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There are a million ways in this day and age to earn a little extra income, or (in fact) create a monthly salary for oneself simply by working from home. One of the main ones is selling items online. Selling on Amazon can provide a second income or turn into your main business. Of course, to do that you have to rank high on Amazon’s product list. You can cut the time it takes to rise in the ranks using a few tested strategies. But how is this possible? The best way to begin is by following the list below.

1. Land the Coveted Buy Box Spot

In the world of buying and selling on Amazon, it should be noted that four sellers show up first on the first page of results. To land a spot, optimize your listing, use the exact ASIN as the Amazon product, lower your price and use Fulfilled by Amazon.

2. Leverage Helper Software

You can use an amazon pay per click software to help boost your visibility. It helps you identify new relevant keywords, identify poorly performing keywords which will save you money, automatically adjust campaign bids, and log and track campaigns.

3. Use ASIN Piggybacking

No, this doesn’t involve riding a squealing farm animal. It just means finding a non-unique product, selling well on Amazon, researching the ASIN, and becoming a reseller by buying wholesale from the manufacturer. You sell for at least a penny less than the existing sellers, so long as you can still generate profit.

4. Utilize Amazon URL Queries

Begin by taking a look at the top-selling products you currently sell, or would like to sell. Using the software suggested above gives you relevant keywords. Study the best-selling merchants product pages to determine which keywords they use. Those keywords got those buyers to that page. You’ll notice that the keywords searched for will appear in the URL and in the content of each relevant results product page.

5. Offer a Daily Deal

Those nifty coupons Amazon offers for hefty discounts on specific items come from sellers just like you. You can make a coupon, a Daily Deal, from within your Amazon seller account. Why? Because folks love saving money. By offering a recurring deal, people will learn what they can not only count on you for products the love, but they’ll also be able to snag a good deal on whatever they’re purchasing. So how would one go about this? You can offer a Daily Deal as an individual seller with a pro merchant account, a professional seller or a vendor. You can promote your deal on third-party sites like your Facebook page and Twitter account.

6. Automate your Product Repricing

Use a program like Sellery or RepricerExpress to automatically update prices, so you continue to offer the lowest price. That will help land you in the Buy Box. But remember to set a limit on how low it can dip your price. You still need (and want) to generate a profit.

7. Stay on Top of your Inventory, Orders, and Shipments

Great businesses can tell you when a product will arrive, when it experiences delays and when they’re offering the last one available in stock. If this is something new to you, or perhaps your busy schedule prevents you from discovering the “rhythm” of your business, Inventory Lab and Sell Brite can help you. Both automatically track such items for you.

8.Browse the Amazon nodes for each product you sell or want to sell

Merchants get to choose two nodes, or product category, per item. Exploring where other sellers list may help you discover a better category that customers naturally choose more often when shopping via the menus or limiting searches to departments. By “limiting” searches to a department alone, you may find that your sales will increase because a buyer will be looking at your entire department, rather than a single item at a time.

In short, if you follow these simple tips, you will become a top Amazon seller. Remember, you will need a combination of great products, great keywords, and great customer service; once this is done Amazon buyers will respond by giving you great sales. One last thing to note, along with great sales you will want to provide exceptional customer service. A repeat customer who gives a raving review, will boost your sales exponentially.

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