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How To Start A Blog – Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Do you also want to start a blog?  Yeah! then it’s great as the most of the people have their own website or blog. So you can also start blogging via starting your own blog. But wait how you will start the blog without having the knowledge about How To Start a Blog?

I know it’s not easy to start the blog without having the proper knowledge as I was also a newbie and faced some problems. But you don’t worry as here I will show you everything to get started. You don’t need any type of technical skill to start the blog and also it is not that much expensive. Day by day so many people starting their own blog and may be your most of the friends already have one. So let’s start the guide.

Why Should You Start A Blog? What Are The Benefits Of Blog?

You are here to learn about building your own blog and I’m too going to share about the same topic. Here I will tell you how to join the blogging community by starting your own blog. But before getting started you may want to know “Why Should I Start a Blog?“. But if you already have the idea to start a blog then just follow the next steps and leave it here. But for those who want to know about benefits of a blog, I am writing the benefits below.

  1. Blogging is the best way to get fame online in no time. There are millions of blogs online but you can also start one and get your own audience.
  2. Blogging is the best way to share your ideas and get more response from the all around the world.
  3. You can become a good writer via blogging and also a great person.
  4. You can show your talent to others via blogging and get more fans.
  5. You can also make money from blogging.

So isn’t it great? These reasons are enough to get started now and to start a brand new blog. Normally creating a new blog takes 20-30 minutes or less. So let’s start the whole process and complete it now.

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#1) Getting Started – Choosing The Platform (WordPress)

To start your blogging journey first you need to choose the platform where you can start the blog. Yes, there are so many platforms which can help you to run the blog. But as per my suggestion, you should use WordPress because WP is very handy, easy, responsive, secure,free and great blogging platform. More than 83 million people using this blogging platform and even I am also using WordPress. I can tell you why I am using the WordPress read below.

  • WordPress is free and easy to choose. Even you also get the free templates, plugins, layouts and many more features, which are not available on the other platforms.
  • WordPress is secure and many big companies are using the WordPress to run their websites.
  • You will have the full control over your blog if you use the WordPress.
  • WordPress is very fast and by the help of WordPress, you can make your website more attractive.
  • There are so many free plugins which will help you in different work and you can easily use them.

In short, we can say that no one can match with the freedom and customization options of WordPress. I am not saying that other blogging platforms are not good but as per my view WordPress is best. So better is that start a blog with WordPress because you are just starting the blog and I know you don’t want any type of issues. Also, you may don’t have knowledge also, so WordPress is easy to use. Because plugins will help you to do tough work easily.

#2) Free Blogging Platforms or Self-Hosting?

Here you have to take your full time and think about it because this is a very big decision. As on the internet, two type of platform available self-hosted or free one. For self-hosted you have to pay and for the free one you just have to create an account. But both have their own advantage disadvantage which will affect your blog in future. It is common sense that free one has more disadvantage and self-hosted is great to start.

Sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Weebly are free alternative means free blogging platforms to start a blog. Those who just want to pass the time on the internet can create a blog on any of these websites for free but for those who want to start the blogging journey seriously, free platforms are not the right place for them. Because these platforms do have downsides which are not good for a starter. Below are the downsides of these type of blogs.

1. You Will Not Get Your Own Domain Name

When you will create your blog on these free blogging platforms you will not a blog URL like mine You will get a blog URL like , or . Now say does these free blog URLs looks like a professional website? I know your answer is no, so never ever go for free platforms. Also this is very hard to remember this type of long URL for the visitors.

2. You Will Don’t Have Control On Your Blog

It sounds strange but this is true as on the free blogging platform no one owns the blogs because the blogs are hosted on someone else’s property. So the owner can delete that blog any time which is already had been done many times and will be repeated in future too no doubt. On the free platforms, no one is secure because your hard work will be gone in no time if you did anything wrong. A little bit mistake can delete your blog permanently and it will be done without even notifying you. You’re all hard work will be gone in a couple of seconds. So avoid free blogging platforms.

3. There Are So Many Limits

On the free blogs, there are so many limits, as one is you don’t own your blog means no full control on your blog on free platforms. Also, you can’t monetize if fully which will stop you to make more money from your blog. Your blog can be deleted without notifying you. You will never get the access to the free themes and plugins of WordPress. You can’t fully optimize your blog if you choose the free blogging platform.

I am not saying free blogs are completely bad, because for those who just want to gain experience free blogs are best. If you don’t care about the future of your blog then free blogs are best. If you don’t want to be unique and the real owner of your blog then free blogs are best.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to become successful and want to make money online then you should go with self-hosting. If you start blogging with your own domain name and self-hosting then you will be the real owner of each and everything of your blog and no one can challenge you. In the self-hosting, you will be able to get domain name whatever you want like, Not only that you can change the .com with .net, .org,, .uk, .us or any other available web suffix. On the self-hosting, you can also upload your videos and photos which will be related to you or your website only. Also with the self-hosted blogs, you can build your own audience and you will have full control of your blog. As you can see my blog is also on self-hosted, platform and I am using it from day one and this platform is known as WordPress.

Now question is that how much domain and hosting costs, Right? There is no need of a big amount to start a blog as a little amount like $5 to $10 can help you to start your online business today. It all depends on the hosting provider as there are so many online companies which provide the hosting some are costly and some of them are really cheap. But below I will define everything about the hosting providers 🙂 If you are ready to go with self-hosting, option then read the below step and keep reading.

#3) Domain Name and Hosting Provider

This is really very interesting and tough part as here you have to choose the good domain name and trustable, fast, easy, cheap and best hosting provider for your brand new blog. So first let me explain about these.

