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How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly {Best Ways}

In today’s world everyone is starting his own blog/website to make money online as I also started and for that he works very hard. Even many newbies without any knowledge start the blog and start working on it but they fails to achieve the success. Because now blogging become very tough and which who have good DA,PA and Alexa Ranking etc. wins the battle means achieve the goal. Many factors are the reasons for the good traffic and income and also these reasons become the reasons of failure. Many important points like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, DA,PA and Alexa Rank effect our blog but as we are talking about only alexa ranking, i will not talk on any other topic. So start the guide on the Best Ways To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly.

How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly {Best Ways}

Many people almost every blogger wants to know How Can I Improve my Alexa Rank? Because by the Alexa rank we can attract more visitors and advertisers too. Yes, if your site’s alexa ranking then you can make more dollars or cent. Good Alexa Ranking leave a good impression on the visitors. For those who don’t know about Alexa Ranking i will explain below What is Alexa Rank, What is The Importance of Alexa Rank, How It Is Calculated and How To Improve Alexa Ranking.

What Is Alexa Rank? a company by amazon gave the visitor and advertiser an estimate about the popularity of the blog/website. It shows the metrics about how much your site is popular compare to the all other relevant sites. If you want to know how is your site is going comparing with your competitor then Alexa can answer your question. It works on the traffic states of your site and also with the changes of other site’s traffic. It works only for those who have installed the Alexa Toolbar on their browser. So that was the answer for Whats Is Alexa Rank.

What Is The Importance Of Alexa Rank?

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing have own ranking so they don’t care about Alexa Ranking but for those who are into online marketing business and deals with several advertisers/ product owners, Alexa rank matters a lot.

Yes, blog in that niche with under 50K alexa rank can impress the advertiser easily and they will spend their money on your blog. Alexa Rank under 50K shows the quality of your blog and they will not think to spend their money because you have good ranking according to alexa. So it is also a great way to make a huge money from advertiser.

But for those who are in other category don’t need to worry about alexa ranking as if you want to work with Google Adsense or any other ad platform then don’t count the alexa rank.

Good Alexa Ranking Not Helps For Money But Also For The Following Benefits:-

  • If you have good alexa ranking then other bloggers will start linking your website into their websites. By this you will start getting natural links.
  • If you have good ranking on Alexa then people will start following you as a pro blogger. So will got instant fame and become popular into your niche and every one will start following you and asking for you the tricks and tips and other strategies πŸ™‚
  • You will also start getting interviews because a perfect Alexa Ranking start attracting more people and mostly newbies or other Amateur blogs loves to publish pro-blogger’s interview on their blogs to share pro techniques from pro-bloggers. In this way they also got more visitors on their blog and you will also gain more fans πŸ˜›
So good alexa ranking not helps to make money but also helps to become popular and build more backlinks.

How It Is Calculated and Gets Its Data?

Alexa calculate the rank according to the website’s traffic and popularity, means if you are getting good number of organic and social traffic then you will rank on #1. I mean to say if your site’s traffic and pageviews are good then your site is eligible Β to get number on position. Also if your visitors have installed the Alexa Toolbar then it will be very good for your alexa ranking. That’s the concept how they calculate the rank.
Alexa is a very large traffic data panel and their data scientist examine that is the traffic which your site is getting fake or real. So they got data according to the real traffic but if you are getting fake means paid traffic then they won’t count and add it into their register. Alexa simply estimates the number of unique visitors and left the all other useless data. So it is the proper way to get right idea of your blog’s ranking and traffic.
So in the short we can say that Alexa is all about your blog’s traffic/pageviews and nothing about any other.

How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly?

So here I am sharing the quick ways to Improve Alexa Ranking and these ways works like charm and also applied by other bloggers. I will share them step by step so carefully follow them and make your alexa rank more attractive.

Write Shareable and Linkable Content

Yes as per the point always write the content which people can share with others and also they can link your article on their blog. If you will write something interesting then people will defiantly share your post on their social media profiles or on their own blogs. So i that case you will receive more traffic and alexa will improved also you will get the backlinks. People like to read interesting content so also write a content which includes media like pictures and videos. So in that way your blog’s ranking will be improved quickly.

Claim Your Site On Alexa

Yes you can claim your site on and in that way you can improve your alexa rank. You can sign up on alexa and submit your website on Alexa. You can also get Dofollow Backlink from Alexa in that way. Read here full guide onΒ How To Claim Your Site On Alexa and Get a Dofollow Backlink From Alexa

Write an Article Related To Alexa

Yes, you read it right as I said to write an review on Alexa as I am doing right now. As you come here to know how to improve alexa rank fast and quickly all other also keen to know about these ways. So writing an article about alexa will also helps to improve rank of alexa. As people normally search about Alexa improvement methods and I have an article related to this topic. So they will come to my blog and if they found it useful then they will also share it with others I know you will also share it πŸ˜€ . So if they shared the article on Facebook then most of their fans or friends will surely see my article and my Alexa Rank will be improved. It is common that bloggers almost every blogger have installed the alexa toolbar so it will be more benefit for my blog πŸ™‚

Install Alexa Toolbar and Alexa Widget

As we know Alexa also love the website which have the users those installed the Alexa Toolbar. So why you don’t install the toolbar by alexa? Yes usually while sharing or editing we open our website and if you have installed the toolbar then it will be count as a visit and helps to improve the alexa rank. You can get the alexa toolbar here.Β

How To Improve Alexa Rank Quickly {Best Ways}

Also add the Alexa Widget on your website it will also helps a lot as many have installed. It may not worked overnight but is better then nothing. It helps to show the current alexa rank of your blog to other instantly. You can add the widget by following code.

Share on Social Media Sites

You are a blogger and you may surely have accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so why don’t you start sharing your blog on social media sites? Yes mostly bloggers have connection with other bloggers and chances are high that they may installed the toolbar of alexa. So start sharing now.

Always Update Your Blog Regularly

Trust me regularly updates on your blog will keep your current visitor safe and they will return to see your upcoming articles and these returning visitors will helps your gain more trust and ranking on Alexa. Because these type of Happy Readers love to share content on social media sites so…

Link Your Blog In Your Facebook or Twitter Shares

Don’t forget to provide a link or showcase your blog in your status as it also helps a lot. Sometimes your status goes viral or some yours share your status with others so if you have added the link in your status then chances are very high to got more traffic. So it will also improve your ranking and also traffic and it is double benefit.

Always Add Videos and Pictures In Your Content

You are also a internet geek and human being think and tell do you love to read text or to watch videos or pictures? I know you also like to watch videos as in that time videos are trending so why don’t you share videos into your content? It will also attract more visitors and Google also loves the content with media. You can post any interesting video on your blog and can share it on social media sites and add the link in description so more visitors will come to your site and ranking will be improved.


So guys these are the ways to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly and believe me if you followed these tips then your blog’s alexa ranking will be improved in no time. I want to suggest you to gave a proper time to your blog to improve the rank of alexa as if you are a serious blogger. It will helps to generate massive income from your blog. I know I have written it so lengthy so show your love and help me too and share this content on your social profiles.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic so comment below. If you have any other strategy then share here by commenting i will add it into this post.

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