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What Is Link Wheel and Best Link Wheel Strategy {Video}

Backlinks what are backlinks? Not a common man but almost every blogger knows what is backlink and how much important backlinks for their blog/website. You can say that backlinks are backbone of every blog, because if your blog/website don’t have backlinks then it is hard to survive on search engines and everyone can beat your blog and your blog’s ranking will gone in future. Backlinks helps to get more ranking on search engines and also authority for our blog. Through search engines we can huge traffic but when, the you have good and quality backlinks to your website. So to get the backlinks we can use link wheel strategy, which is using by almost every blogger.

In short we can say that Link Wheel is a strategy which can used to win the trust of Google and get higher rank on Google and also on other search engines. But every Blogger knows that Google is the number one search engine of world. Almost every long term blogger even event bloggers also using this way to get to position on google. Don’t think that it is an easy task because you have to safely follow the way because any wrong step can lead to penalty for your blog. But don’t worry here i will share it in depth and also I have a video on link wheel strategy which can describe completely. So let’s start the guide and read it carefully first and then apply it on your blog.

What Is Link Wheel Strategy?

First of all we have to need about the Link Wheel. So guys Link Wheel creation is an advanced and most powerful strategy by which you can build quality and relevant backlinks to your main website. in Link Wheel strategy you build a wheel of links by linking them to each other and then gave the backlink to your main money blog from the link wheel. I know you don’t understand here because it is too tough to understand by the text but media i mean picture and video can describe best. So let me share image and video below about link wheel.

What Is Link Wheel and Best Link Wheel Strategy {Video}

As in the above given image you can see a link wheel and i am sure that now you got the idea about it. In the image you can see a wheel in which we created a loop of links and all the blogs are giving link to each other and also to main website. You can also create this type of link wheel by using Web 2.0 website for free. Now you want to know that what are Web 2.0 sites? So for your knowledge web 2.0 websites are like or which provide us service to make a free blog like or and this type of blogs are free to use. I am also sharing the freeware Web 2.0 sites to make free blog to make link wheel here but first allow me to complete the post :p

By this way we can create a PBN means a private blog network means link wheel is like to build a private network to gave boost to main blog. In this network just made blogs and link them to each other and also to main blog. You can use Blogger and WordPress and shared web 2.0 websites to make blogs. If you need more backlinks then make as many blogs you can, it depends on you. But don’t forget to follow the way and linking them.

Suppose if you have created 10 blogs by these free web 2.0 websites also your main blog then what you have to do is that you have to gave the link from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th, 5th to 6th, 6th to 7th, 7th to 8th, 8th to 9th, 9th to 10th and in last 10th to 1st. I hope you understand now but wait process is not completed here because you just have create a wheel of links, after that you have to provide a link to your main blog from these all free blogs. I really hope you understand it here so this is the answer for What Is Link Wheel so now we are moving to Best Link Wheel Strategy.

Best Link Wheel Creation Strategy

You can follow this link wheel method and can gave any type of link to main blog. You can also gave the backlink for any keyword to your main blog because all blogs are your own. If you are using the strategy for your long term blog then you can write related posts of your main blog on the free blogs and link them to main blog for your main keyword. So your long term blog will start ranking.

If you are using the link wheel strategy for your event blog so then i will suggest you to gave backlink via naked domain or you can can use exact match keyword (suppose your domain is then exact match keyword will be Captain America Movie) to gave backlink. So your event will get backlink and surely it will rank on event 🙂

Best link wheel strategy is make a good amount of web 2.0 free blogs and start linking them to each other because if you have created the link wheel then after that it will be hard to add more blogs and re-linked them or re-connect the links. Also make sure to add content in free blogs to rank them.

Do Social Bookmarking Of Your Link Wheel

I am not talking about here for the social bookmarking of your main blog. Naa it is not about the main blog but you have to do the social bookmarking of your link wheel means the web 2.0 site’s bookmarking. If you do the social bookmarking of you main blog then it will be shit and you will not get any benefit from it and your link wheel and main blog will not get any boost.

All you have to do is social bookmark your web 2.0 sites and you can do it at any time. Yes you are thinking that how to do it? But by doing the social bookmarking of your link wheel your main money blog will get benefit and the search engine will start giving it more preference. Because link from quality website works more and if your link wheel will be strong then it is obvious that your main blog will be boosted. You also don’t need any selected number of post on web 2.0 blogs but you can post as per your need.

Keep in mind that link wheel is best way to gave SEO boost to your blog and it is legal still don’t do anything illegal on your own. But if you done anything wrong then it will not take time to penalize your each and every blog including your main blog. So be careful while doing this all.

Video How To Create Link Wheel?

Here is the video about creation of Link Wheel as i said earlier. I found it on internet and sharing here, it will gave you more clues about link wheel.

Link of Web 2.0 Websites to Make Free Blog

As i earlier promise here is the list of top 10 web 2.0 list on which you can create free blogs to create a link wheel. You can use these sites for link wheel creation for free.


If you want to make more blogs then you can find here Web 2.0 Sites List

Final Words

So guys I have shared about Link Wheel Strategy and hope you will follow it. Link Building is advanced technique of SEO and provides a very good boost to your website in SERPs means search engines. You can use this way without any tension of hesitation till you don’t do anything illegal. Hope you understand and liked my article. You can also get more link wheel strategies from Google Images. Feel free to share this article with others and also comment below your thoughts.

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    • No link wheel is not black hat seo technique. If you do link wheel in right way then it comes under white hat seo. But if you spam your link wheel then it will be count as black hat. Otherwise link wheel is the best strategy today to rank any kind of blog.

  • I understand about link wheel but i want to know one more thing that after creating link wheel we have to do social bookmarking of those web 2.0 blogs. So we have to put unique description in social bookmarking or we can use single description for many social bookmarking site.

      • But many people say that we have to put unique description and title on every social bookmarking website. What’s your opinion? One more thing i want to know can we use some part from our content as description?

        • It all depends on you but it is not required to use unique description on every social bookmarking site. But you can change the title little bit but it can be same too. Also I always use single description when I do social bookmarking. Don’t use your content’s part as description.

          • Hey! Harry thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your dedication towards your blog users.