How to Outsource Social Media Professional Services

How to Outsource Social Media Professional Services

You’re right when you made a promise that you’ll give your startup’s social media pages some love. And yes, finally, you realized that maintaining an active social media presence gives you some marketing edge and you have a whole lot potential to shine on public relations, a.k.a. PR. IF. YOU. DO. IT. RIGHT.

Indeed, it’s about time. Managing your social media pages gives you tons of opportunities to grow your business and to keep it within your target market’s radar. You get to manage and maintain your positive online reputation, you can generate leads and sales. It allows you to acquire organic traffic for your company website and blog pages.You’re always in-the-know of the current trends that your target market could be interested in. You can build rapport with the people who love your brand, as well as the individuals who can potentially support your brand in the future. Also, you can publish ads in various media forms.

Commit to Invest on your Social Media Pages as a Marketing and PR Tool

The problem, however, is time. For sure, you understand well that effective social media management for your business isn’t done when you just feel like it, when you feel like you’re in the mood to post something or have some chitchat with your fanbase.

It’s not the same with your personal social media pages that you can just check on to whenever you have free time. Successful entrepreneurs think about their startup’s social media pages as a marketing and PR investment. It’s something you don’t neglect. Rather, it’s like a “farm” you cultivate and grow. It’s a community you strive to manage. Learn more about social media secrets you should know as an entrepreneur.

A lot of us may think: “Because I am the business owner, I should be the one handling my social media pages. If there’s one person who knows my brand too well, that’s none other than me. I was the one who developed it anyway.” Of course, we can agree with that. If you can commit to managing the responsibilities of an expert social media manager, then go for it.

However, most business owners are insanely busy on taking care of the other aspects of the business. They know their brand too well. They have awesome ideas on running digital marketing campaigns. They just can’t commit to it.

Tell you what, doing your social media the wrong way will be hurting your business in the long run. Consumers can’t rely on outdated information, even if they have much interest on your brand. They want replies real-time. If you can’t provide that, they don’t have much patience to wait until you can finally do it. They’d easily turn to your equally awesome peers who have an active social media presence.

So, when you can’t manage your social media, you probably should be thinking seriously about hiring a social media manager, either as in-house or remote worker. But since it’s a crucial role, you don’t hire just anyone who claims that he can do the job. You choose someone whohas solid proof to back his claims.

How to Outsource Social Media Professional Services

Outsourcing Social Media Management

To cut costs, many startups outsource social media management to anyone who can provide quality professional services rather than hiring in-house staff. If this sounds good to you, how can you choose the best candidate for this position?

  1. Test knowledge.

Popular social media sites that entrepreneurs use for their PR and marketing campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and the company blog itself. At the initial stage of getting to know a candidate, you may ask how well they know the popular social media channels these days.

You can even ask which social media channels would be the best to use for promoting your brand and why these channels would be the best fit.

  1. Get to know their experience.

You may ask the candidate to tell you about a time when he was asked to manage a social media page. How did he grow the fanbase? How does he define ‘engagement’? What steps did he take to engage a particular target market? Was the campaign successful? If yes, how does he measure this success? Was he able to generate leads and sales? And oh, don’t hesitate to always ask to review his portfolio of the social media management assignments he had done in the past.

  1. Determine whether there’s solid understanding of the role.

An ideal social media manager takes care of multiple social media pages of a company.He may be asked to come up with an editorial calendar showing topics and pitches of potential content such as articles, videos, and images for the company blog as well as the different social networking sites. He doesn’t only know what content to post but when to post this content as well.

In addition, he should monitor and maintainthe brand’s positive online reputation by carefully analyzing reviews and responding to each of those in a timely manner. There are still many responsibilities that a social media manager should handle. In fact, we can call it as the job role that never sleeps. Your candidate should be able to describe and explain to you all of his responsibilities as a social media manager.

  1. Find out if communication skills are superb.

We know that communication skills are essential in every discipline. But social media managers need to be particularly superb at this. In the first place, they need to build good rapport with your target market. And how do you maintain a great relationship? Yup, through open, honest, and good communication. Check this out for more social media tips for entrepreneurs:

  1. Ask a sample proposed marketing plan for your brand.

Are you being overly demanding on this one? Nope, not really. Don’t you test drive a car and inspect its specs before buying it? So, go ahead, put your candidate to test. Ask if he can pitch in a marketing plan idea and the practical ways he can put it into action. You need to check if he has some creative juices in his blood!

Do you feel like your business don’t have much social media life? It’s about time you find a great social media manager. Trust us, it’s worth your investment.

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