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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Brand’s Growth Online Through Digital Marketing

The use of social media platforms has exploded. This use has increased businesses using digital marketing to ensure their products or services information reach as many customers as possible. These platforms not only get your product or service noticed, but they also initiate interaction between your brand and your customers. They enable you to address grievances, make changes in policies, or incorporate new ideas.

It is essential to your company’s success to have a social media manager on staff or to use an outsourced digital marketing agency. These are tips to use in choosing a digital marketing agency to ensure your marketing needs are met in today’s business world and how to improve your business’s growth.

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Brand's Growth Online Through Digital Marketing

Messaging is Essential

Messaging is the core to communicating your information to potential customers. With the digital platform there is not a lot of space nor is there a lot of time to get your message out there. Your message has to be to the point in as short a message as possible. Digital users do not have a long attention span and will quickly click to go on to another page if they do not see something compelling and attention-grabbing. Define your incentive to the consumer quickly and highlight the value of your brand. Examples are offering free shipping or a percentage off your price which are both excellent attention grabbers for those already interested in your products.

Good Visuals

Your ad will not appear by itself on a page. The consumer will be engaging in other content from another source at the same time your ad pops up on their screen. You want to catch their attention with good visuals to draw them away from the other content. High-quality imagery is the most effective tool in digital marketing to capture a viewer’s attention.

If your product is not an attractive item to display such as a beachfront hotel, or uniquely designed cafe, then you need to use imagery that tells a story about your brand. Use clean, bold and compelling photos to give viewers a solid expectation of what you are offering.

Clear CTAs

All successful advertising campaigns must have a clear CTA (Call-To-Action). This CTA gets the consumer away from the ad and compels them to move to your site. Create a CTA that is related to your brand, product or services. Do not use any confusing messages that will give the customer second thoughts about what you are offering.

The CTA must directly relate to what you are selling so when the customer lands on your site they know and can find immediately what they are looking for. If there is any confusion once they land on your site, they will quickly click away and resume their search. You will want to stay away from phrases such as, ‘learn more’ or ‘read more’. A good CTA along with great visuals will grab viewers’ attention and direct them right to your site.

Direct Consumer to Relevant Page

Whatever your digital marketing ad is selling, you want to drive viewers to a page relevant to the message. When they click on an ad that has grabbed their attention, they expect to find more information on that product or service when they follow through. Your ad will have a higher chance of keeping the viewer on your site and a better possibility of a sale if they land on a page that relates back to the message they clicked.

An example of a relevant page landing would be if you are selling kitchenware. If the ad or message is marketing a specific type of pan or kettle, then the consumer should land on the page where they can purchase that specific item. They should not land on a general page that defines all the kitchenware you sell. It will be a natural move for them to discover other items you carry if they find the pan interesting by clicking the other links on your site.

Test for Effectiveness

All marketing strategies require testing to make sure they are effective. This rule is the same for digital marketing online. If you do not monitor your strategy, you will not know if it is effective and creating interest in consumers. Use a variety of methods to market the same product or service and then watch which receives more attention. This information will allow you to know which strategy works and should be continued and which methods need to be tweaked.

Not all testing should be conducted after you’ve implemented the message into the digital world. Mistakes are a common part of creating messages. Make sure the message you are about to send out contains the right words, information, and links. You do not want your message to provide a link to the wrong page, or be targeted to the incorrect audience. These mistakes can be caught with pre-testing the ad before releasing it online.

Other Tactics for Successful Digital Marketing

Using these tactics are an effective way to attract your customers. The use of Google AdWords is one method of capturing clients. . Google is a commonly used search people turn to when trying to find solutions and AdWords target those prospects.

SEO is essential, so your brand ranks high in searches. You want to capture potential customers attention early in their search, so your brand appears as the solution to their problem right away.

Video and FaceBook advertising are also fantastic platforms to target by gender, income, location, interests, education level and even major life events.

Digital marketing holds a lot of potential for a successful business. This marketing strategy is one of the most effective methods to get your information out to consumers regarding your products or services.The platforms out there allow you to target audiences by gender, education level, age, demographics or any other audience type you feel would most likely find your product or service useful.Thanks to ever-present Smartphone, consumers are now online and searching more than ever. With a good digital marketing strategy, you can reach customers any day and any time and see a growth in your brand.

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