Domain Name: It will be the address of your blog like whenever people want to open your website this domain name will help them. It will be just like or and your blog address will be and you can also choose .net, .org or any other available suffix in the end of the domain name. You can choose any name as your domain name as it will describe the inner part of your blog. Like on YouTube, you can watch videos so if you are starting a blog on cooking then you can choose the domain name like like that or any other. A domain name usually costs near around $10/year and if you follow my steps you can get the domain name for free for the first year. I’ll show you how to get it to the next step.

Hosting: Web Hosting is a space which will help you to build your website and store your website’s data. It’s just like home for your blog, which will store all content and data of your brand new blog. It helps you to puts website up on the internet so everyone can see your website. Without hosting, your domain name will not work. So you have to choose a web hosting provider. But while choosing web hosting it is very important that, is the web hosting is good and fast? Can it handle the traffic and secure? So this type of hosting usually costs $3 to $5 per month which is very cheap to start a new blog.

So guys these two things are required and important(necessary) investment for your blog. So don’t hesitate while spending money on these.

#4) Choosing Hosting Provider and Domain Name

As now you know about the domain name and web hosting. It comes to your mind that how and from where I can get the web hosting and domain name? Don’t worry I will show you here how you can get both in low price.

When it comes to choosing the web hosting provider, every blogger must keep in mind these below things.

  • Web hosting must be trustable and easy to use.
  • Page load time must be low means the hosting must be fast.

On the internet, there are so many web hosting providers and most of them offers the same price for both domain and hosting. But as I mentioned web hosting must be trustable and fast and easy to use. So I’ve used so many web hosting and found the Bluehost most fast and trustable also it is very cheap and easy to use.

Their service is very good and also the price of this hosting very less and you can get the hosting in just $3.50 per month or you can use the plan according to you. As you know domain name costs $10-$15 for a year but in Bluehost hosting, you will get it for free for one year. I used their hosting personally and believe me they never disappointed me. There is also one-click WordPress install option which will help you to install the WordPress without any problem.

All you have to do is just click on Bluehost or click on the below banner and then it will take you to the purchasing page. Let’s follow the next steps.

Steps To Start A Blog With Bluehost

So you can also go with any other hosting as per your mind but Bluehost is best. So below I am sharing the steps to starting a blog with Bluehost. These are the main steps and by following these steps you will create your own blog in just 20-25 minutes or less. In this whole process, you don’t need any professional skills or designing knowledge. Because the hosting will do it for you just follow the steps and start a brand new blog in no time 🙂

Steps to follow

  1. Choose domain name
  2. Choose web hosting package
  3. Payment
  4. Install WordPress with one click
  5. Designing WordPress

First, click on the banner above and then it will take you to a page where you will see a green button named get started now. 

start a blog

Now after clicking the button you will be asked for choosing the package. Here you will get three web hosting packages and each of these contains one free domain name for one year. I always use their most popular plan which is in the middle and this package contains almost every feature to start a professional blog. But if you want to go with other plans then you can go it’s up to you, also you can upgrade the plan later.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

1. Select Domain Name: Now you will be asked for the domain name. Just enter the name whatever you want to set as your domain like is my domain name. Hope you understand so fill the domain name in the left box.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Enter the domain name and click on next. While selecting the domain name keep in mind the below things.

  • Always use .com domain name
  • Choose easy and short domain name. Try to set the domain name less then 15 characters.
  • Avoid to use hyphens, dashes, number or any other special characters.
  • Try to be unique don’t copy others

Now after click on the next button, you will be asked for the information like name, address, phone number etc. Fill the correct details in the all boxes.How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

2. Select Web Hosting Package: On the same page under the account information you can see the option like below box. From which you can choose your hosting package. Just select the hosting package as per your budget. Uncheck the boxes which you don’t want to buy. Always pay for full year as if you by mistake forget to pay then your blog will go down and it is very bad for a website. It will throw a negative and bad impression on your daily blog readers.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

3. Payment: Now fill the billing information in the last boxes and click on submit button in green color. After that, you will get a welcome message and also they will send a mail to you. Keep this mail safe as it contains the login info for your hosting account. In the welcome message, you can see an option to create the password. Click on that and set your password.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

4. Install WordPress: Now we are on the WordPress installation step. We here completed almost every step just a few more steps and your website will be ready. Now you have to log into Bluehost with your domain or username and password which you have set. Check the registered mail for details of login info.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

When you logged in your CPanel, you will see a button named Install WordPress. Click this button it will be under the website area.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

It will take you another page where you can see a button install the WordPress. Click on the Install button. Next, you have to select the domain name and then it will ask for the website info.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Now fill Title of the website, username, password and email address. Fill the information and click on Install Now button. Don’t forget to check the terms and condition box.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Keep the login details of CPanel and website safe with you and never tell about these details to anyone other unless he/she is your partner or working on your website.

Congratulations you website is ready and now you are the owner of your website. Done here after the above steps a message will appear like this.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Click on View Credentials and note down the details. Now click on the admin URL and login to your dashboard which will look like the below picture.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

You can also access your website dashboard via Replace the yourdomain with yours

5. Designing WordPress: Now your blog is live but it contains the simple template  but you can choose more. Just go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New. You can choose any theme from the list or you can also upload your own theme via upload theme button on top. You can also purchase a new theme from theme providing website check in google.

How To Start A Blog - Beginner’s Guide Step By Step

Final Words

So guys these are the steps to Start a blog. I really hope you understand the whole process and thanks for taking the time to read this. If you face any type of problem then comment below I will help you. Also, share this article with others so they can also take advantage of this post. Keep visiting my blog for more and subscribe my blog’s newsletter too 🙂

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