How to Make Money Writing Article

The great part about making money writing is that you can work whenever, wherever, and however. You are your own boss and you decide if you want to write for the client or not. You are in control of your destiny. Plus, with a successful writing career, you can be a stay at home mom or dad while making an income. A successful writing career gives you the flexibility to travel, experience life to the fullest, and make a decent living at the same time. With all these benefits, why aren’t a lot of people doing it? Becoming a writer is not easy. It requires a lot of strategies and hard work in order to make an adequate amount of money. Lucky for you, we have listed all the proper strategy for you to take in order to make an excellent living as a writer.

How to Make Money Writing Article

Find the perfect platform

There are various platforms out there that cater to both clients and writers. If you are interested in academic writing, you might consider an academic platform such as write custom with ease . These writing platforms are constantly hiring academic writers, and there are all sorts of projects available. Students are always in need of a writer to help them with their paper. they will come onto these platforms to find a writer. With an ample amount of clients, you can definitely make a great living with these types of platform.


If you are really knowledgeable about a certain niche like the health niche, then you can create a health blog. This is where you engage with your readers and write excellent high-quality content. You can use Google AdSense or any other pay per click advertisement on your content. Google AdSense will reflect an advertisement that pertains to the niche of the article. Plus, it blends very well with your content. When readers come to your website and read your content, they will click on the advertisement. Each time they click on the advertisement, you will get paid a certain amount. Imagine writing a high-quality article on a daily basis with Google AdSense, you can accumulate a pretty decent amount that is equivalent to a full-time job.

Amazon Publishing

If you always dream about writing a book, now you can do so. You can write a book and publish them on Amazon. Amazon is a popular website with millions of traffic. People often go there to make purchases online. Once you publish your ebook, you will experience a massive amount of visitors coming in to make a purchase.

Writing for a digital marketer

Business owners often hire did digital marketers to do SEO for their websites. SEO is basically searched engine optimization where they help target specific keywords from the website and rank them on the top of the search engine. One important component of SEO is content. This is where the digital marketer hires a content writer to blog or to write high-quality articles for a website. These articles will often contain specific keywords that are scattered throughout the webpage. These blogs play a huge role to attract visitors from the search engine. Digital marketers are constantly hiring content writers, and if you’re able to get hired by a dozen of them, you will get a great amount of work on a daily basis. As your network grows, this can eventually lead to a full-time job.

Affiliate marketing

Amazon has an excellent affiliate marketing program. If you create a website and do product reviews on the Amazon products, you can make a great amount of money. For example, if your product review is based on dog food, you can compare two different brands of dog food. You can write a long article talking about them, comparing them, reviewing them, and a verdict to see which ones better. When readers come in to read your reviews, they will click on the affiliate link that will direct them to the Amazon page to purchase the dog food. Every purchase they make, you will get a certain percentage of it. The more sales you make from your writing, the more you will earn.

Selling your content

There are platforms that allow you to sell your content. If you go on these platforms, you can write about any subject or niche that you want. Once you created your article, you can put it up for sale. Clients will search for you based on the niche. If they like what you have written, they can pay for your content. The great part about this is that you can work anytime you want and write about anything.

Blogging on medium

Medium is an excellent place to create a blog. It has millions of traffic and visitors. Medium has a writing program where they pay writers every month to create interesting and high-quality content. The amount of money you make is determined by how many people go in to read your articles, comment, and like it. The more interaction you get on an article, the more you will get paid by Medium.

Become copywriter

Copywriter requires a unique set of skills. The purpose of the copywriter is to create content to persuade the reader to take a specific action. If you create a website that sells a certain product and service, then you will need major copywriting skills. You can use the skills to persuade your potential customers to make the purchase. If your skills are adequate enough, you’ll be able to generate a good amount of revenue. In addition, website owners will often invest in getting a professional copywriter to write their content. If you can get enough copywriting clients, you can generate an excellent income from writing.

There are various ways to make money writing online. It’s very flexible, creative, and fun career to have. If you want to be a successful writer, it’s important to experiment and embrace failure. You want to know what works and what doesn’t for you. That way, you will know how to get your project or how to communicate with clients to help you get maximum sales. The great part about making money with writing is that it compares well to fine wine. Your writing skills and income will only get better as you develop more experience.

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