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How To Open Blocked Websites Anywhere Working Methods

Today I have a very interesting post on Working Ways To Open Blocked Websites Anywhere. Yes, you read it right as many times in the colleges, offices or in some other places the owners/authorities blocked some social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Because they don’t want that people use these type of websites while work. So they blocked these sites so the students and employees can work hard. But every person wants to spend some time on social media sites in these days.

That’s the reason I am sharing this post here so don’t worry here I am showing you How To Access Blocked Websites. My this article will help you to access your social networking profiles, email or website from these locations.

But this method is only for education purpose so don’t use it in wrong way. Also, use these sites in limit as if you start using it daily then it will become hard to get rid of these sites in future. Now it’s to the solution for Unblock Blocked Websites.

How To Open Blocked Websites Anywhere Working Methods

Open Blocked Websites Anywhere

Guys below are the working methods to access blocked websites. These method that I am sharing here are only for education purpose so please don’t use these methods in any wrong way. Lets see the ways to Open Blocked Websites below.

#1 Proxy Servers

Proxies are the most popular and working method to access blocked websites because they can easily bypass network restrictions.

These proxy sites meant to bypass the restrictions and these sites also helps to protect your privacy by letting you surf anonymously and securely.

Proxy connections are encrypted and these help to prevent monitoring on your network, you will be never traced if you use these sites.

It is very simple to use proxy sites. Only you have to enter your URL which you want to access and then complete some other asked points and you will access the site in seconds.

Some working proxy sites: Hide My Ass, Proxify, Rocketsurf, Web Proxy,, BackFox, proxysite.

#2 Short URL Service

Sometimes the URL you trying to browse might be ban but converting the domain URL into short URL might work to access the blocked website.

But if the short URL redirects back to the blocked domain you’re trying to access, then you will not be able to access that site so in that case you can use the proxy method again :p

Some Shorten URL Services: moourl,, TinyURL,, SnipURL

#3 Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a very best and popular internet service which keeps a copy of almost all websites which are live on the Internet from the date webmasters started their blog/website.

So this is the best website to access the website you want to. You can select the latest copy in the Wayback Machine. So this is the way to access blocked sites via caches. Wayback Machine

#4 Subscribe to RSS Feed

Almost all websites now support RSS feeds, which is very good and you can subscribe to them via feed readers or by email.

Even there are some social networks which now support RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to them too for getting latest updates.

This might not work for all sites, but if the site you want to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with an RSS reader.

Final Words

So guys these ways works great to access the blocked website and I don’t want to show any other way. Because these methods are enough and you will be able to access the blocked website.

If you face any problem then feel free to share your issue below. But use these methods at your own risk, I am not responsible for any problem. 😀

If these methods works for you then share How To Open Blocked Websites Anywhere Working Methods on social media sites from below given buttons.

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