How to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

With the current advancement of mobile phone technology, phones have become a must-have for every individual. Technological enhancements have revolutionized everything and phones can now handle most of the day to day tasks. Despite all these benefits attached to owning a mobile phone, operating one has become a massive expense in our lives, costing us hundreds and even thousands of dollars for our monthly plans. For those who are much more enlightened when it comes to mobile phones and how they function, they do realize that it does not have to be that way. With the right phone settings and customizations, the monthly expenses incurred through mobile usage can drastically decrease.

Discussed herein are ways in which one can reduce their phone bill.

How to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

Do your research

Always make sure that you update to new data plans. Internet service providers always try to improve their programs regularly. With these improvements, always comes cheaper and more cost-efficient settings that can minimize expenses spent on things such as data bundles. Determine which of the available service providers in your region has the most economical plans. You will realize that some providers have high charges as compared to others. Upon discovering which provider has the most affordable plans, switch to the most economical and reliable service provider and save the extra bucks.

How do you use your phone?

Track your phone habits for the past around three months. Check your data usage and your text message. By this, you will get to know which service you use most, and you can look for the most suitable and efficient plan based on your phone habits. Adopting such a strategy will significantly reduce your phone bill as you will only be paying for what you need. To check your phone habits, one just needs to browse the internet and look for a habit usage tracker or even one of the tracking tools as they have become quite a standard feature in today’s internet browsing websites. After you have noted your specific phone habit and usage, you can visit a plan comparison site that will aid you to get the most efficient plan for you based on your usage.

Avoid making calls over carrier minutes because they are always much expensive. Instead, look for mobile applications that allow you to make phone calls over Wifi. Such a move is one of the most efficient ways of reducing phone bills. Also, send texts through Wifi connections to avoid carrier rates as they are always high. Here is a list of some great mobile applications that you can install and use to make phone calls, video calls and send text messages over a Wi-Fi connection.

Skype, WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Talkatone, Viber, Tango

A key factor to note before you install these apps and start using them is that you can only make calls and send text messages to other people if they have these applications too. An example of this is, if you want to have a video call with person X through Skype, person X also has to have installed Skype.

Choosing between prepaid and postpaid plans

Always consider switching from your postpaid plan to a prepaid plan. Prepaid plans are usually like 50% cheaper than postpaid plans. A lot of the most affordable prepaid plans are with smaller carriers. On a recent Cricket Wireless review, it was discovered that the carrier, Cricket Wireless, offers the cheapest and most efficient prepaid plans. The mistake that most people make is assuming that because a carrier is small, then their connectivity will be weak. This is rarely the case so start doing your research on the small carriers in your area and find out which one offers the best-prepaid plans with regard to your phone habits. Despite the financial benefits that come along with switching to a prepaid plan, it is wise to keep in mind that with a prepaid plan you will have a smaller selection of devices as compared to when you are using an annual contract.

Make calls and browse for the right reasons

Make it a priority to make your phone conversations precise and short as possible. Limiting your talk time minutes will have a tremendous positive impact on your phone bill. It is also well known that phone calls are the leading profit makers for service providers.

Always try as much as possible to reduce your data usage. The most efficient way to do this is to use a wifi connection, but if you are not capable of accessing one, there are other numerous ways to reduce your data usage. Most social media applications have a feature where you can regulate data usage, enable this feature through the application settings to reduce the application’s data usage. Once you have enabled the feature on all social media platforms, data usage by the applications will be at its lowest and thus will cut off on your phone bill.

If you are one of those people who use their phone majorly for texting and not via social media applications, then always subscribe to unlimited texts offers from your carrier. If you have many services that you use, like, text messaging, phone calls, cable, and satellite, always move these services to one provider. This will ever earn you great offers and discounts from the provider. Just talk to your intended service provider and ask for a bundle discount.

Mobile applications

Before installing any apps, always check if the application has any in-app purchases and fees. This is arguably one of the most irritating features of modern applications. Often, these applications are always free to download but once installed; they add up on the monthly phone bill through in-app purchases. One of the worst culprits when it comes to these in-app purchases are games.

Avoid making off-network phone calls as they are always more expensive. The person you are calling should be using the same network as you are. Such calls are sometimes referred to as mobile to mobile calls. Always look for free versions of applications and games that you want. Some might argue that the application charges are usually very low but once you purchase numerous applications, the costs will pile up and you will end up having high monthly phone bills.

Avoid taking phone insurance covers. Insurance covers for your phone are always fun if you are about to dump hundreds of dollars into a phone, but if your phone is not that expensive, avoid the unnecessary insurance charges as these will always turn out to be huge luggage in your monthly phone bill. For families, always check if your service provider offers family plans. These will always be cheaper than making individual phone charges for every member of the family.

In our current generation, owning a cell phone has proved to be a very costly encounter for most people. However, it does not have to be so as cell phones were invented with the quest to ease life and communication and not harden it through bills. Make sure that you always employ these wise saving techniques. Such a wise decision will ensure that you do not get extravagant bills at the end of the month or pay unnecessary charges when using your mobile phone. In case you are a person who is a heavy phone user, the above tips will be of great help and you will notice a significant drop in your mobile phone charges immediately you start adopting them.

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