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How to Start Education Blog in an Hour?

I today’s scenario education needs a louder voice and that too at a very large scale. If you ever thought of starting an education blog, then you must be knowing that supplementary education is becoming a big business today because blogs are most widely used in the field of education. With this teacher are also using them more to support teaching and learning through online medium.

On the other hand, you can say that education is a very tricky business. Time is changing very rapidly and students are not the same as they used to be and the same case is with teachers also and in that case blogs are a strong medium of communication between the two. Basically, blogs connect with other sites also and by using this medium, you can share your opinions with each other and support your comments with various types of question and answers with others. Blogs have been also shown to contribute to identity formation in students and they also give students the ownership to develop their own learning skills.

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Start Education Blog in an Hour

The education blog can be anything from the lesson plan to the detailed explanation of any topic which parents and students can use easily. There are many different niches in the education field that you won’t be lacking for any topic you want to cover. Your main concern for starting an education blog should be to create a strong target demographic among your readers.
Your education blog should only focus on the people who are in need or who want information about education to improve their and their children’s education.Below mentioned are the steps by which you can easily start your education in an hour:

1. Choose your domain name and hosting plan

The first and the basic step to start your education blog in an hour is to choose the domain name and hosting plan which suits your blog the best. A domain name is basically the name of your blog by which people on the web will recognize you. Try to choose a name which will describe your passion about starting an education blog. Once you have decided your domain name you can also go to Bluehost or Godaddy to know about its availability.

How to Start Education Blog in an Hour

Now after selecting the domain name, it’s time to go ahead with choosing your hosting plan. Hosting basically means renting a space on the internet to share your ideas and thoughts about any particular topic. Just go with the cheap one in the starting like Bluehost which will suit your budget easily. But if you buy the hosting via the below link then you will get some extra discount and features. Just open the link and know more about it.

2. Install WordPress

After you are done with the domain name and hosting service selection here comes the other important step in starting your education blog and that is related to the installation of WordPress. Basically, WordPress is the software which allows you to make or modify your blog according to your requirements. It is one of the best and most commonly used software for blogging purpose.

You can easily install WordPress by logging on into your Hosting cPanel and in that just scroll down to the software section and click on the quick install button. If you bought the hosting via above given link then you can see the option as circled in the below image. After this just click on continue/start to agree and fill all your details in the next window. Now just click on install. You are done now.

How to Start Education Blog in an Hour

3. Design your blog with the WordPress themes and start blogging

Now this is the most important step in starting your education blog because the look of your blog can attract more readers for you. Basically, WordPress has various themes to choose from and you can go ahead with one which suits your education blog the best. This is the beginning of your journey in the field of writing and sharing your educational thoughts which can impact many teachers around the world. You can just go to the appearance tab on the WordPress and click on the themes. Some of the famous WordPress themes are Genesis, Elegant, Thesis and much more. Now all is done and you have chosen a theme also. After this just set up your blog and start publishing your educational content.

How to Start Education Blog in an Hour

Therefore, the above explained are some of the easy steps by which you can start your education blog in an hour. There are thousands of blogs which are starting every week and in that case it is very important for you to make your blog stand away from the crowd which requires knowledge, creativity, and understanding. Know about 7 Best Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Earning In 2017 .

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