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Useful And Working Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

If you want to make money online then Blogging is the best way today as just start a website and increase the traffic of that blog. Then you have to place the ads on your blog and they will pay you to do it. But it is not that much easy as it sounds. Because now these days competition is too high and everyone is trying his/her hands in Blogging. So increasing the traffic of a blog is very hard but if you do proper on page and off page SEO of your blog then you can increase traffic of your website.

SEO is most important and many newbies don’t know about SEO. But they can know here about What Is SEO (Search Engine Optemization). Here I am sharing Useful And Working Ways To Get More Traffic to Website. 

With the mentioned ways you can increase your site’s ranking in search engines like Google and also get more traffic to your website from the search engines. As every one know more Traffic to website, more money will come to you. So here is the Top Useful And Working Ways To Get More Traffic to Website.

Useful And Working Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Top Useful And Working Ways To Get More Traffic to Website

Guys these ways are best ways and these ways are known as Off-page SEO. I am sharing here OFF-Page SEO tips. If you follow these ways then it will help you to increase website visibility in search engines and it will also increase Domain Authority of your website. So here are the Top Working Ways To Get More Traffic to Website. 

#1 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers is most popular as question answer based site and there people asks Questions and other members on this website answer it. Yahoo Answers is Owned by and also it is also known as Yahoo Q&A. Yahoo Answers helps a million of People via Comments and References.

So from this website you can get a huge amount of traffic to your website. Means just make an account on this website and answer their questions. This is my first Recommended and working tip, because it will also help you to index your webpages in Yahoo Search engine.

I want to tell you that Yahoo Answers have a Millions of daily active Visitor and daily users post their millions of questions. There are so many topics on this website and you can search for similar topic of your website’s niche in Yahoo Answers and give perfect solution in your answers and don’t forget to give your website link where the user can get more information about his problem.

#2 Quora

You may hear or already visited this site because Quora is also very famous site now these days and almost contains answer for every query. Same as Yahoo Q/A website this website is also a Q/A based site and having a huge numbers of members who always helps each other by their knowledge.

You can make your profile and get backlink through profile and also via answering other’s questions. Just answer the questions and add the related link to the question but make sure you write a good answer. Don’t comment little content as if you comment only for backlink then quora will disapprove your comment. So write a lengthy comment and then in the end add your link and show you are helping the user via it.

#3 Facebook

How can we forget Facebook, because it has a billions of daily active users and Facebook is number one Social Media site on internet in these days. If I am not wrong then you are also user of Facebook :p Today from child to old everyone have an account on Facebook and these users stay active on pages and groups. They enjoy to read daily news and trends via Facebook and communicates with the world with Facebook. So you can get traffic from Facebook too but you just have to use your brain.

Another thing social media sites also plays an important role in SEO. Not only Social Media sites are free source of traffic but it also helps to increase DA and PA of website. Facebook is best platform to connect more people and find audience for your content. So post daily your website’s post or content on Facebook pages and groups. But don’t spam in groups or pages as Facebook can ban you.

You can create your own page and start posting there. But mostly users active on celebrities pages, so better is post on both places and also join some good group which have more then 1,00,000 users.

You can also do Social Bookmarking of your website: 250+ Best High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016.

#4 YouTube

I know you are thinking YouTube but how? But I am not kidding as YouTube can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. YouTube is on the second number after Google as search engine. YouTube is also owned by Google and it is Best Video Sharing Site and have billions of views per day.

YouTube is third most viewed website in the world, so it can send a good amount of traffic to your website. To get traffic from YouTube you have to create YouTube channel. Now you have to post videos and the topic of the video must be match with your blog. Now place the link of your website in description and also mention the link in video. When a user will watch your video, he will also check your website.

Not only that you can also make money from these videos read here.How To Make Money On Youtube $100 Per Day {Steps}.

#5 Commenting

This is the most used, best, easy method to get traffic, backlinks and authority to your website. Always comment on others website which is related to your website’s niche. By this you will get target traffic and also get more ranking in search engines. It will also improve your Search Engine Performance too because of Google Juice. Don’t Worry about No-follow Backlinks just leave useful comments on high quality websites, because No-Follow backlinks are also important for website, only do-follow backlinks will led to google penalty.

Keep In Mind: Not Comment For Only Traffic By Inserting Only Your URL, Leave a Suitable and Valuable Comment Which Will Be Useful For The Readers. In This Way You Will Get Good Link From Other Website and Also Reputation.

#6 Forum Posting and Commenting

Forum Commenting is a great way to get Do-Follow Backlink as well as Traffic. On forums you can register for free and can backlinks too from the forums. There are many popular Forums like Red Hat Forum, Black Hat World and more. Forums are highly active and people usually use forums to get the answer of their questions. You can search for your topic in forum which is similar to your blog niche and then you can comment on forum’s posts and enjoy the traffic to your Website.

Don’t start spamming from the first day on forums as first you have to make some comments and then you will be able to add links. Some forums provides links through signatures and on some forums you can get backlinks via profile. Just google it and you will get a good list about it.

Final Words

Many Bloggers already know these strategies and most of bloggers use their own methods for SEO and getting traffic. But here I am posting the ways which I know and these are also simple and easy ways to drive massive traffic to your website. If you try these above 6 Killer Off-Page SEO Tips then you will get unlimited traffic to your website.

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