SendPulse Review- Pocket Friendly, Feature Rich, A.I Integrated Marketing Solution

We all have heard of E-mail marketing tools, SMTP tools and tools facilitating push notifications, but I doubt you’ve ever crossed paths with a service which offers you all the three above listed benefits, along with an advanced artificial intelligence technology, at less than half the combined price for those tools.

That’s where this SendPulse review comes into play, before proceeding further let me tell you that just because it’s a “review’, doesn’t mean I’m trying to sell you something.

Obviously SendPulse has a paid plan which you can go with once you’re in love with the tool, but till then they offer a free plan as well for you to test the waters.

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse is the platform where you get the combined superpowers of a number of tools, which individually cost a fortune. Including:-

  • Email Marketing
  • SMTP Server
  • Push Notifications
  • SMS

Although the primary edge you get with SendPulse is its AI capabilities which I’ll discuss in detail in the later sections.

SendPulse Review:- Features

Easy Interface:-

The First and Foremost feature I’d like to mention here is SendPulse’s neatly laid out Interface. Compared to the number of tools and features you get with SendPulse, the team has managed to place them neatly in separate, easy to access and understand buttons and sections.

So even if this is your first time with anything even remotely related to Marketing and automation, you won’t have a second’s problem figuring out what to do and how to do it!

Email Marketing:-

Email Marketing

As soon as you login to your SendPulse account, you land on the E-mail Marketing feature! You can do so much more with the E-mail marketing feature rather than just sending bulk E-mails.

Import Lists:- In case you were using some other kind of marketing tool, you can import your mailing list easily to SendPulse with just couple clicks. Infact to be honest, it’s much easier than importing lists to other popular tools like Mailchimp.

Pre-Designed Email Templates:-

Pre-Designed Email Templates

When it comes to designing E-mail templates, I understand if you couldn’t design the most beautiful, conversion optimized templates, afterall not everyone is a designer and the  SendPulse team gets that.

You get almost a 100 pre-designed tried and tested templates which are bound to skyrocket your conversion rates.

And that’s not where the professionalism of SendPulse ends, they’ve even categorized the templates into different categories so that you can dig out the templates which suit your needs best.

Drag and Drop E-mail Template Creation:-

In case you didn’t like the pre-designed templates from SendPulse or you think you can do a better job than the team, well in that case they’ve got an easy to use template designer for you as well.

And the best part is, you don’t need to smudge your hands with the ink of codes, not even the least bit In order to design those templates.

You can just drag and drop various elements on the workspace and your template would be ready in minutes.

Send SMS:-

Send SMS

One of the other “unique” features you get with SendPulse is its “Send SMS” feature, you can send SMS to a number of recipients in bulk, at the same time.

And that’s not all, it’s integrated with other advanced features which even let you schedule the SMS’s so that they reach the targets at the best possible times!

Let me remind you, that compared to MailChimp, GetResponse or most other companies in the market, it’s the only platform which has this feature inbuilt along with the other marketing automation solutions.


Autoresponders are the hearts and souls of any marketing automation tool, aren’t they? And they’re definitely more important to tools like SendPulse which are so much more than just Marketing Automation or E-mail marketing friendlies.

There are three kinds of auto responders you can create with SendPulse:-

  • New Subscribers E-mail.
  • Date based Autoresponders.
  • Action based Autoresponders.

The first one is obvious, you can send an automated welcome mail or something as soon as a new subscriber subscribes to your mailing list.

The second one is a conversion guru. Afterall how many people would be able to resist “Hey Mr. X, Happy Birthday, We’re providing a special birthday discount to one single person from our list of 142146 customers, and that’s you”.

And finally, the third action based autoresponders are what get triggered when your subscriber performs a special action within the mail. Something like clicking a special button, opening an E-mail or something similar.

A/B Test

AB Test

If you don’t test, you never know what’s working and what’s not. That’s where A/B tests come to the rescue.

Well there aren’t a lot of tools out there which offer A/B tests, well SendPulse is among those few tools which doesn’t just offer it, but offers it for free! (Well yeah you get that with the free accounts as well!)

You can configure an A/B test in minutes with the help of SendPulse. Just name your test, choose the list you want to test, and choose how you want to choose the winner list.


Push Notifications:-

I was using Mailchimp before this, and to the best of my knowledge I don’t suppose I ever saw a “push notifications” button over there, it was one of the primary reasons why I made the jump to SendPulse.

I mean the industry is changing, if we don’t evolve with it, only “E-mail marketing” will carry us just so far.

I won’t keep jumping up and down here instead let me get straight to the topic. SendPulse offers you this feature where you can reach your audience anytime, anywhere, regardless of them being or not being on your websites.

This is one of the best ways to grab some eye-balls, because these notifications pop up on their desktop and cell phone screens, almost demanding a glance at whatever you’re sharing.

Automated Push Notifications:-

As if just offering the feature wasn’t enough, the SendPulse team took a leap and integrated the autoresponders with the Push notifications as well.

You get to integrate two different kinds of autoresponders with the Push notifications as well:-

  • Autoresponders triggered via RSS feed.
  • New subscriber’s push!

SMTP Server

This is a feature mostly for advanced users, but this also is a feature which draws a hole in the pocket of most companies. (Ofcourse, it’s free with SendPulse!)

Well in the simplest possible words, all I can say is you can integrate the SMTP server from SendPulse with your own custom CMS or CRMs and send bulk-emails using their service.

Is it unlimited?

“Almost”! You get as many as 12,000 free E-mails. For a free plan, I think that’s more than generous.



Now for the icing on the cake.

SendPulse offers A.I capabilities which are exclusive to SendPulse the platform! What it basically does is, it reads user preferences, choices, likes and dislikes etc and then helps you reach them better which ultimately boosts your open rates.

Let me just say that sending E-mails to your whole list at 9 A.M might not be the best way to reach them, maybe some of them don’t check their mails before midnight in which case your mail would just get lost in the pile of mails they might be receiving.

Or maybe some people don’t click on header links as much as they click on contextual ones.

Well these are just examples of how the SendPulse determines when and how to send the E-mails which will get you the best possible Open rates!

The Free Plan!

This is the best thing about SendPulse. Infact their free plan is better than most “premium/paid” plans you might be getting with other industry tools.

You don’t have to shell out a single penny from your pockets to try SendPulse out! Just go over the website and give it a try!

Almost all the features discussed above are available with the free plan as well, except the A.I thing which I think is only fair!

The Convincer:- If all those features and superpowers couldn’t convince you, let me tell you that The Next Web recognized SendPulse as one of the Best 2017 startups! So now you know for sure, your business is in the right hands.

Do let me know your experience with them in the comment box!

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