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This Video is Not Available in Your Country [Problem Fixed/Solved]

Today I’m sharing the most common YouTube problem named “this video is not available in your country” solution. No matter if you are a US,UK or India or from any other region, if the owner of the video restrict your region to watch his/her video then you can not watch.

As we all know YouTube is the no. 1 source of videos all over the world and whenever it comes to online video, the first site strikes in brain is YouTube.

It is the second biggest search engine after Google and also it’s a Google product. There are tons of other website which are similar to that of the YouTube are around the web are still in the game, but no one can beat YouTube because of its billions visitors and trillions views per day from the far wide of the globe.

YouTube is the major source of online videos, but also it is blocked by some of the countries ISPs as per the Government orders or in some cases uploader may have restricted the videos for some specific countries.

So, If you access the YouTube videos from the blocked countries IP you’ll automatically get the message This Video Is Not Available In Your Country But here is the uploader has not made this video available in your country fix.

Even your country is blocked but still you can watch the video and for that there are tons of ways available on the Internet. From these ways I am going to share some of the best and working ways to get the solution to watch blocked video on YouTube.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country [Problem Fixed/Solved]

This Video is Not Available in Your Country/YouTube Videos Blocked in your Country

YouTube is a very large video website and If you are addicted to YouTube then no doubt you also faced this error saying that this YouTube Video Not Available in your country.

You can also understand that how irritate this message is but there is no need to get frustrated any more.

As here I have the best possible solutions to this common error which will be helpful to watch the videos which are not available in your country.

Whenever Government or owner of the video ban a specific region then there is no way for the users of that regions to watch that video directly as like other videos.

So whenever from the users of that geographic region try to access that video YouTube display an error saying “This video is not available in your country”.

But here are the perfect solutions for this error have a look below.

There are so many ways to access that video but here I am showing on 2 ways which are perfect and there is no need of special software of extension.

It will be very easy to apply these methods and in no time you will be able to watch the video which are showing “This video is not available in your country” error.

1. By Tweaking YouTube URL

YouTube is very cleaver and every time when you watch any video on YouTube it use  your IP address to track your location.

So if they see you are from restricted region then YouTube shows the error message saying video is blocked in your country or region.

But by changing the url of the video a little bit you can fool the YouTube and see the video without any notice in any region.

This is best and always working method and I personally use it whenever I got that message. So see the steps below.

  • Open the video that you want to see and giving the error.
  • Now click on the url in the address bar.
  • Here we will change the url and your url will be look like this.
  • Now replace the watch?v with v/ 
  • After changing the url it will look like this
  • Now hit enter and your video will open in full screen mode.
  • It will allow you to watch the video even in restricted area.

So this is the first working way to access the blocked video on YouTube. However after this method you don’t even need any other method because this always works. But still I am sharing one more method below.

2. Download The YouTube Video Not Available In Your Country

This is another great method after the first one and after these two methods you will really thank me.

With the help of this method you will never see the YouTube video is not available in your country message because you will download the video :p and can watch anytime anywhere without any internet connection.

Also you will save your data as you know whenever you watch a video in consume same data which is used while downloading so why not to download the video. So use the following steps to download the blocked videos.

  • Open video and click on address bar.
  • Now change the url and add ss before the
  • Means before changing the url it will be like and after adding ss it will be look like
  • Now hit enter and a new site will be open.
  • Select the video quality and download the video.

So guys these are the ways to solve the issue – Youtube video not available in your country.

It can be also applied for the videos which says This Video is Not Available in Your Country. 

These two methods are working and tested by me. If you face any problem then leave a comment below and I will personally help you.

Hope you enjoy the article and if yes then please share with others and keep visiting my site :). Also bookmark this page as I will add more “this video is not available in your country on Youtube solution” on a regular basis.

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