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How To Make Money On YouTube $100 Per Day {Steps}

Today in this post I will tell you How To Make Money Online With Youtube. Yes you read it right, today we will learn about Make Money From Youtube. 

Today everyone want to earn money online and become world’s richest person,”But to make money, you also need money”.

But from internet you can make money without investing money. Online earning is not that much tough, but there are lot of strategies and steps to become successful online.

But if you some skills and ideas then you can earn a very large amount of money. YouTube also is a place where you can make money by sitting at your home.

Google has launched many ways to earn money online and YouTube is also one of them. YouTube is a very large video database, which allows us to make money from our video.

You can make more than $100 from your video in just one day via YouTube. But it is necessary that, your video must be original, not a copy of other video.

If you follow the rules then you can make money on YouTube easily. Now are you ready to know about steps to making money from youtube? Also Read Get Google Adsense Approval For A New Blog Easily

How To Make Money On Youtube $100 Per Day {Steps}

How To Make Money On Youtube Guide

So my dear readers below I am providing some great and working steps to make money on YouTube. Follow these steps carefully and you will become the master of YouTube earning.

Believe me, in these days YouTube is number one place to make money online. Now I am starting the tutorial below.

  • First of all, you need a YouTube account. You can also use Gmail account for this purpose. If you don’t have one then create first. Make sure you have selected your age more than 18 years while creating Gmail account and after this login in youtube from here. YouTube Login Page
  • After login create a channel, while creating channel select attractive and best name for your channel, because you can not change it later. So select a best channel name.
  • Now after creating channel you have to upload a video to your channel. Create a new video which can attract people and people will love to watch it. Please don’t use copied video create your own. You can Upload video on youtube by Upload button at the top.
  • Click on Upload button and select your video. Now gave the title to your video and write a description about your video. Upload 3 to 5 videos on YouTube and after upload share it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and also with your friends.
  • When you received 250 to 300 views on your videos go to monetize option. You can find the Monetize option in the Channel option in left sidebar on YouTube. Click On Enable button.

How To Make Money On YouTube $100 Per Day {Steps}

  • After this you can see Enable My Account option click on it and select checkboxes and hit accept button.

How To Make Money On YouTube $100 Per Day {Steps}

  • After this again Go To Channel-> Monetization -> How Will I Be Paid -> associate an AdSense Account. Now click on Next button and it will take you to Adsense signup page. Here click on Sign In/Yes button and Continue. Now fill the form and don’t type fake data, use your original data, because Google will send the payment to your address which you have write here.

How To Make Money On YouTube $100 Per Day {Steps}

  • So in few hours you will get approved for Adsense and after approval ads will start appearing on your videos and you will start receiving money for your videos.
  • Now you only have to increase your views. As many views you can get on your videos, your earning will increase. Do not click on the ads on your own videos. If you do then Adsense will ban your account and you can’t make money on YouTube.

Happy Earning

Final Words

Adsense is a company started by Google, so it is a trusted network. Adsense will pay you by check or Wire Transfer.

When you earn $10 it will send you a pin and after $100 you will receive your payment. Also don’t be greedy as some people starts clicking on the ads or start saying their friends to just click on the ads but it is completely wrong, as you will be lost your account by doing this.

Keep in mind that patience is the key of success.

So guys I have mentioned almost all steps here about make money from YouTube. Hope you understand How To Make Money On YouTube.

If you have any issue or question about this, then feel free to contact me or comment below I am here to help you. Also share my article about Make Money on YouTube from these below buttons. You can also subscribe the newsletter from the subscription box and also join this blog on Facebook and Twitter.

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