Top 20 Best Sites To Watch TV Series Online Free Without Registration

If you are a worker or busy person and not able to watch your favorite shows on the time, then don’t worry here I have a perfect solution for you. Coz you can watch tv series online without paying any single penny.

I’m not kidding, as I know in this world nothing is free but in this article I am going to share with you some of the best and free sites to watch your favorite tv shows online and even you can watch live streaming tv series. 

These sites are fully free and you can watch the shows and even movies online for free and these channels also provide live streaming of shows.

No doubt internet is full of surprises and one surprise is that you can access lots of websites online, which can provide you free tv streaming of more than 1,000 to 5000 TV Channels.

But you need only one thing which is very important and that is fast internet connection. As to watch tv shows hd online you need fast internet connection.

If you have fast net connection then no one can stop you to turn your PC or Laptop into home theater 😀 Not only Tv shows you can also watch sports events and movies on these websites without paying anything.

Now these days everyone is busy person some of them are working person, some are busy in home works and some are students and some are busy in other works.

So in this all kinds of activities they often forget to watch their fav shows, events or movies. So the websites which I am going to share below can help a lot to these kinds of people.

These sites are free and you can watch the live tv series without registration, so let’s have a look at these sites.


Top 20 Best Sites To Watch TV Series Online Free Without Registration

Sites To Watch TV Shows/Series Online for Free

SR. NO.Site NameLink
4Watch Free Tv & Movies Online
5TvPlayer: Watch Tv Online For Free
6Yidio: Watch Full Tv Episodes
9Watch Tv Shows Online Free
10Squid Tv
11EPCTV: Watch Internet TV on PC
12Movie Watcher
15Stream Full Episodes
19Coke & Popcorn


It’s a new site of franchise and no doubt this site is awesome free series online streaming site.

It is a well designed, user friendly site and you can search for any shows via search box. They update site daily with 720p, 1080p Bluray HD series , in addition to subtitles support for most important languages. finally you can watch, download from multiple fast servers that is totally free.

FreeeTV is a no Registration Site. You can watch online free WebTV, with movies, music, sport, specialized, news, series, webcam.

You can access over 1986 online television on this sites and they provide almost every popular genre tv channel’s live streaming. The site has a clean design and you can select your country from the menu bar.


This is also a great website to watch tv live streaming online without any registration or fee. This site is well designed and you can access almost every popular tv series there.

You can also watch Today’s Best TV Shows online on this website as you can see a special list on this site.

This site also provide latest news and buzz, you can watch full TV episodes, web shows of different genre and movies too.

There is also a calendar option available in this free TV shows sites, which will help you to look for new shows of current night.

Watch Free Tv & Movies Online

The well designed and well arranged website and on the of the best website to watch tv online without registration.

Tubitv is very popular and you can browse almost every category’s channel or show on this website.

You can set up an account if you want and enjoy the 40,000+ shows and movies this great service has to offer.

Tubi TV streaming sites 2016 have categories like “Not on Netflix” and “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, which you can browse for some more TV series recommendations.

TvPlayer: Watch Tv Online For Free

This is most popular in UK and if you are UK then you will enjoy this site for sure. As on this website you can access 109 channels from both desktop or mobile.

You can also join plus account if you want to watch 30 premium channel online. In the free account you can access the popular ones like many of the BBC channels, the Food Network, QVC, 4Music, ITV 1 and many more.

Only UK players can access the channel as if you tried from any other location they will block you but you can use any VPN to access the channels 🙂

Yidio: Watch Full Tv Episodes

If you love both Tv shows and movies then no doubt this site is better place for you.

As they arranged all things very clearly and in the ordered way and you can access the all popular movies, popular shows, current live streams, new aired shows or trending ones at a single place.

They update their database daily so you will enjoy the daily trends without any problem.

You can find TV shows of channels like ABC network, Amazon, iTunes and many more on Yidio tv shows streaming.


This website is mostly for Indian users and if you are India too then this is just like special gift for you. As you can access everything on this site like latest tv show or sports event.

However this website also contain some international channels which you watch too but with premium account.

I am Indian too and also use this website and very satisfied with their service. You can also watch movies, old movies and tv shows on this website.

Also their app is very popular and available for all smartphone which is a great feature. This is a best sports live streaming app too.


Watch All TV Channels Live Online free from everywhere.

Watch All Channels Live TV Online from UK, France, Pakistan, US, Russia and more News , Entertainment, TV channels from around the world.

