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What Is SEO (Search Engine Optemization) Full Guide

What Is SEO? Do you also want to know about it? So let’s start learning about SEO. Maybe you know about it or not, but I want to describe it fulIy. SEO is short name of Search Engine Optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to start showing a web page, website or blog in search engine result in paid or unpaid way. Means you can pay to show your website in the top search engine results or also can make your website search engine friendly. So let’s start reading the post in which I will tell you about SEO.

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What Is SEO (Search Engine Optemization) Full Guide
What Is SEO?

What Is Seo?

As I said, SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization, and it helps website/blog to rank higher on search engines result and also helps to get organic traffic. It is most important if you want to target the visitors who were looking for your brand, article, product or something else related to your blog. It mostly used to get traffic from Google, and you know organic traffic made more money, so it’s very important. Not only Google but it will also make your website more visible on other popular search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

There are very component to improve your website’s SEO for ranking in search engines. Search Engines find the content based on keywords and if your site has proper SEO means if you have optimized your website perfect then your website can also appear on the first page. But search engines also preferred the site which has good site structure and design, less loading time, quality content and some off-site factors. If your site has proper title tags, keywords, correct links (inbound and outbound), then there are so many chances to get good ranking in search engine results. You can also check the video below explaining about SEO.

Video Explaining What is SEO


Types of SEO

SEO is two kinds On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. I explained some points about these SEO types. Check them below.

On-page optimization

  • Include well-researched keywords in appropriate density
  • Add Meta tags, ALT tags, and H1 tags
  • Develop a strong internal linking strategy
  • Place anchor text properly
  • Include a sitemap
  • Include fresh, unique content
  • Improve page loading speed
  • Optimize images and videos properly
    (Google has started to push down ad-heavy sites, play safe)

Off-page optimization

  • List in niche directories
  • Submit your RSS feeds to feed directories
  • Submit your website to social bookmarking sites
  • Participate in social networking sites and related communities
  • Post on online forums and niche related communities
  • Write guest posts for related blogs to your niche

So, guys, this is the article about What Is SEO. Use these tips and get ranked on search engines. Hope you liked this article, if yes then share it from below buttons.

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  • Harry, thank you for such a nice article! It is concise but very informative. Although, I still have a question. What do you think of robots.txt? Is it necessary to pay attention to it? And if yes, in what cases?

  • Well, I found your site so clearly you’re doing things right. I found you when searching for do follow blog comments. I read this article as I am an SEO and so I like to hear other’s perspectives. I would just add some caution to be careful with the “directories”. Google is getting smart with spam and clearly not all directories are smart. They should be highly relevant with good trust metrics and location specific if possible.