How Gaming Can Make You A Better Blogger

In the words of Stephen King, you only need to read a lot and write to become an exceptional writer. Despite wholeheartedly agreeing to his statement, it is fair to preempt that he overlooked how gaming can boost creativity.

It is high time we dispense the connotation that you can be a good writer by only reading a lot. A lot of ignored things like video games can improve your creativity levels if appropriately conspired. It beats my understanding though when some presumed writers allude to not playing games. Fair enough their belief does have a point; the time spent doing something else can be spent on writing. Nonetheless, if most of your time is spent on writing, then it means that you are using your words and leaving out the chance to use other people’s words. This has left you in a dreadful echo chamber, and your opportunity to grow into a renowned writer is very bliss.

Well, how exactly can shooting zombies and decrypting puzzles improve your blogging skills? There is only one way to find out! Here are a few ways how gaming can make you a better blogger.

How Gaming Can Make You A Better Blogger

1. Video Games creates plot holes and clichés for you

Just like any other media forms, video games also have a group of overused tropes. The creativity in video games when deeply looked while playing can help you figure out how to use the same ideas but differently in your writing. You would think that video games are easy to make just as they are easy to play. You would be surprised at how wrong you are. Most people believe playing video games is a complete waste of time because they look easy. They are as sophisticated as some of the technical writings you encounter in your blogging career. The only difference is, it comes as a form of entertainment that will boost your creativity levels. You might be perplexed at what all this has to do with blogging. Well, blogging entails tropes [overused ideas] just like in video games.

2. Emotional Manipulation

Any good writer knows the benefit of emotional manipulation. What is an article or story that does not touch the emotion of the reader in any way? How does maneuvering the levels in these games assist in keeping your thinking brain cells to expand and be creative? Emotional manipulation helps a writer to learn how to draw emotion out of their readers. Your readers won’t have an emotional connection to the antagonist, secondary characters or protagonist not because you expect them to do so. There must be reasons for all the emotions to be enacted and you must give them those reasons through your writing. Many game developers have achieved this connection that when you as a writer come to think of how it is done, you can be an exceptional blogger.

3. Video Games educate you on how to create scenes in your writing

The scenes in all video games are outstanding regarding different scenes that are dramatic, action-packed and adventure. These are precisely the tools every blogger needs to become good writers. In any way, the concept behind good writing is showing rather than telling. The mental imaging is very vital. A reader must understand without even explaining. That is synonymous with gaming. Play great games to improve on writing scenic blogs that will last in the mind of your readers. To expound on your writing curriculum, you can do three things: read great books, watch great movies, and play great video games.

4. You Can Blog about Games

Gaming in itself is a whole new world of entertainment. And believe you me, people love entertainment. Every time and again, gamers will get online in search for hacks, tips, and solutions to problems they experience with their games. Such gamers are much interested in topics such as how to unlock free gems, how to gain extra lives, the best games for kids, the best action games for android, and so on and so forth. If you happen to be running an entertainment blog, you can use your research and writing skills to tap into this market. Blogs about gaming can attract a whole new audience to your entertainment site, which when done right, would increase your site’s traffic. With an increase in viewership, you’ll have to keep on giving new content and updates to your gaming followership. A higher viewership and demand for content would mean more research, reading and writing. All this combined, cascades down to becoming a better writer.

5. You’ll make New Friends

Another good thing with gaming is that it allows you to acquire more friends and new acquaintances. Whether you like playing games with friends in your house or you’re more of an online multiplayer gaming person, you’ll always make new friends who love gaming. Additionally, it is usual for gamers to join online gaming platforms, discussion forums, and social media networks. You can look at this as a hub of inspiration of sorts. After all, new ideas come from people – and if there’s one thing a blogger needs most, its new ideas. Making new friends is a win-win situation not only for bloggers who are gamers, but for any other person out there. The more friends you make as a result of your passion for gaming, the more ideas you can find to blog about.

Let it not be concluded or taken out of context that playing video games will automatically make you a better blogger. If that were the case, believe me right now, I would be selling more than James Patterson. More emphasis should be on how the art can open up more plot holes in your mind, boost your creativity, provide you with new topics to blog about, and improve your social network. It somewhat assists you in thinking out of the box from scratch and reducing writer’s block which is a common creativity hindrance in the writing sphere. It won’t turn you to an outselling blogger overnight. However, it will arm you with a broader sense of creativity.

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