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Two Ways To Bypass AdBlock While Using Affiliate Ads

Adblocker is the rusty thing for many bloggers. Since it blocks google ads, which is the main source of income for many bloggers. Adblocker also blocks affiliate links even which is becoming a nightmare for many bloggers. I know it’s very irritating because a webmaster depends on the earning from the ads but now revenue of webmaster being chopped down due to adblock users. It is not good because now these days many internet users using this extension but adblocker directly affect blogger. But don’t worry since we can’t uninstall the adblocker from user’s browser we can still show ads to the adblocker users. Yes, we can show affiliate ads by simple trick.

I and many of my friends suffering from it so i searched and come with this result. Finally i have answer for how to bypass adblock extension or plugin as a web publisher so here I am sharing it. On the internet there are so many blog posts regarding Anti-Adblock for bloggers but those techniques are not worthy because in these posts you will find the solution to show alternative text to adblock users and asks them to disable adblock to view the content. But wait you know if you do that they will simply close your website and move to another and by doing this you will also loose your traffic. By these methods you can’t show ads to them and not gonna get revenue from adblock users but here is the perfect solution to show affiliates ads to the adblock users and bypass adblock.

Bypassing adblocker is a simple thing unless and until you are not placing any ad scripts on your page. Adblocker will search for any ad script and then block it. If you convert this javascript to just html reference and an image, who will stop you from running affiliate ads. I learned this trick and kicked adblocker out of my way. Now it’s your turn.

How To Bypass Adblock Users and Show Them Ads?

Here i have two ways to bypass adblock and show the ads to adblock users. Believe me these ways are working, as we all know most people use blogger and mostly use wordpress so i have way for both. First i will tell you about wordpress and then for blogger.

Bypass Adblock and show ads to adblock users – WordPress

  • Install jetpack wordpress plugin if you do not have it before. If you already have jetpack installed, I won’t say uninstall and then install it again, just skip this step.
  • Now click on Appearance and navigate to widgets page. See the picture for more information.

Two Ways To Bypass AdBlock – While Using Affiliate Ads

  • Now try to look for Image (Jetpack) it will be there.
  • Click on and select the positing where you want to place the ad code and then click on Add Widget.

Two Ways To Bypass AdBlock While Using Affiliate Ads

  • It looks like this and then starting filling the blank fields.

Two Ways To Bypass AdBlock While Using Affiliate Ads


  • Choose Widget title
  • Upload an Image or choose one from web and paste its URL.
  • Give an alternate text, which will be shown at times if image cannot be loaded properly.
  • Write Image title, it will be shown on top of image ad. If you do not feel it good, leave it blank.
  • Give a caption for the image, if you want.
  • Align the image properly, so that it looks good on your page and then only you can receive maximum hits.
  • Give the dimensions of the image, you want to display.
  • Enter your affiliate URL here which can make you earn some bucks.
  • If you want it to open in next window, check the box. Always check this box for better performance.

That’s it. Just update the widget and place it in desired position. If you have decent alexa ranking and good returning visitors, you can make handful income. Create the ad banners as attractive as possible.

How to show ads to adblock users in Blogger

So guys you learned the way to show ads in wordpress. Now it’s time for blogger platform. Follow these steps and you can show ads to adblock users in blogger too.

First here I want to tell you that AdBlock detect the javascript then block it. So any network who uses javascripts to show the ads AdBlock don’t display it. Also if your ads contain the name of ad network and ad size then adblock will block this ad. Also if you ad image is hosted on the adnetwork then adblock will not display it.

So better is that download the banner image and upload it on any other image hosting sites like Tinypic, Imgsafe, Imgur etc. and also don not ad the ad network and adnetwork while uploading. First rename the name of banner image and then upload it.  Let me make some steps to do it.

  • First of all download the image from the ad network.
  • Rename the image name like from “godaddy-banner-ad-728×90.jpg to pic.jpg or any other”.
  • Now open any one of the given image hosting sites and upload this renamed image there.
  • Copy the image link from that site and shorten the link by using .
  • Now replace the image link from the banner ad code with this shorten link.
  • This is really working trick you can see my ad on the top.

Final Words

So guys this is the way to bypass adblock and show ads to the adblocker users. This way helps a lot as we don’t want to loose our traffic and earning too. But because of this adblock extension we all bloggers facing issues. But by this method we can show the ads to our site’s users and make money from it. If you liked the post then share it with others and also like on Facebook.

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