 weeks. In first week i started posting quality content and after that i received some good traffic and get fully approved non-hosted adsense account. But as per the adsense policies you have to for 6 months to get the adsense. But if you have TLD (Top Level Domain means custom with .com .net or .org) then you can get the adsense approval in first 2 weeks or less. So always start the online business with custom domain. You can read my guide about How To Setup Custom Domain On Blogger With or you can also read the full guide about How To Stat A Blog.

Non-Acceptable Niches

There are many type of niches hope you also aware of these niches and as per the study if your website is based on Health, Technology, Business, Insurance, Law, Life Style, Entrepreneurship and Social Media then chances are very high to get the approval for a new non-hosted adsense account. If your website contain any type of non-acceptable or prohibited niche then you might get some serious issues. Read Here more about these niches.

As per the some more experiments if your website is about to event blogging or any micro-niche blog then you’re out of luck. As adsense don’t permit the adsense for any these type of content. As we know these type of niches comes in spam. Suppose if you have created an website just to target a special niche or special date like then it will be counted as spam content which can be rejected by Google Adsense. Because we and Google both know that it is only setup to promote a limited subject so always choose acceptable niches mentioned above.

Content and Articles

After that you have to take care of your blog perfectly as after selecting domain and niches another step is content. As per the pro bloggers, for adsense approval you need 30+ quality articles, but i don’t agree with this. Because when I apply for adsense i have only 5 quality articles. Believe me I am not kidding, There are so many website which are even getting approval with only images or few posts. Also when i applied also don’t have 30+ articles but still I have full approved adsense account. So as per my experience if your blog have 5-10 quality articles with 1200+ words, proper spelling and words, rich content, images, videos and useful information then you can google can approve your application.

But it will be good if you have more then 20+ articles. But make sure all the articles will be useful as per the audience looking for. If your website provides a lot of useful information to other then Google will easily approve your application. Include images and videos in your content as google loves the article which provides information with media. Not only Google we all love to get knowledge from media content instead of reading text. So follow this step too to make your base strong.

Important Pages

Google loves the website which are trustable and he also want to identify you before providing access to Google Adsense account. Yes as per my experience it is also very good to increase chances for approval. So make sure you have the following pages with full details so they can say you are not fraud.

  • About US (As in this page provide the name and address by with you will apply to Google Adsense.)
  • Contact US (This page will help other to contact you)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimers

These four pages are needed and will be created carefully as in these pages you have to tell that who you are, why you make the website and what you will provide others and what will you take from them etc etc. So clear it better and get approval easily for google adsense.

Always Write High Quality Content

“Content Is King” and this slogan can clear all the doubts in one second. A blog which have high quality content will be counted as high quality blog. High Quality Content means a blog post with proper English, images, decoration, uniqueness and post which can gave user the needed information which they want as here I am guiding you about Google Adsense Approval ways. Some people might be say post with 200-250 words will be okay but think how you can explain anything in just 250 words? Agree na that’s why you need to make your content lengthy but I am not saying to providing other then topic information means always wrote about the main topic. Don’t write anything not related to your topic to make it lengthy. You can learn here how to write a good post.

Also i want to stop you to copy content from others, yes Google hates the copied content. You can follow other blogs and get ideas from them but I am not suggesting you to copy their articles. So always write unique articles with proper sentences and make sure your article have more 1000+ words.

Blog Design and Structure

It is also very important step as cool and responsive blog template will make your blog look professional. Blog Structure is also important and make sure your template have header, content area, sidebar and footer etc. Think like visitors not like yourself as by thinking like visitor you can define more and make your blog more attractive.

Choose any cool and fast-loading template with responsive design. Because know many people surfs internet from their smartphone and if your website can’t be fit on their smartphone then you will be lose a big amount of traffic. Also these type of templates helps to make your blog’s look professional and keep in mind “First Impression is The Last Impression”. You can google for fast-loading and responsive templates.

Make Your Blog Post Search Engine Friendly

Ahh! in this step always make your blog post search engine friendly. Yes always do proper ON-Page SEO of your blog post. Always optimize your blog post to make it crawlable. As you in a single day many application goes to Google for adsense and this is not possible to review one by one. So they use their crawler bot to check a website and if your website is not search engine friendly then your application will be rejected. So it is very necessary to make your blog post crawler bot readable.

Before writing an article make sure your blog title is not more then 68 words and not less then 45 words (including specs and commas dots etc). Don’t write meta description more then 155 words as in the google search they can only show 150-155 words. Always use keyword for 4-5 times and don’t stuff keyword in your post. Use h1,h2,h3 tags in post and gave alt text to images.

Submit Blog To Google/Bing and Use Google Analytics

Submit your site to search engines is also a good step and by submitting your site in Google and Bing you can win the trust of Google. It will also gave you profit if you submit your site to Google webmasters as by submitting your can index your blog post fast, can track your website and fix issues. You can add your website in Google Webmasters Tools Here

Also submit your website to Bing Webmasters Tools as it is also a major search engine and used by many peoples. By submitting to them you not only win their trust but also got a good amount of traffic.

