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Popular List Of YouTube Channel & Video Ideas To Make Money Easily

Now these days people are loving to watching videos daily and also they choose videos content over textual content whenever they want to learn something. So they always look for videos which contain the information which they are looking for.

To watch videos the first website which comes in our mind is YouTube, which contains videos on every topic. So you can learn anything from YouTube, all you need to do is search for the video on YouTube and boom you will get tons of videos on the same topic.

Popular List Of YouTube Channel & Video Ideas To Make Money Easily

But do you know YouTube is a free platform where anyone can upload his/her videos and also make money from it.? Well yes you can also do the same, all you need is some good youtube channel ideas and videos to start your own YouTube channel. Maybe you already made your mind to start your own channel on youtube, if yes then this post is for you as I am going to share some best youtube channel ideas with you, which will help you to start your channel now.

YouTube Video Ideas?? This is the most common question for every YouTuber especially when you are a new YouTuber. When someone thinks to make money with youtube, it is really hard to find out that “What type video I will make?” or “What is the best niche for YouTube?” Actually, there are no restriction from YouTube that what type video you will upload. You can upload anything good or interesting but you can’t share adult and painful videos. By painful videos I mean you can’ share videos which hurt someone’s feeling or shows very deadly views etc. However keep reading the post and you will get some cool youtube video ideas and channel ideas till the end of the post.

Which is the Best YouTube Niche?

This i the most common question of every new youtuber and I also have few channels on YouTube and when I was about to start my channels this question also came in mind that what is best youtube niche? By niche I mean video topics, well after trying I came to know that there is nothing like good or bad youtube niches. Because everything is good, just pick something in which you are good and familiar with.

Hope I am not confusing you as by good I mean, if you are good in cooking, sports, singing, dancing or teaching then start making videos on these topics. But make sure not to cover all these in a single channel as by doing this you will loose your subscribers.

When I started my first YouTube channel I made mistakes, as I started a channel just like every new YouTuber without proper plan. I started my channel and first day I uploaded a funny video and keep uploading funny videos for next 6-7 days and after 1 week I start posting Hollywood/Bollywood related videos and then news videos. In short I mixed my channel with different type of videos and I completely destroyed my channel.

Suppose you upload a Technology related tutorial video at the first week. But next week you upload health or review video. People will unsubscribe you when you upload another video on technology Tutorial channel. So you need to upload specific videos in the specific categories. So before start working on youtube , you must gather proper knowledge about youtube video ideas and categories.

Also, some people are looking for the youtube videos ideas without showing face and also they want to make videos without talking. Well my friends if you can’t show your face or voice, then YouTube is not for you. Well this was possible in the past to make videos without showing face and using your own voice. But now competition and people’s taste is completely changed, they love different type of videos.

Now it’s not possible to survive on YouTube without using your face and voice. So first believe in yourself and voice and start making videos and make sure to use your face and voice.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

To start a YouTube channel that’s plus point if you have a creative mind but day by day your mind will start developing. Before starting a channel on YouTube, I suggest you to use YouTube for few days and notice which type of videos are ranking on youtube trending page. Make a list of these videos types and find out in which type of video suits to your passion. In this way you can get idea for your channel. There are a lot of youtube video ideas are available. But some ideas is really so easy and quickly to make. You can viral on youtube by uploading those videos. I am going to describe here few youtube video ideas. I think it will help you to start your youtube video channel.

Make sure to pick the idea which suits to your flavor and in which you make videos easily.

Well let’s have a look on these great youtube channel ideas and start your channel now.

01. Vlogging Channel

Vlogging is basically video blogging to record a personal experience to upload and share online. It’s totally open like as a journal or a personal blog. Vloggers generally spend time taking in front of camera about own lives ,Opinions, current topics or events , share knowledge , advice, concern and many more that actually happen in real life. Vloggers also post their other activities like shopping, eating, playing, having fun, enjoying around the streets, walking down the streets etc.

