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Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post For More Organic Traffic

Getting organic traffic is one of the hardest work for bloggers. In these days, competition is very high, and many bloggers are facing failure. It happens because they don’t follow the right ways, and they don’t make their post SEO Friendly. Yes, optimizing the blog post is the best way to get organic traffic and it will also rank your post on the search engines. Knowledge of the SEO is very important for the bloggers, But the new bloggers even some of others don’t know enough about SEO. They just wrote a post and published it, but it is wrong. They make lots of mistakes, and finally, they have to taste the failure, and then they decide to quit blogging. A great blogger said Content Is King, and this is true. Many bloggers are getting ranking for their blog post just because of good content. We know Google is a content lover, and Google loves fresh and lengthy content.

But no one cares about these facts as they just keep on posting without even thinking about SEO and optimization. Many bloggers say that off-page SEO helps to rank, I agree but wait if you don’t have any content on your blog then how can you rank? If you have good content means quality content, then you can rank even without a single backlink. People are making good authority just because of good content even I also follow this 😀 So here in this post, I will provide some information about “Writing a Super SEO Friendly Blog Post On Blogger.” SEO is changing day by day, but these methods which I am sharing here are evergreen.

Tips To Write Super SEO Friendly Blog Post On Blogger

Tips To Write a Super SEO Friendly Blog Post On Blogger

This is very simple to make your Blog Post SEO friendly. But for this, you also have to know to do On Page SEO. There are two types of SEO, ON-Page SEO, and OFF-Page SEO. In this post, I am sharing tips about On-Page SEO, which will make your blog post SEO Friendly. Follow these below-given steps and write a Super SEO Friendly blog post on Blogger.

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Steps To Write a Super SEO Friendly Blog Post

  1. First, Think About Your Topic
  2. Post Title
  3. Introduction Of Your Blog Post
  4. Heading Tags
  5. Content Of Your Blog Post
  6. Optimized Images On Your Blog Post
  7. Meta Tags and Meta Description Of Your Blog Post
  8. Internal Links
  9. Outgoing Links

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First, Think Before Writing

Do make hurry as first create the topic and then decide what you will be share with your readers. I mean prepare everything first like collect all information about the article. Always make sure will your readers love to read this?

Always Use SEO Friendly Title

When you are about to writing a blog post then always make sure you are using your target keyword in your Title. You must also use this keyword in your post content too, but be careful with your keywords because keyword should not use without a purpose otherwise it will be seen as spam by the search engines, and a big effect will come on your blog. Always keep in mind that post title should contain 50 or 60 characters always. Don’t use more than 70 or less than 45 characters in the post title.

Write Brief Introduction To Make Super SEO Friendly

This is also the main step to make your blog post-Super SEO Friendly. Always start your post with brief introduction means to tell the users in the first paragraph for what you are writing. And use your target keyword in first 100 words. Because it will let the search engines know about your topic and will improve your ranking.

Don’t Forget To Use Heading Tags

Heading tags are also important because when you are writing a long post, then for the more user experience you have to break it down into different paragraphs. So heading tags helps for this not only that heading tags also helps in SEO as it helps Google to figure out the main topic of a long post and it helps to rank. Via heading tags you can make your post clearer, but it doesn’t matter every time. Because many bloggers are not using it, but some are using h1 tag as heading. But our post title contains h1 tags and using h1 tag twice though a negative effect on SEO.

So you can use other tags like h2 to h4 as the heading. Also, it will give you more benefit if you place you target keyword in the heading as it also helps to rank. Don’t over optimize your post with heading tags but if you use then use Long Tail Keywords in it.

Write a SEO Friendly Content

Content is King, and everyone knows that. Because if you write a quality content then you will get more traffic and every blogger know traffic=money. If you take the suggestions from pro blogger, then they will say you to come with original and unique content in your blog post. Always try to write a post which contains more than 1000-1200 words. If your post doesn’t have enough words, then you are not able to reach the demands of SEO. Don’t forget to apply bold, underline and italic impact on your keywords to make more visibility of your keywords and search engines also like this. It will also make your post Super SEO Friendly.

Always Optimize Your Images

After the content images also plays a major role in SEO. If your images do not contain your keyword, then this will through a negative effect on your site’s SEO. Always use suitable and relevant images which can describe the post. Give ALT text to images so search engines can find your images. Don’t forget that images can also drive a huge number of traffic. Search engines find the images by ALT text, but if your image doesn’t have the ALT text then how a search engine can find your image? So always gave ALT text to your image.

Meta Tags & Meta Description

Meta Title & Meta Description comes at the end. After apply above given steps come on Meta Title and Meta Description. These are also one of the powerful and Working parts of On-Page SEO, which allows search engine to know about your post. Meta Title and Meta Description defines your post, so user’s can come to your post and get appropriate information from your site for which they are looking. Meta Title are the keywords which we are applying in our post’s title and meta description is all about our post short description. The meta title will contain 60 words and meta description should not more than 150 words and make sure to use your target keywords in these. It helps search engines and users to better know about your blog post.

Internal Links

Yes, Internal linking is one of the best ways to optimize your post. Not only that but it also helps to rank your other posts. Whenever you wrote a new article, then make sure you added two or three links to your previous article. It ill allows the crawlers to crawl all the articles on your site, and it also makes your stronger.

But keep in mind don’t over link your article as only link the necessary links in your post. Also, add links which can suits your article like if you are writing an article about Getting Google Adsense Approval then add a link like Tips To Secure Your Adsense From Getting Banned.

Link To Other Website/ Outgoing Links

We all do keyword research before writing an article and then also collect some information from other blogs too. So when you wrote an article which contains more than 1200-1300 words then make some points and sometimes you also use other blogger’s content in your blog so in that case gave them a backlink via resource. I mean mention their blog as the resource in your blog post.

It will help you to rank and also your blog users will love your blog as they will understand that you are giving them right and useful information and not leaving anything to provide them only working stuff. Also, the other bloggers too appreciate your work as you are not copying their data but sharing their data and giving them backlink too.

Also, it can happen that they will also mention you in their next article. They can also share your blog post on their social media links. You can also give them do follow backlink as there is no problem with giving high authority sites backlinks from your website 😉 To increase backlink of your website you can use these Top High PR Free Profile Creation Sites

Over To You

This is all about Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post For More Organic Traffic. Always pay more preference to your keywords because keywords are the main part of your content. Never use keyword too much but if you did it, then you will surely face a big drop in your organic traffic and also Google may penalize your blog because of spam.

Hope these Tips To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post For More Organic Traffic helps you if yes then share it with others. Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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