Watch News, Entertainment, Kids TV Channels all in one place on this website as they arranged the categories on the homepage so you don’t have to go in deep to find your interest.

You can access some popular UK TV channels BBC News, Itv, Channel 5, Channel 4, BBC One, BBC Two, Aljazeera, Sky News, Aaj News, and a lot more.

Watch Tv Shows Online Free: Tv Duck

I really love this website as they divided all the categories very clearly and you can access the all movies and tv shows easily.

You can also access the top movies and top tv shows from the right sidebar. If you are the one who loves watching TV shows and series, then you will definitely like TVDuck for sure.

TV shows on TVDuck are taken from Netflix and Vudu, so if you are the one who can’t afford Netflix or Vudu subscription, then you can use this site to watch free TV shows online.

Squid Tv

The best website to watch tv series online and on this website they will first ask you to select your country language and then you can select the channel.

This is also well designed website and you will love it too. Squid TV – The best guide to live streaming TV channels, broadcasting from around the world… for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Nokia and other Internet devices.

EPCTV: Watch Internet TV on PC

This website is quite popular in US audience and you will also love it.

EPCTV is basically a free TV shows streaming website which can be used to watch TV series full episodes online without downloading.

This site is simply designed and they have categorized the all channels on the homepage.

So you will access the your fav show easily.

You don’t even need to register on it to watch TV shows, just open site, search for the TV series or episode you want to watch and start watching TV shows online for free.

Movie Watcher

If you wish to watch movies and TV Series online for free and without registration, then Moviewatcher is the right place for this.

It’s also a free movie streaming site and you don’t require an account to be able to use this site.

You are able to find any movie or TV series of your choise by genre, year, actor, rating, release date or name. You can browse by Aftica, Ammericas, USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania countries channels.


I know you already know this website as this is very popular website to watch the tv shows and movies online.

But the only problem is that you have to pay for this but still they are offering one month free trail to access the tv shows and movies.

Which means you can use the netflix for one month without any cost and can watch your fav tv shows or movies online. Not only TV shows and movies, but you can also watch popular Talk Shows and sports shows on Netflix.


This is the best website for sports related channels as you can access every channel on this website. You can also access the other genres too and movies are also shared on this website.

Stream Full Episodes

It’s a new TV shows streaming sites but still you can actually find a good number of TV shows and series on this website.

This website is cleanly designed and well organized and you will love it. Nothing is messed up on this website and you can watch the tv shows online and free without any registration.

By using Uverse, you can get access to over 245 channels to watch TV series online free, and they also provide links to watch more than 5 lakhs TV shows, movies, music and sports videos.


It’s also a tv streaming sites which have a good collection of Tv shows and you can also stream full length TV series online via this great website.

If you want then you can also download TV Land mobile app to watch TV shows online on your mobile. You can also create a reminder on this website but to do that you have to signup on this website.

But you can watch the shows without any registration. They daily updates their database with latest trends, so don’t forget to check it daily for some new TV episodes.


Good design and they have arranged the series alphabetically on the homepage. So you will not face any problem in finding your fav tv show.


Hulu is one of the best site to watch full episodes of a wide range of TV shows online.

Hulu database is updated every 24 hours, so whenever something is originally aired on TV, it will be available on Hulu just 24 hours.

You can start free trail to get access to the tv shows and other stuffs on this website. This website is owned by NBC, FOX, and ABC which means you will get international TV shows on it.

Coke & Popcorn

On this great website you can see the list of the tv series alphabetically and they designed the website simply.

I know the design on the site is average but who cares if you get good stuffs inside it 😛 There are 1000s of TV shows available on this site which can be seen even on the slow internet connection.


Well there is no need no introduce this website as this is world’s 2nd most viewed website. Almost everyone knows about this website and it is owned by google.

YouTube is the biggest source of watch TV shows online for free. Yes almost every tv shows or channel have their official channel on youtube and they update their list daily or after 24 hours.

So you just have to subscribe their channel to get the latest updates. Or you can also find the show via search box you will find for sure.

YouTube have some high quality videos and TV shows, which I don’t we can find on other websites. Also it is the free platform too and you don’t even need to get register on this website.

Over To You

So guys here I am done with Top 20 Best Sites To Watch TV Series Online Free Without Registration. No doubt these are the best sites for watching TV shows online.

If you have fast internet connection, then you can easily turn you PC or Laptop into home theater and watch all live shows, sport events without paying a penny.

These are the cash free and signup free website which means you don’t need to pay or signup on these websites to watch live tv online. If you like the list then please share with others too so they can enjoy same like you.

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