As my experience, Vlogging is one of the easiest and fast ways to get started a youtube channel. Because you don’t need any extra equipment without a camera. Also, you don’t need to be spent any extra time and don’t need to take any help from others. No need spend extra money. You are alone all in all.

The most popular vbloggers are

Skill : Talking Speedy with Various Face Action
Equipment : A Camera
How to start: Think few topics and then start taking in front of your camera.

02. Travelling Channel

Everyone likes to travel. Am I right? We are really excited for traveling new place. A lot of viewers who haven’t travel there before will most interested to watch your video. They will be interesting to see how much nice those place and much more about that place. You just need to travel to a new place and describe the place why you like. It’s really a great way to show a place is worth checking out.

This video idea is the most popular on youtube , especially if you travel to an interesting location. A lot of youtube viewer like those video to watch. It’s really good idea from any other youtube video ideas.

The most popular travelling channel on youtube.

Skill : Just Talking about your traveling place
Equipment: A Camera , if you have own bike or car then much better. If not then you can travel on bus or train also.
How to start: Find nice place or awesome scenery and then start taking in front of your camera how they are beautiful.

03. Life Style Advice

As we know youtube is the second largest search engine after google. A lot of people search for solving their problem like about health, relationships, money , career and much more. You can certainly establish yourself as an expert in any of them and give advice based on your own knowledge, education or personal experience. Even you can ask your viewers to comment what they want to advise.

This Video idea is a little bit similar to Vlogging. This is one of the best ideas from any others youtube video ideas. So easy way and possibility quick viral on youtube.

The popular Life Style Advice Vlogging youtube channels

Skill : Talking Speedy with Various Face Action
Equipment: A Camera
How to start: Think few real life experience and then start taking in front of your camera about your experience or knowledge.

04. Gaming

People sure love to playing games whatever child, adult or old. Everyone likes to playing games. Not only that, people also like to watch others people games too. They are so excited when someone play game and they watch it. When our friends or any family members plays a game, we watch it deeply. Some people also search for how to play games.

This youtube video idea is really so much good than any others from youtube video ideas. Becuase you make money with entertainment. You just playing the game and record them people will watch it on youtube. Isn’t it fun? Yes , It’s really fun!!!

PewDiePie is the most popular gaming channel on youtube. This channel has over 46 million subscriber and annual earning 8 Million.

VanossGaming , VEGETTA777 , Toby Games are also viral on youtube as a gaming channels.

Skill : Playing Adventure Games
Equipment: High Graphics Computer
How to start: Play first 2 or 3 times and after gather knowledge , then play and record

05. Comedy Action

If you are funny person or you can make funny anything, then this idea is perfect for you. People are so much interest to watch anything funny online. Some people open youtube only for fun. So funny video has a great search value on youtube.

Smosh is most popular comedy channel on youtube. No of subscriber of this channel is over 20 Million and Annual earning $6 Million.

Skill : Make Fun Anything
Equipment: A Camera
How to start: Think first or you can take fun an idea from movie or drama and do it ownself.

06. Cooking

Cooking is another simple idea for your youtube channel. People always looking for a good and new recipe ideas that are little easy , practical and delicious. Especially women search for a new recipe for her child or husband. Lot of women search on youtube to get a new idea. This idea is good for a woman who has good knowledge about cooking. Even you have the simplest meal idea, it’s worth sharing on youtube.

Betty’s Kitchen , Food Wishes , Nicko’s Kitchen , OnePotChefShow and Vahchef is the most popular Cooking channels on youtube.

Skill : Cooking
Equipment: A Camera, A Well decor Kitchen , recipe materials
How to start: Select a recipe and buy items for making. Then start making and record by camera step by step.

07. Unboxing Cool Product

The unboxing product like electronicsmobile phonecamera , laptopbaby toys or any others cool product has a huge trend on youtube. When a new product is launched, these types of video catch audience more attention especially who are searching a product after decide he will buy it. Before buy, they want to watch it on youtube.

