Google Safe Browsing Now Protects From Fake Download Buttons

Good news for the users of Google Chrome as they announced its safe browsing service in their browser which will protect you and your pc from social engineering attacks. Yes on the internet a large number of website with malicious are running and they are using shady fake download buttons and this new Google Chrome feature will protect your from deceptive tactics that try to take you in danger like after clicking these shady fake download buttons something unwanted software installed or they can also stole your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards etc.)

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects From Fake Download Buttons

As most of time you may seen buttons like saying “Your System Is Out Of Date” or “Install Latest Version Of Flash” etc. etc. But all these notifications are fake and these can take you in danger so to make the users safe Google team launched the safe browsing feature which will scan billions of websites daily and flags them if they contain these type of stuff. Whenever if by mistake you clicked on these type of banners or ad it will be flagged and it will also show you warning like above image.

On the official blog of Google Online Security team has posted some examples of these type of ads.

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects From Fake Download Buttons

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects From Fake Download Buttons

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects From Fake Download Buttons

Like in these examples you can see they are saying your system or any software is out of date and also they are referring to install some software to watch stuffs online. But you can’t find that these buttons are totally fake as they are not developed by original developers. So for your protection Google take the step to fight with these all fake shady download buttons.

According to Google,”These buttons seem like they will produce content that relate to the site (like a TV show or sports video stream) by mimicking the site’s look and feel. They are often not distinguishable from the rest of the page.”

Google say that their fight against unwanted software and social engineering is still just beginning and they will continue to improve their service and provide protection and make safe their users online.

Special Note: If your website also contain these type of shit content then Google Safe Browsing will warn their users. And if your site is flagged for containing social engineering content, you should troubleshoot with Search Console. If you feel your site is related to this then watch this page for help.

Source Of This News: Google Online Security Blog

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