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How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular app which shows the contact details of the unknown person calling you. Yes this app’s database is very large and used and with this app you can find any contact’s detail which you don’t have in your mobile as contact and also can block unwanted calls. This app allows you to search any number in the world for which you want to know. Actually Truecaller get the data fro its users contact book, yes if you have installed this app then it will read all your contact details and store it in their database. So even if you don’t have installed the app but any of your friend or other which have your mobile number as contact have installed the Truecaller then your number will be in their database. You might not aware that for some fixed-line phones Truecaller also shows the address of the landline. I also know that is very bad as no one wants to show their personal information to strangers and Truecaller is doing the same. Truecaller data source is public data as people are giving access to this app to read their phonebook so the got the information about everyone.
How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller
If anyone knows your mobile or landline number then he can easily find the registered address via internet public phonebook or also from Google by entering the number as search. So to be safe you have to remove your number from the database of Truecaller. But keep in mind that if you are using that app then you can’t remove your number from their database. So you have deactivate your account from Truecaller and then you will be able to remove your number from this app.
So be ready to remove Truecaller completely and if you are using this app on iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile then you can follow these below steps.

How To Deactivate Trucaller Account

In the iPhone you first have to open the app then tap the gear icon in the top right corner and here click on About Truecaller  and Scroll down where you will find Deactivate Truecaller click on it.
In the Android first open the app and tap the people icon in the upper left corner here select Settings and then navigate to About and click on Deactivate account.
In Windows Mobile open the app and you will see a three dots at bottom right corner tap on it and thn goto Settings and Help then click on Deactivate account.
So guys in these ways you can deactivate your Trucaller account after that you can start the steps to remove your number from Truecaller. See below how to do that:-

Steps to Remove Your Number From Truecaller

  • First open Unlist | Truecaller
  • Now here you have to provide the mobile number which you want to remove. But be sure you have added the country code in the starting like +919999999999
  • Now select the reason by tick or fill in other box.
  • Enter the Captcha code for verification and click on Unlist.
  • If you have deactivated the account then you will see a green button with a tick sign which means you have successfully removed your number from their database.
According to the Truecaller your number will be removed in 24 hours after the request for removal process. But wait it doesn’t mean that you number will be removed from their database forever. Yes I am right I also removed my number near around 7-8 month before but now it was again appearing. So the conclusion is that they will again add your number after sometime by checking other’s contact details. So you have to check it again and again after some months and if you found then again remove it and be happy and safe 🙂
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