This is actually most easiest and quick way to viral your video on youtube. But for making this type video, you need buy every time new product. You can also unbox a new product when your friend or your any family member will buy a new product. But you can’t depend every time on your friend or others. So you must buy yourself and it’s little expensive. This idea is much expensive than any others from youtube video ideas. But still it has huge potential and you can make good income with this type of channel.

DisneyCollectorBR , Unbox Therapy , Unbox MeBluCollector is the most popular Unboxing Channels.

Skill : Buy Cool Product
Equipment: A Camera, Buy Cool Product
How to start: Buy a cool product and record them when unbox it.

08. Computer / Technology Tutorials

Every day new technology discover and people always be confused by new technology. For that they want to learn every time about these technologies. As we know youtube is the world’s second largest search engine and you can find there everything like coding, web development, PC troubleshooting, make money online and much more.

So if you have an expertness about any of particular area, this will be a great idea for you making a video tutorial on youtube. You don’t need to have a camera for it. Just do it on your PC and record it by screen capture.

Ziovo , LinusTechTipsRamcubed , TechEmpty are the Technology Related Channel on youtube.

Skill : Expertness about any Technology
Equipment: Install Screen Recorder to your computer
How to start: Run your ScreenRecorder software or extension and record how you solved any tech problem.

09. Product / Service Reviewing

Although this type videos are nothing new on youtube.They are very much simple and so much easy to make. Just give honest review whatever is good or bad about your buying products which are used in our daily life.

You can take out about a product like air freshener, cooking item, beauty product, mobile, laptop, shaving cream, shaving razor, perfume etc and review it whatever you like it or not. Daily talk about the various product and review it be honest.

Also, you can review about any service that you have good or bad experience. I really recommended this idea for female from any others youtube video ideas

Dad Does , Melody NikkoleCassandra Soto are product review channel on youtube.

Skill : Ideas about product
Equipment: A camera and cool product that we need our daily life
How to start: Buy a cool product and review it in front of camera

10. Movie Review

You can give an honest review of the recently released movie. People like to watch movie reviews before decide what movie they will watch. Maybe you also first look for a review for the movie which you are going to watch. So this is the best way to start a new channel on YouTube as it will entertaining as well as you will make money of it.

Just make sure to give honest review and cover all things like what you like in movie. Like songs, acting or story and also stats which point are not good in the movie. In that way people will trust you and they will come back for sure.

Jeremy Jahns ,Chris Stuckmann , CineFix are the top movie review channel on youtube.

Skill : Watch Recent Movie
Equipment: A camera
How to start: Just watch recent released movie and give honest review how was movie, which scenery is was most attractive, which scenery you don’t like and more.

11. Musical Instrument Playing / Singing

Well these types of videos are the best now these days as people really love to watch cover videos or musical videos. People are rally loving music now and they are also following youtube to learn music. So if you have any type of musical talent then don’t waste it and start making videos on it.

Like if you are good in any instrument then start teaching others how to play that instruments. For example if you are good in playing guitar then start giving online lessons. Start from basic and post day by day tutorials.

Other ideas is that if you have god vocal skills then start posting cover songs of other popular artists or latest popular songs. You can share it on youtube and people love to listen to cover or your original songs. If you have creativity, you can viral your channel by just singing a new song.

TheVoiceKidsAustralia , Aaron Mendez are look like channel . You can also search on YouTube to get more channels.

Skill : Cute Voice
Equipment: Voice Recorder and Camera
How to start: Find out a popular song and start singing and record it.

12. Makeup, Dress and Beauty Tutorial

Makeup , Dress and Beauty channels are a popular choice among women especially unmarried women. Actually this idea is ideal for women and also most easiest idea to make video. Just record video what you do on your daily life like your makeup, dress , skincare, hair style and fashion. As I told this categories is most easiest than any other youtube video ideas and there have thousand of beauty gurus sharing their talent and style choice.

Try to build your brand and upload continue your talent video.

Michelle Phan has one of the most popular channels in this category. Also Jaclyn Hill, Marlena Stell ,Nicole Guerriero, Manny Mua , Patrick Starrr, Kandee Johson , ItsMyRayeRaye, Ellarie and Shaaanxo most popular channel for makeup and beauty.