Also apart from these sign up for Google Analytic and add the code into your website as it will also make your website more trustable. By this you can also track your visitor report and also block unwanted traffic etc.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Indexed In Google

Before applying first watch is your blog is appearing in Google Search Results. Yes this is required step as before watching anything else first Google bot will check your blog statistics on Google Search Results.

You can check by searching on google like this “” without quotes. If your site is appearing their then you are not blocked else you are blocked.

Visitor and Alexa Are Not Important

Many people said that visitor and alexa rank is very important to get approved for adsense but this is all shit. Yes, without any high range of traffic and good alexa rank you can get adsense account. I also get one by only because of quality content. Yes only quality matters as while reviewing they don’t check visitors and alexa as they have their own rank and visitors is not that important but still you need some traffic to show some impression to them. But still if you want to know how to increase alexa rank then you can click on that link.

But make sure you don’t have any type of adult, copyright content and paid traffic, Google hates it.

Don’t Use Third Party Ads or Programs

If you are going to apply for Google Adsense then first make sure your blog don’t have any type third party ads. Yes as the Google Crawler Bot will review the website and if while reviewing it see any ad network’s ad it will reject the application. So if you have any type of ad on your website remove them and then apply for the google adsense.

I am not saying that you can’t use Google Adsense with other ad networks but think if you already have any ad network program then why they will approve your request. So remove previous ads and then apply after approval you can use them together. I will wrote an article about Best Adsense Alternatives Soon.

Apply Via Root Domain Nor From Subdomain

Some users apply from their subdomain like which is completely wrong. Always apply via as it will be good to get approved.

Custom Domain and Email ID

Some people start blogging from hosted websites like blogger and wordpress platform and from these websites they apply for adsense. But in that case if by chance they got approval that will not be a fully-approved adsense as you can only use these type of adsense on hosted websites like YouTube, .blogspot or .wordpress websites. Keep in mind Google loves custom domain like not . You can buy a domain in very less price click on right side godaddy banner and get domain in few bucks and after spending this amount you can generate massive income. So don’t take any risk and try to apply from a custom domain.

Also email id also matters sometimes not all the time as if you have email id with your domain name then it might be helpful for adsense approval. As [email protected] can make your application acceptable. So try to apply from this type of email id or you can also make an email on your own domain and can apply from it like [email protected]

Right Time To Apply

So guys completed the all requirements? Then it’s the right time to apply for Google Adsense. Make sure you have completed all the steps and these steps will gave a boost to your application 😀 and you will surely get google adsense approval in first try.

How To Apply For Google Adsense

As after 2014 there are many changes comes in Google Adsense and their reviewing process is also changed which I am going to explain here.

  • First Go To Google Adsense Sign Up Page
  • Then Click on Sign In and Sign in with your email and password.
  • Then Enter Your Website Link and Select Language and Continue.
  • Now You Will See A Form Like Shown Below and Here Fill The All Correct Details.

Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

  • Now Click On Submit My Application and maybe google will say for verification so enter your phone number and you will get the verification code.
  • Then a pop-up menu will be open for the acceptation of Terms and Conditions. Read them and Tick of Agree and then click on Accept if you :p

Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

  • Now first step is completed and now you will see the account where earning will be shown $0.00 etc. etc.
  • But wait this is not fully approved adsense account as you have only completed the first step. 😛
  • Yes now adsense start allowing people to add the ad code manually then they verify the website for the fully approved adsense account.
  • Now click on get started button and it will be take you to a page where you can create an new ad unit.
  • Click on New ad unit button on top and make new ad and set name to the ad and select the ad size and click on Save and get code. You will get the code same as shown below.

Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

  • Now copy the code and place it on your website.
  • First they will show only blank ads.
  • Now receive some traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.
  • This will help you to show some impression which can bring approval message.

Over To You

So guys finally I have completed the ways to Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily. If you have any type of question or issue then feel free to ask in comment box. Hope these ways will work for you just like worked for me. Do let me know if worked and if you enjoy these article and found useful then please share it with others on Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites so they can also take advantage. Thanks for coming 🙂

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Harry Goyal

I am small Blogger from India and I am blogging since 2012 and I love to share stuff related to Blogging, Technology, Internet, SEO and also post reviews about some products.


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  • These days adsense is not approving the applications based on general technology and health niche blogs.
    If the publishers have already adsense account they they can continue with new blogs related with tech or health. But if you are new and thinking to work with adsense then don't go for tech or health niche, you won't get apptoved and also there is a lot of competition in these niches.
    So better to go for something unique and different.

