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How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)

Gmail is most used email service on the web at this time, and mostly every people have a Gmail account. And all people used this for sending emails but sometimes by mistake they send emails to the wrong person. Have you ever sent emails to the wrong person? Now do you want to undo sent email in Gmail? If yes then read this article about undo sent Gmail emails and stop sending emails to the wrong person. Now I am sharing the method below How To Undo Sent Email in Gmail Account.

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How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)
How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)

Now you can get back your email by simply clicking on Undo button in gmail. By doing this the receiver will be not able to see the email, which you have sent by mistake. I know, you eagerly want to know the trick, but this is not a trick. This is official feature provided by Gmail.

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But you have to activate this feature, I think some of you already know this. But maybe some other readers don’t know how to active Undo Sent Email feature. Now read the article and learn the steps carefully. After knowing this you will never sent the emails to wrong person 😛 . Because you will have 30 seconds to think and get back your email.

Undo Sent Email in Gmail Account

Do you really wanna know how to undo sent email in gmail. Then below is the guide to active this feature and get back your email. Read it carefully and apply on your gmail account.

  • First, you need to sing in your Gmail account.
  • After this on the top right corner, you can see a Gear icon click on it and select settings here.

How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)

  • Now Gmail will take you to the settings page scroll down and find undo send option. As shown in the below picture. You can also use ctrl+f button to find undo send.

How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)

  • Here tick the button and select the 30 seconds from the drop down menu.Now goto end of the page and hit save changes button.
  • Now whenever you send the email, you will see a message on the top like this.

How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account (Steps)

  • If you think you have sent the email to wrong person then hit Undo button and your message will be retrieved and you can again send the email to the right recipient.

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Final Words

So, guys, I have covered all the steps to teach you How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail Account. If you think you can’t do this then don’t worry simply comment below or contact me, I will guide you personally. If this article helps you, then share it on social media sites and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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