Skill : Makeup, Dress up and Beauty
Equipment: A camera
How to start: Just make a series video for your beauty.

13. A Series of Challenge Videos

What is actually challenge video? What Normal people can’t do normally look like abnormal, its actually called challenge video. Challenge videos are really most popular on youtube and people like to watch this type video too much. Frankly say, i also like to watch challenging video. But challenge videos are difficult to compare to say that it is parody or prank videos.

You have to take challenge like eating much , eating disgusting food and any action like you are not going to sleep next 7 days etc. Actually such as think that normal people astonished to watch your video. it will bring you a larger audience on youtube and more engagement, as everyone will be trying to do it too.

You can check TwoSistersToyStyle channel for example.

Skill : Challenge
Equipment: A camera
How to start: Ownself or find out your friend or your familiar people who can do something like the challenge.

14. Series of Videos Showing Your Inner Talent

This idea is not actually specific. Just you have to discover your inner talent and share it on youtube. Your talent could be anything. Anything means Anything what you can do awesome. People are awesome is look like youtube channel that already viral on youtube.Not only yours, you can also record your friends or any familiar person talent.

Skill : Any Talent
Equipment: A camera
How to start: Just discover your inner latent and record it when doing.

15. Act any Magic

Although , this idea is not common idea for everyone. For work with this idea , you have knowledge about magic trick. Before start making video in this channel, you need to learn first about magic. I have seen lot of people become success in this categories. Here your advantage is Competitions low and disadvantage is you need learn or study about magic before start.

16. Scientific Things that create new awesome

This idea it little hard for common people. This idea is great for a chemist. People so much interesting to watch new innovation. If you have good knowledge about chemistry or physics then you must work with this categories.

17. Animals and Baby Doing Absolutely Anything

In around our home , our babies or our pet playing that makes sometime awesome fun things. People are like to watch funny baby and funny pet animal videos.

18. Gym , Health & Fitness Videos

This idea will be specific only for you if you are Gym instructor or you fit your body to go regular gymnasium . Do exercise and yoga own self and record it. People like to watch fitness video on youtube who want fit their body. They want to take some idea from youtube.

You can solve their problems like how to loose weight, how to loose fat from face, how to take care of health, anything which can tell through videos. There are so many channels regarding this but still people look for new channels which comes with new ways to get perfect body. So you can try your luck in this niche.

Skill: Gym and Yoga
Equipment :A camera and Gym Equipment
How to Start : Very Simple. Just on your camera and start how build body.

19. Start with Recording Prank Videos

Make prank video with your friends. For doing this type videos, you have to make a group. After youtube program there have a couple of pranksters make their fun on youtube. But now over 3 million people are fans of the “PRANK” Styled Videos on youtube. Making Prank Video is too much easy and I bet you also watched or still watch prank videos on youtube. So start doing the same and become famous now.

Skill : Make idea how fun with people.
Equipment: A Camera and a team
How to start: Make in idea for doing fun with people and record it with your team

20.Decor and design

This is an another great idea for new YouTuber who want to start their youtube channel with easy ways. People love and want to decor their living room . This idea is very simple. Also, very easy ways to make your youtube video.

You just need well decor your home furniture and record it how looks. You can make video colors of your living room , difference kind of bed design , dining table , showcase, and all kind of your furniture. Isn’t it simple?

Skill : Décor and Design
Equipment: A Camera and Furniture
How to start: Arrange Your home furniture and record it . you can also record your friends , relatives homes furniture.

These 20 youtube video ideas to help you become a successful Youtube Video partner . There have a lot of youtube video ideas online but I think these are first chosen from any others youtube video ideas.

You can pick up any one from there according to your talent and that you think easiest for you. Never try to copy another channel video. You can follow them and create new by yourself. But never copy as you can’t make your brand by copying from other channels.

I wish Your Success. If you think this article helpful for you please share with your friends on facebook , twitter etc.

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