  • I am not agree with you as i also started this blog recently as you check but competition is very high. But a little hard work + smart work will gave you success. Now these days competition is in every niche. But adsense approved the adsense based on quality not on the niche types. But if you have niche mentioned above then they can approve your application easily. Hope you understand 🙂

  • Hi harry,
    Google Adsense is the best for earning money but the only thing you need to get Adsense account approved is to write unique and quality content. And also the tips you have shared are important too.
    However, thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

  • Hi Harry..!!! I’m happy after reading this articles… This article is help full for me bcoz today I got disapproved my adsence application. Before reading this article I feel sad now I m good… Today I got too much knowledge from this post… Thank you harry for writing useful article for us… 🙂

    • Hello Mohammad welcome to my blog and i am glad that you found that post useful. But sorry for getting disapproved. I think you have recently started your blog. But i would like to suggest you to wait more before applying for adsense. As follow these steps and you will surely get adsense account soon 🙂

  • Indeed a great post about Google Adsense approval.

    Google Adsense is the best advertising network and people love to place adsense ads on their websites. I don’t find any other alternative which can replace Google Adsense.

    But It is also hard to get an approved Adsense account. and I don’t think that there would any exact method by following which we can get adsense approval.

    You wouldn’t believe that I got 2 Adsense account approval with a blog:

    1. Which is few days old.
    2. Having only 8-10 posts.
    3. 0 traffic on that blog.
    4. Not having any single important page like About, Contact or any other.

    Before these 2 approvals, I tried so many times with a blog having all the things like important pages, traffic etc etc But I never get approved with that blog.

    That’s why I believe that there is no any exact method by which we can get approved Adsense account.

    BTW I appreciate your efforts and Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article with us. 😀

    • Hello Brenda,

      I agree with you as there is no exact method for adsense approval but these are the points which i followed and got my adsense account. I started this blog and after 4 days of starting i applied for adsense and got approval message only points I follow was these points which i mentioned here.

      BTW thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  • I think that you have mentioned really some good and trusted Google adsense approval. But i think Infolinks should have taken the first place. But i understand that opinions may differ from person to person. According to me, Infolinks is probably the best adsense alternatives i have ever experienced. It’s true that your experience may differ. But as long as you use Infolinks on your site and you use some good keywords, it is really not hard to earn good income. Infolinks is a highly trusted in-text advertising networks running its business for a long time. There are people who earn thousands of dollars from Infolinks only. You just need a good site with high number of pageviews with good earning keywords. That’s it. The best part is that anyone can join Infolinks with even a small site. They don’t have difficult criteria to approve your sites and it is basically good for beginners. If you run a small site and want to monetize, Infolinks should take the first place of your consideration. Infolinks is truly great at helping even small publishers make money on the internet. Read a complete review of Infolinks. Visit . Hope the review will help you make your decision. However, i must say it’s a good article.

    • Hello Darrin,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I know Infolinks is also good but as per my experience nothing can beat Google Adsense. Because it is the best ad network and it is trusted ad network, and I love it. My experience was bad with infolinks, but I know getting approved for Infolinks, not a big deal. But also earning from Infolinks is also very tough. Google Adsense also pays well as comparing to other networks. But the problem is that now Adsense is very strict and not approving application just like infolinks. So people love the Infolinks, but if we talk about earning then, Google Adsense pays well. But as you said opinions may differ from person to person so you may like Infolinks but for me AdSense works great 🙂 . However thanks for your thought on it.

      keep visiting and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  • Google AdSense still stand out to be the best amongst advertisers but the fact remain getting into AdSense this day is becoming tougher every minutes even the chance of maintaining the account after approval is thin. Many bloggers don’t really depend on AdSense as their source of their online imcome despite the fact it is the best, rather they moved into affiliated and I believed these are what they first put into consideration before they finally take the decision about affilliated product they should join.

    • Yes, you are right now these days bloggers don’t depend on just AdSense as the affiliate marketing pays very good as comparing to AdSense.:) Getting Adsense is very tough but if you get approval then keeping the Adsense safe becomes another problem, so better is that don’t depend on just AdSense.

  • I think, there is no any strategy to get approval from google adsense, including those described in this post. So far I have a niche blog that does not violate our policies adsense, then the average article length of my blog approximately 800 – 1000 words, there is no post that violates AdSense policies, as well as setting up a template that is responsive with good navigation page. And it still getting refused for reasons of “insufficient content”. Do I have to say that adsense too “mysterious” to a blog approval process?

    • Hello Julius,

      May be your blog niche is not suitable for the adsense advertisers to promote their content on your website. Also there may be less number of posts. AdSense is becoming more strict and strict because of spammers and bloggers those who make blogs around a special date or event. There are so many other points which I can’t describe here. But you can also read Google Adsense policies pages to get the ideas what to avoid.

      I am agree with you there is no strategy to get approval from Google adsense. But which are shared by me increases the chances to get approval. Google Adsense keep updating there policies and approval process. So no one can predict the exact method to get approval. Hope you understand now 🙂