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How to Set Video as Your Profile Picture on Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is number one social media site and everyone love to spend their time on it. Facebook introduce many exciting features day by day as few months ago FB launched reaction buttons means you can now also react on anyone’s status. Few days ago Facebook introduced another awesome update to users. By this feature, users can make a video as their profile picture. Means you can set any 7 seconds video clip as your Facebook profile picture. Yes, the limit is 7 seconds long video but to show your mood these 7 minutes are enough 😛 Now we can learn here how we can set video as profile picture on Facebook.

How to Set Video as Your Profile Picture on Facebook

As you can see the feature in this gif image. In the image, you can see how the user enjoying and taking advantage of this feature. Isn’t these profile pictures are cool?

But there is a small problem 🙁 Currently, the user of Facebook, which are using iOS can use these feature. Means the user who access the Facebook via Android or web not able to use this feature. They are currently not able to make a video as their profile picture on Facebook. Another problem is that the not the all people are eligible for this feature as only certain/special people are getting this feature automatically. But the best thing is that it will be visible to everyone across every platform. So if you are using iOS then see the below steps to make video as your profile picture on Facebook.

Steps to Make 7 Second Video as Your Profile Picture on Facebook

So the interested people can use these steps to make a video as profile picture. Just follow these steps and express yourself.

  1. First, create any 7 seconds long video, make sure it is not more than 7 sec because it is the limit so. You can also use your old one by trimming it.
  2. Now open your iOS Facebook app and here go to your Facebook profile and here you will be able to see a video and photo icon under your profile picture.
  3. Here you can select the video which you want to make your profile picture.
  4. Just click on your profile picture and it will provide some different options, here choose upload video clip.
  5. Now from the browsing menu choose your 7-second video clip and now it will ask you to pick a frame from your video to choose as a static profile picture when video is not playing like to show one everywhere on Facebook, as in comments and newsfeed.
  6. After that uploading will be started so wait for upload.
  7. After uploading the video, you should be able to see your video live as your Facebook profile picture. Like in .GIF above 😀

So, guys, these are the steps to set video as your profile picture. If you are still not able to do it then you can watch the below video. If you like this article then share it with others 🙂

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